The 2nd House

The 2nd house rules over money and possessions! and are good resources to find out your houses. 

Aries in the 2nd House 

Taurus in the 2nd House

Gemini in the 2nd House

Cancer in the 2nd House

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Leo in the 2nd House

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Virgo in the 2nd House

Libra in the 2nd House

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Scorpio in the 2nd House

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Sagittarius in the 2nd House

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Capricorn in the 2nd House

Aquarius in the 2nd House

Pisces in the 2nd House
Why Being A Woman Can Cost You More Than $400,000

According to a new analysis of the wage gap by the National Women’s Law Center, a woman who is starting her career now will earn $430,480 less than her male counterpart over the course of a 40-year career, if the current wage gap persists. For many minorities, the losses are even larger: African American women will earn $877,480 less over those 40 years, Native American women will earn $883,040 less and and Latina women will miss out on a whopping $1,007,080 in lifetime wages.
Inside One Woman Investor's Plan To Get Black Female Founders Funding
The average tech startup founded by a black woman raised $36,000 in venture funding, versus the $41 million average amount raised by companies that exit. Even the average failed startup led by a white man raises $1.3 million before going kaput.
By Clare O'Connor

“Project Diane is advising foundations with economic development as their cornerstone to set aside a percentage of their investment dollars to fund diverse managers — or to divest in funds that have no racial or gender diversity in their portfolios.”

“People don’t see black women as innovators,” Finney said. “It’s mind-boggling to me. We have to change the dynamic of being cultural creators but being left out of economic gains.”

Those who are invested in you for the wrong reasons won’t give you room to be who you are meant to be without suffocating you with their own expectations or with the expectations of others. Most people who expect an award for teaching you to let go have refused to learn their own life lessons. And we end up trusting the wrong people or expect too much from a friend who was only willing to give so little. But that’s a lesson that we give to ourselves. In the end not everyone is worth the time or the effort we bestow onto them. But we learn to let go to make room for things that are better.
—  Joanna Strafford

America’s Top Colleges: Why ROI Matters Most

For those looking for a consumer guide to the ROI of every college, this ranking is for you.

Central Banks Are Choking Productivity

Central Banks Are Choking Productivity

By Peter Schiff

Euro Pacific Capital

August 14, 2016

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Peter Schiff is the CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital

If the Economy were a car, productivity would be the engine. Heated seats, on-demand 4-wheel drive and light-sensitive tinted windshields, are all very nice. But they mean little if the engine doesn’t turn and the car just sits in the driveway. The latest…

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One of the amazing things that’s happening in the world is that technologies that once were expensive and available only to large companies can now be used by individuals. For instance, we all carry supercomputers in our pockets in the form of smartphones. 

Today I am excited to be announcing that USV invested in Munich-based SimScale, which makes engineering simulations available to anyone with a web browser. You can read more about SimScale in my USV blog post.


Okay this post will serve as my lovely reminder. Gusto ko kasi mag-invest ng mga gamit ko by this year kapag nag-start na ulit ako mag-work. Dati ko pa ini-aim mabili lahat yan kaso lahat ng inipon ko nauwi lang sa mga bayarin namin. lol Alam ko naman kasing puro wants lang yan pero diba ang sarap sa feeling na makakabili ka ng mga bagay na gusto mo galing sa perang pinag-trabahuan at pinag-hirapan mo? Yung tipong uuwi ka ng bahay tapos makikita mo yung mga nabili mo, mapapasabi ka nalang ng: “Ay! may nainvest pala ako, may napuntahan naman pala” eh talaga nga namang nakakawala ng pagod diba?. :)

1. GO-PRO 
- Medyo may kamahalan pero sisikapin. Para kapag nag-hike ako, trekking or basta go on different adventures eh magagamit ko siya.

- Collector ako ng mga ibat-ibang klase ng color pens dati, kaso lahat ng mga inipon kong yun e pinag-laruan lang ng mga pamangkin ko. Yung iba naman nag-kanda wala wala na sa pag-lipas ng panahon. So ayun back to 0 ulit sa pangongolekta.

- Huhuhu (iyak muna) naalala ko kasi dati bibilhin ko na dapat yan, kaso ganun ata talaga kapag hindi pa tamang panahon para mapa-saiyo ang isang bagay. Charot! Dati kasi yung pambili ko nun nauwi lang sa pambayad kaya talagang nadepress ako after. Ang tagal ko ng pinag-nanasahan yan sa mga stores, kumbaga sa crush siya yung lagging nais kong masulyapan kapag nasa mall ako. hahaha Tapos blue pa which is my favorite color. Pakiramdam ko yan yung una kong bibilhin. Ugh! sana mapa-sakin ka na please! Ang tagal na kitang inaasam, hintayin mo ako ha? lol

- Okay so most probably ito yung pwede kong magamit sa work ko. Ang hirap kasi mag-draw sa photoshop kapag walang DDP. Atleast by this mas mapag-aaralan ko pa ng maayos yung freehand drawing skills ko digitally.  Ang cool.

So ayan lang muna sa ngayon kasi alam ko marami pa akong kailangang iinvest at bilhin para dito sa bahay. More of needs kasi ako over wants so hopefully in God’s time mabili ko kayong lahat. Tiwala lang, pag-ttrabahuan ko kayo ng maigi. ♥

10 Rules for the Elite Athlete (Excerpt from Standing Above The Crowd) by James Donaldson

10 Rules for the Elite Athlete (Excerpt from Standing Above The Crowd) by James Donaldson


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Professional sports are a collection of multi-billion dollar industries, and the search for new talent gets more intense and competitive every year.  It’s not uncommon for scouts to begin watching promising athletes as early as middle school, and if you have elite talent you’ll soon find yourself with an ever-growing circle of “friends”.  A few of these people may…

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