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Tales of Despairia is a 24 page (28 if you include the cover & inside cover) colour fanbook featuring many of your favourite Tales of games, by myself (inverts) and the ever awesome yokaiy! (Which is exactly how I described yokaiy in the Trash of the Abyss pre-order post too, now that I think about it, only proving yokaiy’s eternally awesome status.)

Including a 7 page comic titled “Five Times Asch Lied and One Time He Forgot,” drawn by yours truly, I would be lying if I said that my half of the book wasn’t HEAVILY Abyss focused. But through yokaiy’s and my combined efforts, this book also includes Vesperia, Symphonia, Innocence, Phantasia, and Xillia!

Yokaiy and I will be tabling at Otakon, so if you would like to pre-order a copy of the book but pick it up at Otakon to avoid paying shipping, please click here to send me a message through my submit on tumblr. We’ll sort out payment & set aside your copy for at-Otakon pickup.

Technical deets: This book will be approximately 8.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. The book is $15, and shipping in a flat-rate envelope to anywhere in the continental USA is $6. International shipping is available also, for more. (The storenvy listing should have that programmed in already.)

Lastly, PLEASE CHOOSE PAYPAL WHEN YOU CHECK OUT ON STORENVY so that we can process your payment and afford to print these books! Storenvy will automatically prompt you to enter your credit card info to pay via Stripe, their built in payment system, BUT TO HELL WITH THAT! Please choose “Pay with Paypal”–even if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still use this option.

EDIT: CRAP I TOTALLY FORGOT TO MENTION, digital pdf versions will be available after Otakon for a lower price TBD! I’ve never done digital pdf sales before so feel free to share any input if this is an option you would prefer over the physical book!

EDIT 2: EDITING INTENSIFIES: Pre-orders will be open until JULY 17!

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy “Despairia!”

RULES: When you get tagged, the game is to write a note with 85 truths about yourself. After that you’re supposed to tag 25 people. You also have to tag the person who tagged you. Let’s all get to know each other!

igotmoremackthancraig tagged me

What was your:

1. Last Beverage: water

2. Last Phone Call: dealer

3. Last Text: my brother

4. Last Song: shadows- childish gambino

5. Last Time You Cried: saturday

Have you ever:

6. Dated someone twice: yes

7. Been cheated on: i doubt

8. Kissed anyone and regretted it: unfortunately

9. Lost someone special: havent we all

10. Been depressed: still*

List your three favorite colours:

11. black

12. brown

13. green

In the Last Year Have You:

14. Made a New Friend: :) :)

15. Fallen Out of Love: :/

16. Laughed until you cried: lool yesss

17. Met Someone Who Changed You: for srue

18. Found Out Who Your True Friends Are: fuck all u snakes

19. Found Out Someone Was Talking About You: yeahh

20. Kissed Anyone on Your FB list: yeah

21. How Many People Do You Know on Your FB List: all of them

22. Kissed a Stranger: lol yess

23. Drank Hard Liquor: i hate it but yess

24. Lost glasses/contacts: niet

25. Had sex on a first date: no

26. Broken Someone’s Heart: i hope not but if i did my bad

27. Been Arrested: no

28. Turned Someone Down: i dont want no scrub

29. Cried When Someone Died: in the last year? no

30. Fallen for a friend: like a dumbass


31. Do You Have Any Pets: not in the country im currently in but back home, yes

32. Do You Want to Change Your Name: havent given it much though

33. What Did You Do for Your Last Birthday Party: got high and played GTA5

34. What Time Did You Wake Up This Morning: uhhh 2:40ish pm

35. What Were You Doing at Midnight Last Night: freaking out

36. Something You Can’t Wait For: mo money in my bank account

37. Last Time You Saw Your Mother: she died when i was 3 so about 15 yearss

38. One Thing You Wish You Could Change About Your Life: i wish it was more eventful

39. What Are You Listening to Right Now:my fan

40. Have You Ever Talked to a Tom: noo…

41. What’s Getting on Your nerves: how hungry i am 

42. Most viewed webpage: tumblr

3. Nickname: angie, angelistic (only 1 person calls me that though) 

44. Relationship Status: single 

45. Zodiac Sign: gemini

46. College: i just graduated but in sept im going to York University (Glendon)

47. Hair Colour: bleck

48. Long or short: i shaved that shit off

49. Height: 5′6

50. Do You Have a Crush on Someone: nope

51. What Do You Like About Yourself: im pretty chill idk

52. Tattoos: 1 that ii got when i was 14 lls

53. Right or Left handed: right

54. First piercings: my ears

55. First Best Friend: dont really have one

56. First Sport You Joined: my dad forced me to do tennis
57. First Vacation: Tanzania

58. First Pair of Trainers: something with lights im guessing

59. Eating: nothing but out to make tostones

60. Drinking: water

61. About To: start playing the last of us

62. Listening To:my fan/ ps4 homepage thingy background music

63. Waiting For: some energy to combat my laziness

Your future:

64. Want kids: who knows but im leaning more towards no rn

65. Get Married: yikes

66. Career: im telling people Ambassador but i got bigger plans

67. Lips or eyes: lips

68. Hugs or kisses: hugs

69. Shorter or taller:way way way up

70. Older or younger: older

71. Romantic or Spontaneous:spontaneous

72. Nice stomach or arms: i dont really care but nice back/shoulders  im not crazy about abs (they look good af though)

73. Loud or Sensitive: both

74. Hook-up or Relationship: something inbetween

75. Trouble Maker or Hesitant: trouble maker forsure

Do you believe in:

76. Yourself: its a struggle sometimes but for the most part yes

77. Miracles: kinda

78. Love at first sight: i think u can be attracted to someones vibe but i dont think u can fall in love

79. Heaven: yes

80. Santa Claus:………….obviously…..

81. Kisses on First Dates: if i see us going on more, why not
82. Personality Type: laidback and/with blunt (i dont know the four letter personality thing)

83. Hobbies or Things You’re Passionate About: nothing really but i really like educationg that  hobby? ionkno

84. Favorite Season: anything thats not too hot or too cold

85. The Cup of Water. Is it half empty or half full: how bad is my thirst? but usually half-full

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Posting these so people can see exactly what was replied to with the recent posts.
Other snippets were revealed about some lore bits other than my questions. mainly around Candy, no shocker. B)

- Raptor is confirmed to NOT be Sonata’s brother.
- Candy has a strong sour taste.
- Under Latch’s hat is confirmed scales.
- Candy’s inverted color palette doesn’t have backstory, but is rather a metaphor “when the world goes mad, candy goes normal”

What’s really interesting is everything they said they DIDN’T want to give away yet.
I’m psyched for any future updates now. B)

Uninverted version

Inspired from this two part comic

Your submission is inevitable.

Idolah: What?

Join us.

Idolah: Wait, these are Spooky’s House of Jumpscares quotes! So are you just trying to create a creepier mood, Michelle?

Hush now my child, you’re safe now.

Idolah: Okay, now you’re just being silly.

In all seriousness, because I don’t feel like opening up a digital program and sketching and inking a drawing, I decided to take the easy route. I sketched this up and then inverted the colors.
I enjoy the comic though. Sometimes, I love how demented these small stories can get.

Kid Icarus © Nintendo

Art © TwilightMoon1996 on Tumblr

…If you really think about it, Pit is like Dark Pit’s father while the Mirror of Truth is like the mother. While the Mirror of Truth gave birth to Dark Pit, Pit is the one who- *stabbed*

Yori: The artist here has nothing important to say. Move along.

Sam Jacob, Inverted Glass House

“Philip Johnson’s Glass House consumed by Poussin’s Burial of Phocion. The painting is usually part of the house’s interior furniture arrangement that includes the arrangement of rug, chairs and table that Johnson originally commissioned for Mies van der Rohe. The painting is set on a stand so that, when seated in a Mies chair, its horizon lines up with the real horizon of the landscape, Here, this connection between painted and real landscape blurs more. Poussin’s landscape becomes the exterior setting of the house, extending the original architecture’s exploration of connection between interior and exterior.” 

Is Waluigi illuminati?

Waluigi’s symbol is an inverted L, just like a pentagram is an inverted star. Waluigi has three inverted Ls, 1 on his hat and 2 on his gloves. 3 Ls, like a triangle has 3 sides. A triangle like the symbol of the illuminati.

Take the 3 Ls and rotate them like the diagram above. What do they make? A triangle. A triangle like the illuminati.

But wait, there’s more…

Waluigi has 2 eyes, like the illuminati eye. Waluigi has 1 hat. 2+1 = 3. 3 like a triangle has 3 sides.
2 eyes + 1 hat + 3 Ls = 6. 6 like 666 the number of satan.

Waluminati confirmed.

If you take a moment to be still, you can hear so many beautiful things..
The air moving, the many different birds calling to each other, the sound of your heart beating.
This is life, and we are constantly drowning out the sounds with stress and expectations and people.
Be still. Be present in life.
It is beautiful ✨

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