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Glu Mobile, a global developer of free-to-play games for smartphone and tablet devices, revealed on Wednesday that it will producing a game featuring pop sensation Taylor Swift, due out later this year. The company previously created celebrity games featuring Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry.

Shares in the company spiked more than 26 percent after hours following the announcement.

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Where are the world's newest cities … and why do they all look the same?
Thousands of new cities are needed to house the increasing global population – projected to reach 10bn by 2060. From China’s planned Jing-Jin-Ji hypercity to African techno hubs and sprawling refugee camps, Adam Greenfield explores what the future holds
By Adam Greenfield

It shouldn’t surprise us that the planet’s newest cities are to be found in the places where its population is most rapidly urbanising: India, China and sub-Saharan Africa. Whether acquired by eminent domain, compulsory purchase order or outright expropriation, assembling meaningfully sized parcels of land in existing urban cores can be a messy, expensive and time-consuming process. The favoured strategy in all of these places is therefore to develop entirely new satellite cities on peripheral sites where land is cheap – or barring that, to build upon land reclaimed from the ocean.

Vanessa Watson, an urban planning expert at the University of Cape Town, has written extensively about this dynamic as it plays out in Africa. In Watson’s telling, a long litany of private-sector new city initiatives now spangles the African continent, from the planned Nairobi developments of Konza Techno City and Tatu City, to Ghana’s Appolonia and Hope City, to the Eko Atlantic project in Lagos (“the best prime real estate in West Africa”). Each represents an effort to gussy up the raw economics of land development with the comforting, familiar tropes of the knowledge economy. Each is dashed with the most superficial gloss of technological contemporaneity, right down to the inevitable “Silicon” prefix. And each is more placeless than the last, predicated on a generic model of development that could not possibly have less to do with the actual political, economic or material conditions obtaining in any African society.

This strikingly inapposite quality among the new African cities can be traced to a few factors. On the one hand, the bland look of nonplace is perceived by local elites to be the sign and sigil of successful modernity. But it is also true that none of the parties doing the actual design work are local to the continent, or, evidently, particularly conversant with any of its cultures. Though certain western names – Deloitte, McKinsey, HR&A Advisors – crop up repeatedly, it’s clear that at present infrastructure development in sub-Saharan Africa has a markedly Chinese character. Even the notorious Chinese predilection for ghost cities is being replicated on African terrain, most evidently at Nova Cidade de Kilamba in Angola, where a city for 500,000 constructed by the Chinese state-owned developer CITIC stands mostly empty on the Luandan plain. Chloé Buire reports that as of last September, after the passage of legislation mandating steep price cuts to the smallest available units, Kilamba could now claim some 80,000 residents.

Even where they are fully inhabited, though, the new wave of African cities seem designed not so much to house existing local populations as to purge them in favour of a more remuneratively elite clientele. In Watson’s words, the schemes she studied “assume that the largely informal urban population will be wished away”. (There is some support for this assertion in the published renderings for Eko Atlantic, striking primarily for their depiction of a markedly light-skinned population cohort that in no way resembles a representative sample of present-day Lagos.) The palpable fear of informality is a troubling sign: if history is any lesson, any success at all on the part of these development sites will be despite and not because of their static plans; like Brasília before them, they may eventually come to life when the voids in the formal city have been occupied by all of the people left undepicted in the expensive renderings, and whatever informal housing and services they develop to serve their own needs.

The emerging African pattern of private-sector new-city development is mirrored by the “entrepreneurial urbanism” that University of Leeds researcher Ayona Datta identifies in contemporary India, under Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party. Here, too, we see the strategy of distributing population to a scatter of brand-new satellite cities, erected on low-value land; here too the design undertaken by an all but exclusively foreign expert class (though not, in this case, Chinese).

7 steps: Using digital for your 'entrepreneurship and brand' for impact

7 steps: Using digital for your ‘entrepreneurship and brand’ for impact

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7 steps: Using digital for your ‘entrepreneurship and brand’ for impact

A 7 step guide to assist you in building a brand, empowering your entrepreneurship and your business with maximum impact coupled with valuable and tangible results in today’s Digital world:

  1. Goals: Be very clear on your goals and at the same time be very specific. For eg. Instead of saying I want to achieve “sales”, say I…

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UN urges business leaders to double investment in green energy by 2020
Rapid transition from fossil fuels to wind and solar is needed to ensure the success of the Paris climate agreement, says secretary general, Ban KI-moon
By Suzanne Goldenberg

The United Nations urged global business leaders on Wednesday to double investment in wind and solar energy to $600bn (£400bn) a year by 2020.

One month after the Paris climate agreement, Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, told business leaders they needed to act decisively to hasten the transition away from the fossil fuel economy – or they would put the historic accord in jeopardy.

“I call on the investor community to build on the strong momentum from Paris and seize the opportunities for clean energy growth,” Ban told a UN investors’ meeting in prepared remarks. “I challenge investors to double – at a minimum – their clean energy investments by 2020.”

Global clean energy investment attracted a record $329bn last year, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Africa Transport and Logistics Sector: an untapped goldmine | Africa Times

However, if there was a sector that holds much potential in Africa, the transport and logistics sector presents a unique opportunity for investors.

A number of global logistics and transportation firms realize these potentials and have expanded their operation even in the midst of significant infrastructure challenges. This is no surprise as Africa’s population and economy continues to grow robbing-off significantly on transportation and logistics. Chicago-based Seko Logistics opened offices in Uganda and Ethiopia, on the strength of strong energy, mining and technology industries in East Africa.

The strong growth is not expected to slow in the coming years. More than 70% of the world’s largest consumer goods companies are already operating in Africa, and there are a number of high-profile companies making big bets in the region. Charles Brewer, the managing director of DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa, the world’s leading Logistics Company argues that the shipment numbers make the case for a positive outlook for Africa. “Our dependency on Europe has been reduced, while trade with Asia, as well as intra-Africa has picked up significantly. “This is proving to be extremely positive, in light of the economic pressure Europe is currently experiencing.”

Visa's investment in Square represents about 1 percent stake

Visa’s investment in Square represents about 1 percent stake

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SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Visa Inc , the world’s largest credit and debit card company, said on Friday it currently has about a 1 percent stake in mobile payments company Square Inc based on a 2011 investment. Reuters: Technology News

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