Inverting Layers

For me, one of the most interesting aspects of colder days is the variety of outfit combinations they allow. Layering is not only a necessary technique to fend off cold, but also one of the most creative ways to explore your wardrobe and come up with unique styles. Although there are some rules to be kept in mind, both for aesthetic and functional purposes, I find myself constantly trying to bend them and invert traditional layering elements.

In this particular case, which of course is not suitable for harsh climate, I aimed to explore different uses for essential garments such as the v-neck cashmere sweater, popover shirt and tweed vest, all while maintaining a mix of casual and polished elements. More often than not, the v-neck would find its place as an outer layer with the tweed vest being worn under a blazer or topcoat; here I went for a different approach wearing the sweater over a tee, the popover shirt as an outer layer and the vest as outerwear. The polished nature of the vest, sweater and wool slacks are broken down by the chambray shirt and camo sneakers. Accessories such as the pocket square and paisley scarf complete the look.

Details: cotton tee by Levi’s, v-neck cashmere/silk sweater by Massimo Dutti, chambray popover shirt by Zara, houndstooth vest by Purificacion Garcia, tailored wool slacks by Gentleman, camo sneakers by Asos, paisley scarf by Zara and pocket square by The Tie Rack. 

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

some photoshop shortcuts to save u time

  • hold down SHIFT and press ‘+’ or ‘-’ to go through the blending modes
  • CTRL/COMMAND + G group layers 
  • CTRL/COMMAND + I invert (works on layer masks as well)
  • ALT/OPTION + drag layer mask to replace layer mask on other layers 
  • ALT/OPTION + drag objects to duplicate them
  • SHIFT + CTRL/COMMAND + I to inverse selection 
  • CTRL/COMMAND and + or - to zoom in and out 
  • use [ and ] to adjust brush size 
  • keep cursor on texts eg ‘opacity’ and drag left or right to adjust it (an icon of a hand with left & right arrows will appear) 
  • CTRL/COMMAND + T to transform 
  • when using selection tools eg marquee tool/lasso tool, hold down the space bar and move selection around, release to continue selecting 
  • text: click the text button & draw text box with cursor, your text should automatically move to the next line when it hits the edge of the box 
  • CTRL/COMMAND + Z to undo
  • ALT/OPTION + double click background layer to ‘unlock’ it/makes it into a normal layer 

Inverted Cross Markings - Tear Layer Mod for Utilizator’s new M3 Venus Anime Head

Inverted Cross Markings for the new Utilizator VENUS Anime Mesh Head. These work for the TEARS layer only. Does not include skin.

7 appliers total, including one full white and one gradient black to white so you may tint.

Every color comes with large and small cross versions. Cycle through your Tear button to switch sizes or turn on and off.

Available now on the Marketplace only! ♥

Pic taken with “Aya” Venus mod by PANTSU*HUNTER, Necklace by ALTAIR*, Romper by LCKY, Hair by Spellbound, Wings by Sweet Thing. (Mainstore - TAG! Machine)


Final Piece - The Iris

This is a step by step final piece showing my progress from the initial image from the top to bottom. Initially, I decided to copy the structure and form a circular arrangement. I then blew up the exposure proportions to bring the second image. The iron filings look almost like blurred smoke spanning outwards and the texture had me thinking about the complex iris in the human eye. From then on, I manipulated the image even more to create a more rounded, complete circle. The final touches were to merge down all of the layers and invert the image’s colour scheme.

I used two different techniques to get this photo the way it is. The first is to duplicate the layer, go to image -> adjustments -> curves, and change them slightly darker. Apply a layer mask on the new darker layer and invert it. Then with a brush with a hardness of 0 and a soft round brush, paint in the shadows and darker areas of the image. Repeat all those steps but alternate with the highlights and the shadows.

The second step was to use the smudge tool with a tool that has bristles and ‘paint’ where you would if this were a painting.


Re working the inverted layer, think it stands out more, will see how all layers work together then play with placement. 

The fact its inverted makes you question the subject matter and situation, But due to the fact faces can be recognized gives the idea that people can connect and associate to the people. 


Changing the colour flashes up a bit, not sure if its too much near the end, Feel like i have a lot of ideas of what to do next. 

Feeling once i play around with colour and get it to the point i want, maybe see about bringing the inverted layer through more, with a nervous flash. 

Think it could be also interesting having it upside down to change/mess with the perspective of it all.