Headstands are great for a lot og things, but when the arch starts working, so Does the neck. Allignement is really important here so soreness or injuries dont occur and the weight of your body should go straight down your spine, into the neck and arms. If you wanna arch, warm up like crazy and transfer alot of the weight to your arms. I usually recomend people not to, but I dont wanna stop you from something you might be great at :)

The amazing inspiring @yogipeach tagged me to #stopdropandyoga. I rolled out of bed and headstanded still sleeping! I wanna tag breathebeauty-exhalehappiness (who u should follow cause she so cute) fromsmallvilletosuperman and distant-blue ( and by the Way Thank u for ur comment on me backbend!! That meant alot :) Thank youuuuuu yogipeach for tagging me! :) love kisses hugs