inverting the void

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wouldn't muse invert to lord and vice versa?

Inversion is more than the difference on the passive-active spectrum. I have a post about it queued for Monday, but the gist of it is that there is a Passive-Active divide and a Purpose divide. The Passive-Active split goes as such:

Passive - Active

Heir - Witch

Seer - Mage

Page - Knight

Sylph - Maid

Rogue - Thief

Bard - Prince

Muse - Lord

However, there is also a Purpose divide. @classpect-shet‘s post here briefly goes over it, and it goes as such:


- Knight - Thief (Active)

- Page - Rogue (Passive)


- Mage - Witch (Active)

- Seer - Heir (Passive)


- Maid - Prince (Active)

- Sylph - Bard (Passive)

Finding the Active or Passive counter to your class and then finding the opposite Purpose will get you your Inverted class. For example, when Rose went Grimdark, she inverted to a Witch of Void, Witch being the active inversion of Seer and Void being the inversion of Light.

But for the Master Classes, there’s only one purpose: Embody. Here’s where I disagree with their chart. They aren’t fulfilling another purpose, they’re just changing places on the passive-active spectrum. It’s not so much an inversion as it is the difference between Passively embodying their aspect and Actively Embodying their aspect. Calliope doesn’t invert to Caliborn because they both embody their aspect, though one passively and one actively. That’s why there has to be another two classes to find the inversion of a Lord and a Muse; classes that conceal their aspect rather than embody it.


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you think: “the world’s out to get me”
and truth is, you’re right, the world’s after you
it aches — wants needs screams — for your heart
you’ve filled it with such kindness
the world would like to tear it to pieces
spread your heart around until the world’s a little kinder
a little brighter

except that’s not how it works, your heart
was made so kind for only one other
they who touch your heart will find themselves
eaten alive by the thorns in your veins

but then; he dies.
your kindness’ bled out your eyes and behold
a garden of flowers for his grave

he dies. and your heart’s too big to handle the void
inverted, a negative of itself: hatred
deep and wild and hungry, it echoes the howling wolves

the world didn’t get the memo
it’s still out to get you and you’ve a mind to let them try
see who burns first:
the world or a wrathful sister?