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Any advice for an Aquarius who just doesn't want to get hurt again.

Take your time and get to know the person. Don’t just involve yourself, invest in knowing all you can about them from the start. If something doesn’t feel right, remove yourself from the situation. That goes for anybody.

Investing in yourself as a Sugar Baby!

Taking care of your mind and body is important especially when you expect men to drop thousands of dollars on you every month for the pleasure of your company! Personally before even thinking about becoming a sugar baby this year, I’ve been taking care of myself for years because appearance is very important in my line of work. Keep in mind that I’m in my late 20s so some stuff you might not even need at this point since most of you are in your late teens or early 20s. Enjoy those years haha well I can’t complain, I have a baby face ;) So here is a list of things I’ve done or I will be starting this year that keeps me looking good and feeling awesome plus it makes for a hot SB:

  1. Manicure + pedicure - I do them professionally in a salon every 3weeks.
  2. Laser hair removal - I’m doing my whole bikini and underarms right now and will start my legs in the next year..shaving is a pain and too much work..laser is painful especially the whole bikini but worth it!
  3. Removing stretch marks - I will do laser for that when I move to LA because those stupid marks on my butt are a pain in the ass for my confidence sometimes..I have awesome 34DD natural breasts but my ass needs some perfecting to be at the same level lol
  4. Removing cellulite - I just finished a 10 weeks treatment with the Velashape 2 in a beauty clinic for my thighs and butt..I think it helped although I only had a low amount of cellulite and it’s still not perfect or all gone..I think I was expecting too much of a VS model’s perfect ass haha drinking water, exercising and eating healthy plus putting firming body cream (I use an expensive one from my clinic with 10% caffeine) everyday helps plus I’ll need to do maintenance treatments every year to maintain the results.
  5. Removing spider veins on legs - I started treatments this year, it helps but spider veins are a recurring issue for women especially with age so I will have to do maintenance treatments every year but it’s very good that I started young even if I didn’t have a lot but the ones behind my knees were bothering me a lot. I have very white skin so my veins show easily haha I need to tan more!
  6. Dermabrasion - I started dermabrasion aka removing dead skin on your face this year..I used to have bad acnee when I was young but now my skin is much better although I still get occasional pimples and don’t have perfect skin without makeup.
  7. Acnee creams recommended by my dermatologist that I apply every day or 2 days - I mostly only have some redness and occasional pimples but the products help for that and to make my pores less visible.
  8. Laser eye surgery - I wear contacts and I’m thinking of doing the laser surgery but I’m not sure since lots of people have horror stories so I’m still thinking about it but being free of glasses and contacts would be awesome..I’m just scared of surgeries and try to avoid them as much as possible.
  9. Spray Tan - I don’t want skin cancer so I prefer spray tan when I need to have a nice tan although the maintenance is a pain in the butt..I sometimes do tanning creams at home since I’m pretty good at applying it but that’s annoying to maintain also.
  10. Gym membership - I started going to the gym finally this year although I have always had a pretty athletic body but since I like to eat wtv I want and I’m getting older lol I need to watch out!!
  11. Personal trainer for the gym - I’m going to get one soon so I can learn what to do to target the issues I want to work on plus it’s good to have someone to motivate you since I’m lazy lol
  12. Martial arts or self defense classes - Personally I do martial arts because it’s for my line of work but also because I love to kick ass. I took some self defense classes years ago and it was amazing..I think every woman should do that especially sex workers and SBs..I actually need to brush up on those moves especially the ones when your assailant is on top of you.
  13. Hair and eyelash extensions - I need to get new hair extensions because the hair dresser messed them up when she cut them although I basically never wear them lol too lazy to put them on every time so I’ll look into other options soon and get a SD to pay for it and for eyelash extensions. Never tried that and want to see how it will look and feel.
  14. Makeup and hair tutorials or classes - I started watching more videos on youtube to learn more tricks especially with hair since I suck but I’m getting a lot better..I might get a future SD to pay a hairstylist to show me 5-10 ways to do my hair haha.
  15. Good hair products and makeup - Start investing in good products that don’t ruin your hair and face..When you can it’s good to invest in more expensive products when they are better quality and less chemicals.
  16. Keeping your body soft like a baby’s skin - I put cream every night on my body to keep my body all smooth and soft plus to keep my boobs, stomach, thighs and ass all firm..better to start young!
  17. Facial creams - Very important to keep your face moisturized plus eye cream is always good to start young..those SDs want a baby face not a face ruined by sun and age.
  18. Drinking lots of water - You need minimum 2 liters of water everyday..I basically only drink coffee or soft drinks but juices on occasion and I do love wine when I go out.
  19. Eating healthy - I need to be more disciplined for that because I like to eat wtv I want although I do eat vegetables and fruits everyday.
  20. Be happy and confident - Keep yourself healthy mentally..those men pay for no drama..I actually tried hypnotherapy by curiosity this year..only did 4 sessions to work on my self-esteem and confidence and it was pretty interesting to realize how I bring myself down sometimes.
  21. Teeth are very important! Having a nice smile attracts people including SDs! - Keep your teeth clean and white..I do my teeth cleaning every 9 months now (instead of 12) plus I bought a whitening kit made for me from my dentist to use at home although my teeth are pretty white already. I had braces when I was young so I have perfect teeth..I wear my night retainer occasionally to keep them straight and perfect. 
  22. Massages and acupuncture - I did both this year and need to start doing massages every 2 weeks for my back lol I’ll get a SD to pay for that!
  23. Investing in a new wardrobe - Dressing the part is important and you need something to wear for all those awesome dates you will be going on! Get a SD or POT to take you shopping and choose classic pieces that you will be able to mix and match and pull off multiple outfits with. If you don’t have anyone to pay for it, take some of your money and start buying some nice pieces or even just adding an accessory to your outfit might make the difference. You don’t have to buy expensive brands (wait for a SD to do that for you), until then buy pieces that are good quality and in solid neutral colors. Go for classy not trashy!
  24. Reading more about current events, finances and how to invest money but also some of those self help books. Be aware of what is going on in the world. - I need to start doing this more because I personally don’t follow the news or politics (too depressing) plus I want to learn how to manage my money. It’s always good to be able to hold a conversation with a SD especially if you go to events with him! You want to be the whole package of looks, brains and personality!!
  25. Learning new skills is important in my opinion plus it keeps you busy and SDs will be impressed by your hobbies, interests and skills. - Personally I love reading, cooking (I want to take some classes to get even better), dancing (I took a lot of different dance classes but I want to learn the waltz and other more conservative dances for black tie events), learning new languages (I speak multiple languages and it always impresses people especially in the US for some reason), etc.. With my line of work, I like to acquire new skills as often as I can so I can add them to my CV and stand it’s fun!

Ok so I’m going to stop here because this post is freaking long lol I’ll add more if I think about something else but just remember that you are selling a product which is yourself and you need to stand out! Being a SB is not just about looking have to be interesting too! I see a lot of SD’s profiles that mention personality and not just looks. So take care of yourself mentally and physically :) You got to invest in yourself (the product) to make money..that’s how marketing and business work and it’s the same with sugar dating! Pay your bills and then use some of that allowance on bettering yourself to catch an even bigger fish (or whale lol)!! Go get them girls! xoxo

Invest in your future

Only when we truly invest ourselves in a task or goal does the pain of defeat become measurable. But even then we recognize that our efforts do not go unheard, for it is our efforts put forth, regardless of outcome, that shape us and strengthen us for our next battle. Always invest in your future, despite outcome, so the continuation of shaping a new you becomes a reality.

Quick guide: Investing in yourself

My confidence hit an all time low where as usually I’m pretty sure of myself and what I am capable of. I started thinking, what is it I need to do to better myself? Investing in yourself is probably the best way to self-improvement. If you invest in yourself, others will invest in you. You future-proof yourself, become happier and gain personal growth. 

The areas of my life I will be working on to invest in myself:

Education and culture

Finish my degree. Find and engage myself in activities that will teach me new things. Find myself a mentor and ask them to lunch. Add additional certificates to my learning. Identify areas I want to learn more about and read read read and discuss with people who have the same interests, this doesn't even cost much- just time. Keep up with the news. 

Personal Appearance 

Dress well and presentable. Willingly engage in conversation. Greet everyone you meet. Smile and always be ready. Remember your grooming and allow time for it as your appearance is the first thing clients, co-workers, management and public base their judgement on.

Mind (Mental & Spiritual)

Pray or meditate everyday. Think or even write down in a special notebook all the things you are thankful for, this keeps you focusing on the positives rather than the negatives. Get great sleep, very beneficial to performance and daily life. 


Recognise what makes you less confident and work on them. Identify what you have accomplished and will help you remember strong attributes you already have. Surround yourself with people that build you up, not tear you down. Know what your core principles and values are as it helps with decision making and your confidence in yourself to make decisions. Act confident even if you’re not as this helps with building confidence.

Public Speaking

I need to take a public speaking class because 100% you will need the skill of public speaking in life and when you speak in front of people, you want it to be done with great skill and charisma. Always volunteer for public speaking opportunities- professional or personal. Check out Toastmasters International . Ask for critical feedback as this helps the most with personal growth.

Socializing and Networking

Interact with lots of people when you can. Don’t be afraid, the best relationships you can make professionally is through networking. Ask questions and actively listen. Make contact. Try hosting events.  

From all of this, I will gain personal growth and hopefully these tips will help you too! 

New Year, New YOU!: Investing in Yourself.

Did you know that 1 out of every 20 deals are successful in venture capitalism?  That’s right—for every 20 companies a venture capitalist firm invests in, there is 1 gold nugget.  In a way they’re lucky; if they know the odds, they can make an experienced assessment and take smart risks.  More importantly, if something isn’t working, they know when to cut their losses and move forward.

I know what you’re thinking, “What does this have to do with my self examination?”  I want to point you towards a new train of thought—you are the greatest investment in your own life.  Every part of your future, every relationship, every purpose you attempt to fulfill will ALWAYS start with YOU and however much time and energy you put into making yourself into your absolute best. 

Your time is the most precious asset you have…it is only time we have to trade for the experiences of love, joy,  and success.  It’s important for you to assess your chances of success, and create a plan that’s going to work FOR you, not against you.  And more importantly, you need to feel confident in seeing, objectively, what isn’t working for you, so that you can cut it loose, say goodbye, and invest in yourself in another, more productive and fulfilling way.

Today we’re going to learn about letting go.  Last week I asked you to do at least one Self Examination session, and journal it.  This is going to be key to finding what doesn’t work, so that you can move forward to more prosperous and enlightening paths in your life. 

Are you ready for the most exciting transformation of your life?  If you can master this process, you can transform yourself for bigger, better, and more fulfilling success and happiness, over and over again.

If you’ve read my book, Pure Thoughts for Pure Results, you know that I’ve mastered a process that I learned in the hardest imaginable ways.  I went from 17 with a baby on my hip, getting food stamps and struggling to make rent, to a successful entrepreneur with a happy family and an exciting ever-challenging life.  And every time an obstacle presented itself, I’ve been able to transform into JUST the right person, with JUST the right skills, to overcome and conquer it!

An essential part of discovery this process, was learning to let what wasn’t working go.  To release the emotions, the baggage, and the investments that will never serve me in a dutiful or long-term manner.  You NEED to approach your life from a clear sense of being, and the only way you can maintain that clarity is to constantly clean the rubbish out of your life.

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‘I prepared myself for this.’

'did you really?’

'yes, but I didn’t succeed. you see, you invest yourself into someone else and when you walk away so much of you leaves with them. and I think that’s when you know, you never were made for them. because in love, you put yourself out there, but when they get lost for a little while, you still stand alone. you’re not broken, nor whole. you’re only somewhere in between.’

—  excerpt #192

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tafw your parent asks "how are you going to be a therapist if youre this much of a mess yourself" and it WRECKS what little hope you had for your future, which sends you into a panic attack which then leads you to a meltdown and everything is Bad™-👓

My own therapist informed me that she herself had a therapist. Many of them do, actually. A lot of people that go into that field are mentally ill. Give it a try. You do have a chance. Your future isn’t ruined. Your parent was being seriously ableist and unfair.

-mod har



I’ve also heard that it’s common to go to therapy as a therapist because of the emotional burden/exhaustion you go through hearing some of the things you hear, especially if you invest yourself more. Basically it’s extremely common, don’t be deterred!


all the therapists i know are pretty much required to see a therapist regularly for themselves. plus there need to be more neurodivergent therapists!


^^^^^ Not a therapist but sorf of, my mum’s a social worker. She had her own social worker for years, especially while she was working. It’s not a comment on their ability to do their job, or their mental health. In fact, it’s reccomended because working this kind of job can take its toll on you. My therapist became a therapist because the one who cared for her inspired her so much!

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Hi☺️ I'm lesbian, and I've only ever dated one girl and that was a few years ago! I keep trying to meet girls but I struggle so much and it makes me feel so lonely. I feel like I'll be single forever and it's awful? How do I meet girls? Or at least feel less alone?

Put yourself out there, meet new people. Join organizations for example, invest time in yourself, understand yourself even better find new things to enjoy. Don’t limit yourself, there is so much out there to see, do etc.

I hope this helps. (:

Investing on yourself is so hard to do when you’re so distracted with questions of where to really put yourself in the future. Film, music and theater have always been my biggest frustrations and i feel like as i get closer to this title i’m trying to earn, i’m getting farther from my first love. :(

The Love & Energy I put into these Designs can never be Duplicated! That’s what customers get when they purchase something from Pharaonic Brand, not just a tshirt but an investment in yourself & who you are!!!

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Invest in yourself! When you value yourself, you understand that you need to put time, effort, work and energy into yourself. Trust me, this isn’t easy and it’s not for the faint of heart. Taking time for yourself for self reflection, growth and development take time, dedication and discipline. Spiritual practice, prayer and meditation, exercise and stillness are great tools to guide you through the process and keep you in-tune with your spirit. So stretch yourself, try something new, and give back to yourself. You are worth it! #Namaste #InvestInYourself #SelfLove #SelfCare #TakeCare #Faith #Elevate #Worthy #Value #Enough #Growth #MindBodySpirit #Inspired #DoTheWork #ThinkThursday #WordsOfWisdom #WorldOfWilbekin #WOW

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Everyone has their own life experience. Everyone has the things that resonate with them, the things that speak to them. I don’t even think one can choose those things. You just recognize them when you see them.

So, I don’t understand mocking someone when you think they are “too invested.” You yourself are “overinvested” in something. At least, I hope you are. I hope you have something that makes your heart sing. I may not understand your thing, but it’s awesome because you love it.

I wonder what things are acceptable to be overinvested in.

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We know who the Calvin anon is. She has left hundreds of asks in people's boxes that I know, but sometimes forgets to go on anonymous. We used to follow each other. I can tell by her grammar, and tone.

Ok, well, let me say this to all of you again, like I always do…..

……you need to be careful in life when emotionally investing in strangers, or in anyone. It’s ok to care, but when it’s overtaking your own life and all of your time, you need to cut back or drop it completely.

Invest in yourself….body, mind and spirt.

one of the books i’m reading says that in order for career success, one should form a group of like-minded smart people and swap books and articles, helpful hints etc. + creating a supportive network/family. underlying that notion is the simple fact that we have to read, read, read, essentially understand and connect new streams of knowledge and information to old facts and realities. in fact, reading and constantly learning new skills is crucial b/c you are essentially investing in yourself.