“Sabrina agrees with almost everything Chloe does and likes doing what she says and helping her. she’s just as bad as Chloe and never getting blamed for her part.”

oh right

Because Sabrina just loves doing Chloe’s homework.

It’s not like she’s afraid to lose her only friend.

and she can tell Chloe everything she thinks without being afraid of her reaction.

In the rare times Chloe does something that really bothers her, she always lets her know how she feels.

She wants to play unfair just like Chloe

and never faces the consequences

and get none of the blame.

That’s why she likes to be Chloe’s friend. She just likes to be invesible in the eyes of others so no one can blame her for her actions.

Shakira: Interview from Camp Nou

I: What do you considering when making a song?

S: I have to feel it, connect with it…My songs are my vehicle to express myself, they’re like therapy to me. I’ve realized that writing is how I really start to heal when i’m feeling down.

I: You have all these songs that are hits now and collaborations with many artists that are dying to work with you… do you ever look back and think about your 13 year old self in Barranquilla with a guitar in hand looking for an opportunity?

S: I do! I started very young, I was actually 10 when I started performing and knew right away that I wanted to be a singer. And that facilitated certain things for me because it gave me a goal in life to reach, but at the same time, it also made things a bit more difficult in my childhood because surely I missed out on certain things because I was very serious about my career from very early on.

I: You have a very successful career with a family to take care of… how do you manage to do it all?

S: Well by 12 I’m like a used napkin, useless and worn out! But the good thing about being a mother is that it helps organize many aspects of your life. My kids keep me going and are the ones that structure my days. I’m not the same person I was when I was around 26 where I lived for myself only and was the center of my own universe. Now my kids are my absolute priority and I run based on their needs and wants. When I’m in the studio I have to prioritize my time and only have about 4 hours a day to be inside the studio before I have to cater to my kids. But I think it’s a gift that us women have, being able to do many things at once. Men could never, they could only do 1 thing at a time (laughs).

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“Capitalism is what makes people selfish” 

This, of all the things they spout, is the biggest lie the radical left will tell you. It assumes that humans aren’t naturly self-seeking and tha capitalism is so powerful as to be able to change our very nature, our biological instincts, to the point of being an invese of themselves. 

“Timmy didn’t share his cake because of capitalism”

The radical left has always had a problem with biology, the triablism that has been found in other mamilian speciese has not sat well with their ideology, this is also why the Soviet Union had to outright reject Darwinian theory. 

This is why they always resort to moral, rather than scientific arguments. They play on empathy and guilt, which are byproducts of triablism(Basicaly there to stop the strogest from eating all the food and such), as this is the only was their arguments can work. Their arguments aren’t pragmatic, they never tell us how communism/socialism will solve these problems, they just point to a problem, like children dying, and shout “FEEL BAD, this because of you and the only way to fix it is to be a communist.” 

This is why they are cruel, they force you to reject reason in favour of your natural desires to not see people suffer. Never argue with these people on morality you will just get stuck and look like the bad/wrong side.

Protecting My Invesment

Prompt  : This wasn’t requested but I’ve seen several people wondering how Derek would react if Braeden’s hair was naturally curly and I thought an imagine was necessary ! Hope you guys like it xx

Pairing: Braeden/Derek

Rating : PG-13

Word count : 622


“Need help?” Derek asked, standing up.

“I’m fine.” Braeden winced, trying to untie her gown.

“I can get a nurse in here.” He reminded her.

“I can undress myself, by myself. Thank you.” She barked.

“Suit yourself.” He said, sitting back down in the chair.

“Shit.” She hissed, almost ripping her stiches out.

“I’m getting a nur-” He started.

“Fine. Just, untie this.” She said, finally giving in.

She hating receiving help. Especially from men. She felt like they’d think she owed them something, after.

“Don’t think you’re doing me any favors.” She told him, as he stood to untie her gown.

“I save you..for once, don’t even get a thank you and you think I'm shady for wanting to help you get undressed?” He inquired, unraveling the knot.

She didn’t even bother responding. She just got out of her bed … well attempted to but Derek ended up helping her with that too.

“You really think you should shower by yourself?” He questioned.

“You suggesting I’m incapable of taking care of myself?” She snapped.

“I’m just saying … you just got shot and you can barely raise your arms, let alone clean yourself. Plus your stitches are brand new and you shouldn’t get them wet.”

“You sure care a lot about your … investment.” She said.

He just looked away and down at the ground, smirking at her reactions.

“I’ll get Melissa. You can trust her.” He spoke.

“And why should I trust her?” She questioned.

“Because I do.” He said.

“And I take it you don’t do that often?” She inquired. 

He sighed and ignored her last comment, walking to the nurses station.

After awhile Braeden sat back down on the edge of her bed, reflecting.

“Hi Braeden.” Melissa came in, Derek behind her.

“Ready?” Melissa said, helping her out of the bed.

“Easy now. Easy.” She added, helping her to the bathroom.

While Melissa helped Braeden in the shower Derek stayed seating, waiting.

Once Braeden came out from the shower, in a new hospital gown, she came out of the bathroom.

Melissa helped her back to the bed and Derek couldn’t help but stare at her.

He was in awe of not only her but her hair aswell. Her curls, all different from each other, laid perfectly on her shoulers.

Melissa cleared her throat interrupting him from his thoughts.

“Maybe you could walk her around the hospital? She needs to be up and moving as much as possible so her body doesn’t stiffen up.” Melissa said to Derek.

“Sure. Thanks Melissa.” Derek said.

Once she left, Derek’s eyes went back to Braeden, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

“Is there any reason you keep staring at me?” She asked.

“What?” He questioned.

“It’s my hair isn’t it? God I knew I should’ve put it up.” She said, getting a bit insecure.

“What? No. I like it. I mean you should uh wear it like that more of- Well you can do what ever you want- I’m just saying you c- ” He stammered.

“Thanks.” She said.

They both broke into really big smiles, laughing at the awkwardness that they had just caused.

“Wanna take that walk now?” He asked her.

“Looking like this?” She inquired.

“You look fine, I wouldn’t lie to you.” He told her.

“And why is that?” She questioned.

“Why wouldn’t I lie to you?” He said.

“Yeah, I thought you said you didn’t trust me.” She stated.

“Like I said before there's a lot of money riding on you. Which means there’s no room for lies and not trusting each other.” He spoke.

“So what, you trust me now?” She grinned.

He sighed at her stubbornness and let out a small laugh.

“Let’s go…‘investment’ ” He smirked.


A/N:  I know it’s kinda short and maybe even a little corny but tell me what you think xx Keep the requests coming (: