inverted controls

100 follower special thing

So there’s only a few things that I can think of that won’t take absolutely forever which I can do
(These kinda go in order of least amount of time to the most amount of time to do.)

1: a face reveal (won’t take long and y'all get to see what I look like)

2: ask thingies (y'all get to know me a bit better)

3: support guides on characters that really shouldn’t have support guides (loki support)

4: do random stupid shit on smite and either stream it or make a video (100 sensitivity with inverted controls or something like that)

5: I’m not so sure about this one because this would take quite awhile to actually find time to do but write some sort of song. (This would most likely take months in order to find time to do it as well as having any inspiration as to what it should sound like)


Hannibal Rewatch: Yakimono

Rewatching this particular scene has it’s perks due to the fact that it fully emphasises the power dynamic between Will and Hannibal. Or rather, it takes previous assumptions regarding Hannibal’s penchant for domination and control and inverts it. Here we see Will in a position of power over Hannibal, advancing on him with a gun and walking away after Hannibal displays his absolute submission to the situation. We have seen Hannibal’s capability regarding his ability to take care of himself and it’s fair to say he could very easily have overpowered Will, gun or not. Yet instead he submits, allowing Will to revel in the power he has over Hannibal. In short, Hannibal may be primarily dominant but I’ll be damned if Will can be considered anything less than a power bottom. 


AC-130 Ghostrider goes inverted While Out Of Control. One of the Air Force Special Operations Command’s brand-spanking-new AC-130J Ghostrider Gunships has to be scrapped due to a test flight that went horribly awry. Luckily nobody was harmed but the $115 million dollar highly-modified Super Hercules will never fly again.

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This part of the fight sequence just reminded me so much of a brawler game

I imagine Wash and Felix are complaining about needing to play with inverted controls, while Carolina and Locus are like “what are you talking about, this stage is great A+” while secretly thanking their lucky stars they got to play on the top half