Today on Fresh Air, investigative reporter Seth Freed Wessler tells us about the troubling conditions at federal prisons which are run by private contractors and hold non-citizen inmates. “In case after case, prisoners who were sick with treatable illnesses were not being provided even baseline levels of medical care,” Wessler says. His reporting in The Nation may have led to the Justice Department’s decision to phase out private prisons. 

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Investigation Into Private Prisons Reveals Crowding, Under-Staffing And Inmate Deaths

School Newspaper Hound

The activities of the Absurdly Powerful Student Council and other very popular students will be chronicled in minute detail by the school newspaper newshounds that staff the paper.. Major plot points will be revealed – or distorted! – on the front page of the school newspaper. Chances are good this student later gets a career as an Intrepid Reporter.

You know the paper is kind of my identity.

The Lions Sleep Tonight

Ficlet for Voltron Week Day 2: Lions/Voltron. This is self-indulgent fluff/crack. Also available on AO3.

Pidge pressed the comm unit in the Green Lion hanger, glancing over their shoulder one last time, before saying, “I just want to say that this is in no way my fault.”

After a moment, Allura’s voice crackled over the com unit’s speakers. “What’s wrong, Pidge?” she asked.

“Well,” Pidge said, glancing at the green adolescent lion investigating one of the hanger’s pillars, “It would appear the Lions—or at least Green Lion—has been turned into, well. Into a lion.”

Without pause, Allura asked, “Are you alright? Is Green Lion hostile?”

“I’m fine.” Pidge glanced at Green Lion, watches them turn away from the pillar to investigate their tail, and reports, “They seem pretty docile right now. Curious more than anything. If this is something affecting all the Lions, Red Lion is the only one I think might be hostile so you should probably give Keith a heads up.”

Pidge glanced over their shoulder again, and startled to find Green Lion much closer than before and sniffing at the hem of their shirt. “Uh, hello there, kitty. Er, Lion. Nice Lion.”

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The Navajo Nation Is Suing the EPA Over a Toxic Mine Spill
The Navajo Nation is suing the federal government over a spill that sent more than 3 million gallons of toxic water into a major river last year.
By J. Weston Phippen

August 16, 2016

Leaders with the Navajo Nation said they will file a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency for its role in a large mine spill in 2015, which contaminated a major river with 3 million gallons of toxic acid and metals.

The Navajo Nation joins the state of New Mexico, which filed a suit against the EPA for allegedly causing the spill, known as the Gold King Mine Spill, and against the state of Colorado for not doing more to prevent it. The spill is still under criminal investigation, but a federal report released in April found the EPA at fault. The agency had drilled in the area to install drainage pipes below the Gold King Mine because small amounts of toxic water were flowing into the Animas River.

In August 2015, while workers contracted by the EPA tried to drain some of the toxic water, a massive blowout sent a mix of arsenic, zinc, lead, and mercury into the river, which turned the waters orange and flowed downstream, depositing more than 888,000 pounds of toxic metals in the water.


Leaders with the Navajo Nation have not said how much damage the spill caused to their communities. But in April, in his testimony to the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye said the spill killed crops and eliminated farming jobs in the region that depended on the water.

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Healer, 14, Young-Shin and Jung-Hoo

“Where would someone hide in a town like this?”

Young-Shin knew she asked a stupid question when Jung-Hoo raised his eyebrows and looked ready to start naming every building in this tiny town. “I’m not asking where you would hide. I’m asking where a chaebol in the middle of a drug trafficking scandal would hide. You’re better at hiding.”

“I am,” he grinned. “But, if I was a rich man caught up in a drug ring, and money was no object, I wouldn’t go to a hotel. I would pick an average house, buy it in cash, and send the owners on vacation. We’re looking for an older house with a newer car out front.”

“And if I were you?

“I would find a tree or camp out in the mountains. I wouldn’t even bring a car or fancy gear. Just my backpack. No sunglasses or cap because that’s way too obvious out here. I’d probably dress like a college student hiker and ask about the good trails if anyone confronted me.”

“I’m glad he’s not you. It looks ready to rain.” She fiddled with the camera and took several pictures of him before he darkened his sunglasses. “I’m glad that our cover is newlyweds. That’s my favorite cover. We usually get a suite upgrade with that cover. Here, read this. Local sites we’re going to be visiting.”

Even behind his glasses, she could tell he was looking at her, because the corner of his mouth quirked up. “It’s really cute how into this you get.”

Young-Shin intended to lean over the car’s gear shift and kiss him when her phone started ringing. “It’s Moon-Ho.” She answered it cheerfully. “Sunbae! We’re just arriving at the hotel. You remembered to get us just one room, right? No reason to charge the company too much.”

“You aren’t actually married,” Moon-Ho pointed out. “Tell that punk he needs to let you set a date. Two rooms weren’t expensive. The company can handle it. I don’t care that you’re practically living together. There are rules, Chae Young-Shin.”

She rolled her eyes at that. “Then promote Jung-Hoo so we can be equals inside the company. Sunbae, we’ll have the hotel refund you.” She hung up before he could argue with her. “We’re going to have to play the accidental double booking game again.”

“I don’t mind.” Jung-Hoo kissed her cheek and got out of the car. He hurried to her side to help her out. The sky looked cranky as it threatened rain. She made sure she had the umbrella while he got their suitcases. “We can set a date whenever your want. It’s been a year. Your dad almost likes me.”

Young-Shin grinned as the first few sprinkles hit them. She already had a date picked. One with very little chance of rain.

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Hi. What is your personal opinion on Kendall getting the September issue? Do you think she really deserved it? Not hating on Kendall or anything, your opinion and thoughts are just really interesting lol

I think the entire concept of people “deserving” or “not deserving” to be on magazine covers is crazy. It’s a magazine cover, not the Noble Prize in physics or a Pulitzer for investigative reporting. The cover of a fashion magazine is about marketing and what’s gonna sell, not about awarding people for their work. Even ‘talented’ celebrities chosen for the cover aren’t really being ‘awarded’ with a cover for their talent- the cover is just apart of their promotion for whatever they’re doing: starring in a new popular movie or tv show, releasing a new album, promoting a big project. It’s about money and image. Not humility, not talent, not intelligence, not good deeds. If cover choices for any month were intended to be based on all those things, I’d scrap majority of them, Kendall’s included and I’d agree that she is not deserving of a cover because there are others that should be on it in her place. But that’s not the way things are or the way cover subjects on many fashion magazines are chosen. Definitely not the case for Vogue US. 

I have a lot more I could say about this subject, but I’ll end it here lol

Circus of Life: Chapter One

Also on and AO3!

“So our next mission is at a circus?” the green-haired teenage girl asked, leafing through the packet she had picked up curiously. Her fellow Exorcists were also flipping through theirs, curious gazes on every one (even though Kanda didn’t show it.)

Her older brother nodded. “Yes. It seems similar to Miranda’s Time Record, and what it did to the town, but in this case the manner of time is very different,” Komui said. At seeing the confused looks on the Exorcist’s faces, he explained, “It seems like the Innocence creates a portal back in time. The person whose traveled back in time stays there for a month at most, a week at least. Everybody and every Finder we’ve sent to investigate has reported that none of those who are still with the circus from when they’ve traveled don’t recall them, and once a Finder went back into the portal and stayed the same amount of time as before, and nobody remembered him. We’ve also been told that Akuma are starting to be drawn to the area in the present.”

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FIFA prosecutors want 3 banned in South African fixing case

ZURICH — FIFA ethics prosecutors want a six-year ban for a former South Africa Football Association president in a long-running case of fixed friendlies played ahead of the 2010 World Cup by the host nation.

FIFA’s ethics committee said Wednesday that investigators also asked for life bans to be imposed on a Zimbabwean official and a coach from Togo for bribery and corruption.

In previous verdicts, four SAFA officials were banned for up to six years for links to fixed 2010 World Cup warm-ups where referees were appointed by Singaporean match-fixer Wilson Raj Perumal.

FIFA prosecutors have now recommended sanctions against three more men in final investigation reports sent to ethics judges.

They are: former SAFA president Kirsten Nematandani; Jonathan Musavengana of Zimbabwe; and Bana Tchanile of Togo.

No timetable was suggested Wednesday for their hearings.

Nematandani faces charges which include failure to report suspected corruption, and lack of co-operation with an investigation. FIFA prosecutors also recommended that he is fined 10,000 Swiss francs ($10,400).

Tchanile was previously banned in Togo for taking a fake national team to play a friendly in Bahrain in September 2010.

That 3-0 win for Bahrain was refereed by Ibrahim Chaibou of Niger, who also handled South Africa’s 5-0 win over Guatemala in Polokwane in May 2010, less than two weeks before the World Cup opened. South Africa’s goals included two penalties awarded by Chaibou.

Days earlier, all three goals came from penalty kicks in South Africa’s 2-1 win over Colombia at the re-opening of Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg which would host the World Cup final.

FIFA has not specified which games are under suspicion in the case.

Officials previously dealt with by FIFA’s ethics committee include former SAFA chief executive Leslie Sedibe, who was banned for five years in March.

The Associated Press

I Fought the Law Pt. 4: Renegade

Inspired by the song Renegade by Styx

Summary: Y/N goes to Midland to investigate the reports of werewolf activity, but when the time comes to gank the wolves, she’s the one who is in for a surprise.

Characters: Dean Smith, Castiel Novak, Y/N Winchester, Sam Wesson (mentioned)

Relationship: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2.1K

A/N: Oh my Chuck!!! I am so so so sorry it took so long to get this done, but the truth is that I bit off a little more than I could chew with challenges last month, and I got distracted by a couple of ideas for other series. Also, I know parts of this are completely inaccurate to how law enforcement actually works in real life, but this is fiction after all! I hope you guys enjoy!! Feedback is my fave!!

Thank you @idreamofhazel for the beta! You’re awesome and I love you!


The usual suspects: @d-s-winchester, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @britney8793, @grumpy-kittycas, @holywaterbucketchallenge, @kazchester-fanfiction, @demondean-for-kingofhell, @thinkwritexpress, @splendidcas, @thing-you-do-with-that-thing, @emmy-winchester, @singingflames, @ursuchapunk, @rescue-c2-man, @blacktithe7, @moonstonemystyk

Gif is not mine! I found it on Google.

Midland, Kansas

Present Day

“Dean, wait,” you pleaded, “please don’t do this.” He was silent as you felt the cold metal of the cuffs locking around your wrists. “Please you don’t know what you’re doing! You have to let me go!”

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SIU report into Abdirahman Abdi's death months away, and no guarantee it'll be public
Attorney general says he is committed to openness and transparency, but waiting for SIU review

Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi has reiterated his commitment to transparency in policing issues, but stopped short of promising to release the Special Investigations Unit report on the death of Abdirahman Abdi.

The SIU is a civilian agency that reviews all cases of death, and other serious injury, involving police in Ontario. It is currently investigating Abdi’s death that occurred last month after the Somali-Canadian had a violent encounter with police.

Naqvi acknowledged to reporters Wednesday that Abdi’s death has been a “traumatic” event for the city, and added: “I am stating very categorically that I personally am, and have always been, very much committed to transparency and accountability.”

However, Naqvi would not categorically promise that he would release the SIU report on Abdi’s death when it is completed. On the other hand, he didn’t refuse to release it either.

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I mean, there’s so much to this job or being a resident (or in med school) where it is boring as balls and it does suck. What they never tell you for example, is how much paperwork you end up doing or how many times you have to chart up acetominophen/paracetamol (sometimes a 100x/day) etc. but there’s so much to being a doctor that is so great too. it easily makes up for all the small crappy moments. 

So, if you think it sucks being a student or resident..
Suck it up. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 
It will always keep getting better. 

(***Disclaimer: It’s rare..
but serious situations like mental health, or bullying
don’t apply - that stuff requires some formal reporting and investigating. or at least, debriefing). 

Investigation Launched After Reports of Heated Squabble Between Popufurs

There will be a full scale investigation into the alleged quarrel between ElsewhereCalico and Dragsplosion51. Reports of a moderately contentious disagreement surfaced after a dual steam by the two popufurs ended abruptly last night. We spoke with investigators this morning:

“When something like this happens, it’s our job to step in and gather third and second hand accounts of petty arguments, fill in the gaps with assumptions, and then color the final hodgepodge to suit our preconceptions.”

The Consortium of Lesser Furries praised the decision to investigate, saying, “I tried asking ElsewhereCal what happened between him and Dragsplosion51, he said he was sick of talking about it and that it was no big deal. It’s just that kind of obstructionism that necessitates these investigations. We deserve the truth.”

Similar accounts are coming in from the Dragsplosion51 camp. She reportedly asked her fans, “Don’t you people have your own lives to worry about?” in spite of evidence she was previously aware they do not.

“It’s the same old story,” said a furry fan who has needlessly involved themselves in the verbal tiff, “as long as us obscure masses have something better to do than obsess over things we had nothing to do with and which don’t matter, then the parties involved are innocent! But anyone with absolutely nothing going on in their life knows that’s nonsense. The worst feeling you can have, as a furry, is knowing that two prominent figures had a spat, but not knowing any details.”

At press time, it is loosely inferred and therefore taken as fact that Dragsplosion51 and ElsewhereCalico fell out over a heroin deal gone wrong, and the guilt, which had been gnawing on them from the inside for years, finally erupted as a disagreement over the carbon tax.

‘In The Making of Donald Trump, David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize-winning former New York Times investigative reporter, gives Trump the thorough scrubbing he deserves… Johnston has done voters a service with this unblinking portrait. He makes a compelling case that Trump has the attributes of both “dictator” and “deceiver” and would be a disaster in the Oval Office.’

The Financial Times on The Making of Donald Trump

Pretty pumped about that pull quote.


The student who killed a classmate before taking his own life at a suburban Denver high school wrote in his diary that he was “a psychopath with a superiority complex”, and he hoped that the attack would start a conversation about school bullying.

Karl Pierson, 18, wrote that he planned the 13 December attack at Arapahoe High School for months to exact revenge for being teased in elementary school, according to investigative reports released Friday.

“Words hurt, can mold a sociopath, and will lead someone a decade later to kill,” he wrote in a document titled “A diary of a madman”.

okay I doubt this happens but I really want a POI episode where a bunch of the people they’ve saved in the past come together and help them out

like obviously some of their previous numbers have become assets or even part of the team (Zoe Morgan, Shaw, debatably Leon Tao XD) but I want the random ones that they made friends with to come and rescue them somehow

can you even imagine an episode which has that safecracker who lived in the suburbs, the Brazilian diplomat’s daughter, the investigative reporter, the gymnast thief, all of those people somehow coming together to save the people who saved them =D

(bonus points if the team has to try to hide out in the suburbs and pretend to be normal)