inverted cross tattoo

“Behold, Bastard Son”

A fan tossed a bible to Nergal - who promptly began to tear the pages of the book of lies. In all of the Brazilian leg of the tour, this only happened in Rio.

Behemoth @ Circo Voador, 2014.

georgeceline-deactivated2015061  asked:

hi sweatheart, I love your CC sooo much *.* I would ask youI'd like if you could create inverted cross as tattoo on neck for male , pleeeseee :-) Loves ya : - *

Thank you so much!
I made three version.
All Non-Default and for both genders!
(The first one is because I had a look to your tumblr so I thought that you might like >⌣<)
Hope you like it!


I have been clean from heroin since December 23rd, 2013 and I have never felt this way while trying to get clean. 
I have never been this proud and never felt that I truly wanted to be clean. This time is different and I hope it lasts. I have learned to not put myself in situations where I feel I need heroin to cope. 
I am no longer embarrassed of my addiction because I am controlling it at this time. I am proud to say I got clean on my own. I just stopped. Dealt with all of the withdrawals and made it. 
Anyone dealing with addiction, please know that I am here and I may be a stranger to you but sometimes that is what you need. I may be a stranger, but I may have been where you are or I may be able to relate. I will never turn down helping someone conquer their addiction. 

Everyone deserves to be happy and free.