Me, watching Riverdale 1.05
  • Hey mrs Bloosom, aint ya a bitch. Please join mrs Cooper in Bitchy Mothers Club
  • Archie at it again with unnecesary fanservice
  • MURDERBOARD!!! YASSS. But where are your colored strings Stiles?
  • Love how Veronica talks loudly about Grundy on football field where anyone can accidentially overhear it. And did Kev even know til now?
  • Valerie is an angel. Screw all the other ships. Archie x Valerie for life
  • Sleepover with Cheryl? ITS A TRAP!
  • Wasn’t Jason kinda thin for football captain?
  • OH MY GOD! Val is in his room! and no personal space… this ship is sailed
  • Fred “wannabe cool dad” Andrews ships it
  • Riverdale, town of shitty Mothers… im so glad Betty’s dad is ok dude
  • Betts hears bout her sis trying to kill herself and who she tells first? Her babe Juggy 😍 My inverstigating bbies
  • Andrews… you are sooo bad at football
  • “Grundy, she must have connected with you in some way I don’t see us doing” Oh she did, sexualy.You Interested?
  • When you try to show your gf to your parents and it gets awkward #cherylproblems
  • So Cheryl brought V to sleepover, because she is lonely and has no other real friends… legit crying
  • But you deserve better family too Cheryl
  • Adios Alice Cooper, Bloosom-bitch just stole your Bitchiest-mother crown
  • WTF Archie? Its memorial and you have your football jacket? Where are your maners. Even Jugg has a suit
  • Bloosom-Bitch touching Archie hair…psycho alert
  • Val is Archies date 😍
  • Shadowhunters funeral colours.. my babe Cheryl knows her stuff.
  • I’m crying… and kinda shipping Cheryl and Veronica
  • For second i thought she was Jason’s ghost or something
  • Jughead hiding behind Betty 😂 Like man
  • Jason actually loved Polly, I’m kinda shocked
  • OH hey.. I have perfect name for this episode: “Cheryl Blossom’s never ending suffering”
  • What’s with this Romeo and Juliet crap?
  • Awesome.. now papaCooper in an Asshole too..
  • Give Reggie the damn jersey. Archie sucks at football

Aesthetic for a Author!Saihara who was friends with a Prince!Ouma and Supernatural Investigator!Kaede with themes of everyone’s talents!!

I hope you like it, Saihara!!

-Mod Amami


( ✉️ ➡️ Nifty Reporter ) christine everhart. apparently female journalists band together
( ✉️ ➡️ Nifty Reporter ) i was thinking you might be interested in investigating the syndicate gas incident. i was also thinking i could help with that

( ✉️ ➡️ Anthony Stark ) Apparently, female journalist stab each other’s back.
( ✉️ ➡️ Anthony Stark ) What makes you think I need you help to inverstigate the leak?

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith Claims that Prosecuters Have the Wrong Man in NYC Terrorist Attacks

Today, days before his Sept. 11th related terrorism trial begins in a New York City Federal Court, accused Al Qaeda propagandist Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, son-in-law to Osama bin Laden, again asked a federal judge to dismiss or postpone the proceedings, contending the government had charged the wrong man.

The Federal indictment charges that Mr. Abu Ghaith assisted Bin Laden in making speeches and appearing in Al Qaeda propaganda to help recruit for the group.  Prosecutors have said in court papers that a video made in Afghanistan on the morning of Sept. 12, 2001, shows Mr. Abu Ghaith, Bin Laden and two other men making speeches about the attacks and making threats against the United States.

 In a Federal Court filing made public Thursday, Ghaith’s attorneys said newly obtained evidence suggests a second individual with a similar name and past, who is currently incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay, is the person who threatened the U.S. with more airplane hijackings after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The second individual was identified as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the self-described architect of the Sept. 11th terror attacks.

Mr. Mohammed confessed at a 2007 military proceeding to having helped to plan the Sept. 11th attacks, the Richard Reed shoe-bomb plot and a host of other terrorist attacks, according to a government transcript of the hearing.

 A Judge Lewis Kaplan will hold a pre-trial hearing in New York today, to determine if the trial should proceed as scheduled and the identity issue raised by the defense team, was Abu Ghaith a relative of Osama bin Laden and al Qaida’s spokesman after the September 11th attacks or do the Feds have the wrong man.

 Abu Ghaith trial is scheduled to begin on March 3rd, who is charged with conspiring to kill Americans in his role as al Qaida’s spokesman after the 2001 terror attacks.

paddystardust  asked:



  • Enjolras who is centuries old, who has seen mankind grow together and apart, wars, peace, joy and sadness. He often disagreed with the choices made upstairs about History ad “what should happen”. He knows there has to be balance in the universe, but sometimes the bad seems too outweigh the good
  • Enjolras who knows something is rotten in Heaven. Things have started to shift, angels and demons are reported missing or dead without reason, files are disappearing.
  • Enjolras who creates the ABC along with Combeferre and Courfeyrac to inverstigate what the hell is going on, soon joined by all the clique
  • Enjolras who’s in charge of human Grantaire, who does his best to get into fights and take poor care of himself, so Enjolras brings him to meetings so he can keep an eye on him
  • Enjolras who uses his charms to get the files he wants, because the ends justify the means and he’s ready to take one for the team
  • Enjolras who glares and pops his wings out, wrapping Grantaire behind a protective wall whenever his human is threatened.