Our lives are unpredictable. We can be around some people for years, until we realize they could be much more than an “acquaintance”. Some loves aren’t at first sight. They take time to bloom, but when they do… heck, when this happens, there isn’t anything that can stop them when their souls fit each other so perfectly. They entiwine thanks to an understanding they never imagined would be there in the first place. And they can’t let go of each other, despite others may try  to tore them apart. Because they have taken too much time to find each other, they can’t bear to separate anymore. Bound for life. In sickness and health. In the good and the bad. Forever. Yes, because soulmates never die.

Mă simt ca un gunoi.Toate persoanele din jurul meu fug de mine.  Toti ma evita.
Recunosc, nu sunt ca ei. Nu am note bune, nu că nu învăt dar nu-mi stă gândul la acele lectii. Adica, puii mei, la ce imi sunt de folos chestiile alea. Un profesor nu poate preda toate materiile, dar un elev trebuie sa invete la toate materiile.
Nu am părinți care să mă ducă peste tot în lume sau prieteni cu care să fac diferite chestii.
sunt un gunoi. trebuie sa ma obisnuiesc cu asta.

Taylor I am organizing my party for my 18 birthday and you are inveted [is in italy on 26 september, i need a answer, will you come?]

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1. Why did you choose your url: Oh actually “raviolita” is a random nickname inveted by me and my sister for fun and because I really liked it became my url yaaaay

 2. What’s your middle name? I don’t have one lol my name is just Isabella

3. If you could own a fairy tale/fictional pet what would it be? Kirara form Inuyasha aww

4. Favorite colors? PURPLE is my life <3

5. Favorite song? I think “King and Lionheart” and “Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters and Men :3

6. What are your top three fandoms? Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist and Professor Layton yay

7. Why do you enjoy tumblr? Because is a great place where people talk about what they liked ; u ; I really love it ehehehe

8. Tag 9 followers to do these: pandapupazzo nenekoh letsemmajesticuniverse moemoe-titan idk-anime she—will—beloved ackerqueen kawaii-rivaille the-ss-eremika

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(resend) Wolf of Skyhold is an AU idea from momochanners. A 'What If' Samson was the Commander of the Inquisition forces instead of Cullen.

(rereply) aaaahn so it’s an AU inveted by Momochanners? That’s cool!!
I’m no worthy of doing something made by that awsome artist in first place D:

(also thank you for the information!!)

Everyone Look

okay so people are hating on rebornica for some things they said. Because obviously things they might say wrong now will define them for the rest of thier life.

How about story? When my uncle was nearly beaten to death and my house robbed and caught between a gang war, I inveted this guy called Pablo to cope. A hallucination because of my PTSD he basically was my only friend. And then the doctors perscribed some medicine that I still have to use because I Can hear him. He comes in my room and stares. Yeah he’s one of my characters too. A soldier. When i was younger, my neighborhood was a drug war zone. Lots of people with guns. and he told me what to say and do. I imagined siccing him on the drug lords that fucked me up.
so rebs has a way of coping. wether thier problems be big or small, thats just thier way of copingr