flintwood: through the eyes of the weasley twins

for the @hpwritersnet‘s prompt #1: the weasley twins

okay so i’ve been thinking about this a lot and there’s a lot of shit to go over in this headcanon so let’s get started

  • so the gryffindor quidditch team was tight with each other and had closer relationships with each other than with any of the other students 
  • and sure, everyone has their secrets (to some extent) but the gryffindor quidditch team all had a certain in with one another
    • they all felt like they could easily trust each other
  • so when fred and george noticed oliver wood, the epitome of team spirit, sneaking around and keeping secrets, they had to investigate
  • the sneaking around wasn’t obvious to most people, but fred and george had a keen sense of when some shady shit was happening 
    • and a perfect example was oliver wood showing up to saturday morning practice four minutes late, hair gently ruffled
    • oliver was never late to practice, especially as captain
  • “hey olly, man, what’s got you held up?” fred would ask, flicking his eyes to meet his brother’s, a knowing smirk living on his mouth
  • “oh! er, i had to drop some things by mcgonagall’s office,” oliver would reply, thinking that he had only been four minutes late and how could those two possibly suspect anything?
    • but he decided to not let it bother him because it was just the weasley twins and they were always up to something
  • “well, you seem awfully giddy for this hour of the morning,” george would point out
  • “i’m just enthusiastic about the upcoming match with slytherin and the opportunity to kick their asses!” he shouted, rallying the remainder of the team and sufficiently diverting the focus of the twins’ leading questions
  • after that practice, fred and george tracked down harry and asked to borrow the marauder’s map
    • confused, harry lent it to the twins
    • “just don’t drag me into whatever it is you’re doing this time”
  • they hang onto it throughout the day and check where oliver is periodically
  • much to their dismay, there wasn’t ever a girl’s name situated next to his
  • “maybe he really was just running some stuff for mcgonagall,” fred suggests after the map reveals nothing new for hours
  • and george would punch fred in the arm because of course oliver had something fishy going on
    • he was late to practice, fred
  • so the twins don’t give up, and later that night after dinner fred pulls out the map because they’d both noticed oliver’s absence from the great hall that night
  • “where’s he at now, freddie?” george would ask curiously, peering over his brother’s shoulder
  • marcus flint?”
  • “isn’t he from the slytherin team?”
  • shit do you think they’re at each other’s throats?”
    • “but that doesn’t explain why he was late and in a good mood this morning”
    • “who cares, george. we’ve gotta go save his stupid ass. flint’s a ruthless bastard. wood may have a temper but i’m not sure he would win in a fight”
  • the twins looked at each other, both wearing looks of worry for their friend but shameful excitement at the thrill they felt coming 
    • this feeling both brothers always got when they were about to embark on an adventure that would easily become a story for the future was so irreplaceable
    • fred struggled to think of how he would possibly survive without his other half
      • but he quickly dismissed that thought because he knew nothing could ever separate them  
  • moments later, the twins arrived in the library, wands at the ready
  • when it was strangely silent, considering they expected to barge in on a duel, they exchanged another look, practically communicating without saying anything
    • “check the map, freddie,” george would urge. “maybe they’ve left the library?”
  • the map still showed oliver and flint both in the library, albeit on the opposite side from where the twins were
    • “okay, what the hell?” fred would ask his brother, only to receive a shrug in response 
    • “maybe we can’t hear them fighting because they used a silencing charm?” george would suggest
      • shit, you’re probably right,” fred would say, picking up his pace to a run in order to reach the spot the map said oliver and flint were
      • (“when am i not right?” 
      • “oh, shove it, george”)
  • “it looks like they’re in the restricted section,” fred would say, glancing down at the map
    • “oh, of course, they are. bastards.” 
  • the twins confidently and a bit blindly rounded the corner into the restricted section, nearly knocking over a group of second years
  • “wood, we’ve come to save your ass from that snake,” george would shout, wand at the ready
  • however, the sight the twins were bracing themselves for was nothing like the one they got
    • oliver was there, and so was flint, just as the map told them
    • but the map didn’t tell them that both boys were shirtless, with flint straddled across oliver’s lap
  • “fucking merlin, weasley, what the hell?” oliver would exclaim, jumping up and nearly throwing flint off of him
    • “well, it looks like you’re not fucking merlin, but somebody else,” george would crack, nudging his head in flint’s direction
  • then george would turn to fred and say, “i told you something suspicious was going on”
    • (”okay, okay, so you’re always right. woop de doo”)
  • oliver coughed. “hate to interrupt your weird ass twin moment, but what the hell are you doing here? how did you find us?”
  • fred and george looked at each other, knowing they couldn’t disclose the secrets of the marauder’s map
  • instead, fred would tell oliver, “you’ve got your secrets, we’ve got ours.”
  • ”nice to formally meet you, flint,” george would blurt as he tucked his wand away 
  • “be good to our olly, now, yeah?” fred would add as the twins left the restricted section, and the two boys, to their business
  • yup, this would be a great story someday
Reasons to watch Elementary
  1. Lucy Liu is one of the best Watsons in the history of Sherlock Holmes adaptations, with her own modern quirks (she’s a baseball fan, likes video games, and retired from being a surgeon to help people as a sober companion)
  2. The series holds its own as both a procedural crime show and as a Sherlock Holmes adaptation
  3. It deals with recovery from addiction unflinchingly and honestly.
  4. The found-family dynamic is one of the best and healthiest on all of tv
  5. Tobias Gragson beats Greg Lestrade (of BBC Sherlock) in the dad character game any day.
  6. LGBT/autistic people/people of color character representation is wonderful.
  7. All characters in the show feel developed and real
  8. The show gets the real dynamic of Holmes and Watson very well (one of the best)
  9. The show understands Holmes’ compassion for those who often don’t get it, and his and Watson’s ability to care for many different types of people as they did in the books.
  10. The Moriarty/Alder characters are very unique, quite a refreshing change in the Holmes genre.
  11. The fandom is small right now but writes kick-ass fanfiction (and there’s a big F/F presence written by women so it’s refreshing in terms of Sherlock holmes fanfic)
  12. There’s a lot of “your family members are people with feelings too” but also “it’s okay to not be close with your family if that’s hard for you” it treats these things with respect and honesty as well.
  13. On that note, there’s also a large amount of respect from Holmes and Watson (and the writers) to the treatment of how close friendships discuss sensitive information, and how to healthily discuss sensitive info, how friendships form naturally and deal with hard things.
  14. Sherlock punches a man in the face because he abused his son.
  15. Sherlock and Joan own a turtle named Clyde, who sometimes serves as a visual aid when they investigate
  16. The acting is incredibly incredibly strong (I could watch the leads tackle hard subject matter and emotionally charged stuff for a lifetime)
  17. Mycroft owns a restaurant chain.
  18. A minor character in the books, Kitty Winter, has a huge role, and a very important one. 
  19. Sherlock struggles socially (but in a real and believable way compared to many other adaptations) but throughout the series grows and makes important connections with others, and uses his own experiences to help.
  20. Holmes and Watson keep bees on the roof of their brownstone (face it, that sounds cute enough alone to watch the series)
The Warden as Companion - Part I

NAME: Leilani Mahariel
RACE: Dalish elf
CLASS & SPECIALIZATION: Rogue, Commander of the Grey (unique specialization and tree skill; can’t be learned by the Inquisitor)
ROMANCE: Can be romanced by the Inquisitor regardless of race or gender.


The first time the Inquisitor talks to Leliana at Haven, she will mention her agents have made contact with someone from her past at a Deep Roads entrance in the Brecilian Forest. She urges the Inquisitor to meet this person but refuses to give more details about them, “for your own safety as much as theirs.” 

A scouting operation opens up at the war table in south-east Ferelden.

Scouting Operation: News from the Deep Roads

“Inquisition agents have made contact with someone from Leliana’s past in the depths of the Brecilian Forest. She believes they can aid the Inquisition on the mission to seal the Breach.”

Three power points are required and it can be completed only through Secrets.

“Our agents will secure the rendezvous point. The sooner you meet, the better.”

Completing the operations opens up a new temporary destination on the map (”Brecilian Forest”) and a new quest becomes active. 

In order to recruit Leilani, the war table mission must be completed before In Your Heart Shall Burn and the Inquisitor must travel to the Brecilian Forest before Here Lies the Abyss.

Quest: From the Deep Roads with Love

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Live Streaming (Part 1)

Pairing: Laf x (No specific gender) Reader (also lots of Alex x John whoops)
Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, PDA
AU: Modern
A/N: This one is done entirely out of text messages. You’re in a group chat with the Hamilsquad. Inspired by the 1-800-did-i-ask series.
Now with Part 2!
Word Count: 1208


Angry Yelling: y'all still up for tonight?

Herc The Hunk: ye

TurtleFucker: yea

Laffy Laffy saltwater Taffy: oui

The Precious One: wait what’s happening tonight

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