I didn’t see that coming (Lotor x reader)


Y/N has been born in a rare species, and that species keeps loads of secrets. A species that has the ablity to teleport, and have the power to witness the future. But Y/N is a bit corupted in these powers, Y/N cannot go directly to a place on command with teleportation. Can only go half a distance, than the regular kind. But once something is kinda lost something gets way better than before. Her future vision improved And Y/N was captured by the Galra Empire, and was kept to be expirmented, tested having the casual investagation Haggar would have set up. The investagtion went successful, and found every single bit of infomation. Y/N’s future vision had predicted that her species and kind will be hunted down like dogs. Then when Y/N was worthless to keep anymore, she was used for fighting as in fighting for entertainment. Until one fighter, Prince Lotor was her next challenger. And, Y/N gave a good fight but had lost. Prince Lotor had saw some spark into her and allowed her to help allow the plan on capturing voltron. (No, Y/N doesn’t become a general. I see so much stories like dat oml) And a romantic bond comes to the light.

At first I didn’t know if I should just give a big junk of information in flashbacks or nah, so I just went with giving vague information. And only a little bit of flashback.

y/a/s= your alien species

Word Count: 803

“Prince Lotor said you fought well today so far.” You heard the voice of your former torturer say, after you gave her today’s report and let her check if anything about your visions have changed.

“He did?” You asked, surprised that your prince would praise you like that.

“I think he has grown very fond of you.” You bit your lower lip out of nervousness.
“I assure you my lady, he thinks of me as nothing more than a good warrior.”

You gulped anxiously as she walked around you in a circle.
“Perhaps he did once but now I am not so sure.” She mused, dismissing you.

‘That was strange.’ You thought, as you were walking to your room to meditate a little.

It always helped you calm your racing thoughts and it made your visions appear sooner than they would to a normal y/a/s.

You sat down on your bed in a comfortable position.

You found yourself standig on your home planet yet again.
You saw everybody going on their usual route up until gigantic ships arrived, firing at your innocent species.

The next thing you knew, you were running in a forest with the few people who remained. You were being hunted down like animals.

You saw all the people you knew and loved slaughtered before your eyes.

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Which team would be better for Danny? Like in regards to his mental wellbeing? Young Justice, Teen Titans, or the Justice League?

I think the Titans Tower is OUT. Like no questions on how good that is for his mental state. Literally like 8 people live there and it’s so big and roomy and ya know, expensive . I don’t think Danny could get 100% comfortable there, and with(presumably) Damian in charge there, he’d likely get uncomfortable pretty fast, what with his overboard investagative tendencies.

Both the JLA and the YJ team would be good for him, however at his power level and age, being on the YJ team with league status would probably work out the best -Nyx


“I can’t Dean, and you know it.”
“Cas, I’m in your head. I know you want this too.”

Destiel Telepathy/Soulmates AU. More than a hundred years ago angels revealed themselves on earth and enacted a plan. No longer would they be wasting man power on sending cupids to match people up into couples. Instead, Fate had written out the plans and everyone would be born with a soulmate. When you turn 18 a telepathic connection is formed between you and your future partner. This allows the bond between a couple a bit of time to strenghten and grow, which is particularly useful in pairings who are not destined to meet until later in life. There is only one caveat. The most important rule of the system. Do not try to cheat Fate. Do not organize your own meeting. Enter Dean and Castiel, FBI agents from different states who have had their bond for 12 years now. Dean was raised in a far less devout family and he believes they could arrange a meet up and keep it off of heaven’s radar. Cas was born into a religious family and it was drilled into him from birth that people who try to cheat the system are sometimes stripped of their soulmate bonds. He refuses to let Dean risk it. Not that it isn’t tempting. Dean’s just about at the end of his rope and is considering hiring a private investagator or something. That is until a huge case results in a reassignment that may just put an end to all their problems.

[Part 1 /?]

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Hello! Hope your day has been going well ^^ I'd like to ask for Touko in the living room if you don't mind? Thank you!

Hiii! Thanks my day has been going quite well, I hope yours going well too! Thank you for asking (I’m so happy^^ the Ina girls aren’t asked so much)


How does the character spend weekends?

Touko starts weekends by getting up rather early and going for a refreshing run, she never skips that. She also has sometimes picnics with her family or with the other budyguards. They usually play football after a  brunch in the park.

What kind of movies does the character watch?

Touko loves mystery films. She loves the thrill of the investagation, the bothering question of an unsolved case. She doesn’t really like action films though since they don’t a give a good represantation of bodyguards, according to her.

What do they do with friends?

She usually plays soccer with the other bodyguards or Endou and others from Inazuma. She also goes running sometimes with Rika which usually turns into a running competition between the two girls. She sometimes also goes to the gym with the other bodyguards.

What’s their favourite pasttime?

She likes reading and jogging.

What’s their favourite TV show/Film?

It’s either “Pink Panther” or “Taxi”.

send me a room and a character!

Unexpected ally

The golden red dragon flown through an unexpected portal in the sky he went to investagate he woke up on the ground as he looked at himself his scales were orange and flat his wings were blue “what happend i went into that portal then nothing”