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over the passed few days, i’ve seen lots of posts from people feeling down because they’re posting memes and not getting anything sent it.  like a lot of posts.  and this is just sad ???  i’m not going to claim to be the greatest about sending in memes to others, but if i feel it can work between my character and the other in some way, or it’s a question i can ask on anon or something, i try to send something in, especially if i reblog it.  in fact, i try not to reblog a meme at all without sending something in.  and i honestly don’t know what the point of my even making this post is other than a note to myself to try and be even better.  because i know what it’s like to have memes ignored.  i get so embarrassed when i don’t get any that i delete the meme from my blog, actually.  so when you look through my meme tag, most of them are, like… a month apart in some cases.  it really hurts?

so if i happen to be on, if i see and am able, i will try to send y’all memes.  sometimes it won’t work with our characters ( cat’s singleship and antagonistic so there are a lot of memes that won’t work with her ), sometimes i’m too busy or i miss it but… y e a h.

note to self that i love you all and you’re always welcome to direct me to a meme you’ve reblogged and i’ll see what i can do because i love all your characters !!!!

MaStar Week 2017- May 21st to May 27th

Day 1: Starry Eyed
Day 2: Best of the Worst
Day 3: Vulnerable
Day 4: Laughter
Day 5: Coming of Age
Day 6: Bonded
Day 7: Force of Nature
Bonus Day 8: Last night

After planning and plotting and scheming and fiddling… we’ve done it y’all… I present to you, MaStar Week 2017!

This event will focus on Maka and BlackStar’s relationship whether it’s OTP or BROTP. Whether they are fighting partners, childhood friends, family by choice, or harbored feelings, let’s give them a little attention and love! Create some creative content or join in with the community to talk about these two.

I’ll be following the tag “mastar week 2017″ and “makaxblackstar week 2017″ and I’ll be reblogging all of the content I can find into such tags on my blog! I understand that there’s an issue with the tags and how some posts aren’t showing up in there; since that’s the case, you can pm or send me an ask or tag me to make sure I’ve caught you. If there’s enough posts, maybe I’ll invest in a side blog for them too.

Alrighty, I’ll see you then during MaStar Week!

– banner was done by the ever so lovely @mintyyprince


I know I haven’t posted anything in ages and that’s uncool. Trust me tho I’m still 100% invested in this blog and Star Trek but finals week really ate me alive. I had no time for anything because I was so busy trying to memorize scientific names of native animals in Ohio and how to ID them. I also need to basically move out so you can imagine how stressed I am.
With that being said everything will return to normal tomorrow and I will also start watching DS9 at some point next week.
Thank you for understanding!
Have a prosperous day 🖖

anonymous asked:

Why would you choose to run a blog about Will Roland when people like Mike Faist, Laura Dreyfuss, and Ben Platt exist?

I was going to go on a full sarcasm rant, but the other mods said I couldn’t, so here’s an actual response.

We run a blog about Will Roland for many reasons. None of these reasons are because we find his costars any less than Will. (My love for Mike Faist is that of a thousand burning suns)

We run a blog about Will because there wasn’t any blogs about Will. There wasn’t a steady flow of Will Roland content on this website, like there seemed to be about his costars.

We run this blog about with because he is talented beyond words. He is funny, and perfectly so. He has a voice that is so underappreciated it makes me cry sometimes.Not only is he talented, but he seems like a genuinely good person who has good morals and stands for what’s right.They literally just released a video about how amazing the guy is. You should watch it and maybe educate yourself, so you too can enjoy the lovely world of hyping Will Roland. It’s obvious from that video that none of the cast or crew takes him for granite, so why should anyone?

We run this blog because we love that kid from our school Jared Kleinman? The INSANELY COOL JARED KLEINMAN!?! He is just as complex and wonderful a character as any other in Dear Evan Hansen. We love to pick him apart and enjoy partaking in the spreading of memes about him.

We run this blog because we want to? Like it’s our time and energy, which we choose to invest in a blog about a person we believe deserves a blog. You aren’t required to follow us, and we won’t ask you to if you don’t love Will.

If you would like further explanation on any of these points feel free to ask, just please refrain from slandering our Lord and Savior in the future. Thanks!

anonymous asked:

I just really don't understand why you get so upset and defensive when people judge your relationship when you're the one posting all about it on the internet. You have a taboo relationship that many other people don't want, and are curious as to what the hell is going on in your head. No one told you to tell millions of strangers that you're married to a murderer.

For the millionth time, I’m not the one who told ~millions of strangers~ about anything. If it were up to me, no one would know anything. Since everyone does though, I’ll answer questions on here, but it’s a very rare occurrence for me to just talk about my personal life if it isn’t just answering questions I feel comfortable answering. If it’s something that’s taboo that nobody wants and you find my life choices questionable do not read my fucking blog, no one is making you. If you find yourself reading it anyway, despite the fact that you find yourself trying to down me, maybe I need to ask you what the hell is going on in your head? And then feeling the need to send me anonymous messages being judgmental and trying to be mouthy? Bitch I don’t know you and I do not care how you feel about me or my life. And you don’t know me at all, you’re just pathetically invested in a blog where I rarely share personal information. Go find a fucking life.