2018.03.09 Headstand practice. Another struggle today. Took 5 tries to get up and balanced so that I was actually holding it, but I finally made it and did not use the wall on any of the attempts to balance with, so that was an improvement.  The gif time isn’t long enough to show that on 2 and 3 I came down like the second after this ended., but that’s what happened. I didn’t check the time, but held the final one about 30 seconds I guess.

This is 3x this week, so it meets my goal for the #mymonthlyworkoutchallenge. If I can, though, I’ll try to get another one in sometime this weekend.  I really need to rebuild my confidence so I can get away from the wall again, but I’m not quite there yet.

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Yogis at da gym 😏🌻😎 the guy doing abs next to me was like k cool 😒😂 – but seriously, if you’re comfortable in your forearm stand/pincha…try doing these tick tocks until you get super tired. So much fun 🤸‍♂️ and great for shoulder mobility, back flexibility, and strength all around 👊🏽 tag me if you do, I wanna see you all get upside down! playing in @dharmabumsactive 🌿🌸

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Get outside today and play! Hopefully the weather is nice wherever you are. 🙃
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• Start on your knees with the elbows shoulder width apart and the forearms parallel, keep the arms fixed in this position throughout.
• Spread your fingers wide, and push strongly down into the mat, as though you are pressing the ground away from you.
• Don’t let your shoulders collapse around the neck, keep lifting them up towards the waist.
• Tuck the toes under and begin to straighten the legs. Walk the feet in towards the face, aiming to get the hips come high over the elbows. The closer you can walk the feet in, the less momentum you need to get up.
• Look between the hands- keeping your eyes fixed on a spot makes it easier to balance. Kick one leg up and the other. As you progress you are trying to use less momentum and more control.
• You may start off in more of a banana shape but try to straighten out the bend once you find your balance.
• Reach the toes to the sky, squeeze your thighs towards each other. tuck the ribs in and strongly engage your core for stability. Use your fingertips as brakes as the balance shifts.
• And last but not least - ENJOY! Don’t take yourself too seriously! It’s doesn’t matter if you fall, just smile and try again! 😀


Guess who’s back?! 💁🏼 Yogi Natasha ft. Inversions! I have a new yoga space in what used to be our dining room 😂 we got rid of our table and replaced it with an elliptical and yoga mats haha! Not sure I like it though, but our extra room that I previously used for my yoga space is full of junk! 😩 anywho. I have been feeling pretty down on myself lately. I feel huge, my boobs are still way bigger than I wanted, and I’m swollen as hell from surgery still. See that big bulge on my side under my arm? On my ribcage? That’s where most of my swelling and pain is, from my surgeon have to scrape the scar tissue off my rib cage 🙃 it’s super tender under there and the swelling is annoying. It makes pole fitness super hard but I’m dealing with it! I’m just trying to get back to the yogi I used to be ✌🏻#surgery #recovery #yoga #yogi #inversions #fattofitjourney #fattofit #fat2fit #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #fit #fitfam #fitness #fitnessjourney

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Confession: The last time I attempted a headstand was probably 3 weeks ago … maybe longer, and I could NOT get up. I could not get my hips over my shoulders, couldn’t get my balance shifted so I could make it into a headstand. It really disappointed me. I was tired at the time, and I have kinda hung onto that small thread as the reason, but I haven’t tried it again, not wanting it to be confirmed that I can no longer do a headstand because I’m not strong enough to balance and lift the extra weight I’ve gained.

This week I’m starting to feel more ‘on track’ than I have in a long while, so, I decided to give it another try. I did it against the wall, but didn’t have to use it to balance. It took two tries to hold it, and wobbly AF, and it didn’t last long, but I made it. 

The weirdest part is that my QUADS start to cramp … quads? Why quads? I don’t know, but they were super-unhappy with the whole thing. So weird. 

But, now I know I can still do it, even if not very well, so I can start building back up to being good at it again.

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Good morning! I definitely get upside down every day :). Why?? Well because it’s fun ;) but also! Inversions reverse the blood flow in the body and improve circulation. Gravity provides the brain with more oxygen and blood and increases mental function, and improves concentration, memory, and processing abilities. If you’re not sold (trust me, I wasn’t when my first yoga teacher told me to try standing on my head - I looked at her like she had just asked me to jump off a cliff. Oh also she was wearing dried oranges as earrings - 16 year old georgina was judging her hard core. 21 year old georgina would probably ask her to get coffee after class 😂) Anyway, they also give your heart a rest from all the work it does 💛 energize you (step aside coffee, I’ll take a forearm stand ☕️ - ok fine. I’ll take a coffee afterwards too), increase core strength, build confidence…the list goes on :). My favorite part of inversions has to be how they force me to push past my fear and need for control. I definitely feel the need to hold control over many aspects in my life. Well guess what? I’ve fallen more times than I can count while practicing inversions. And at first I thought I could outsmart them and skip the falling part - but the bruises come with the package and I’ve learned to love every one of them ✨. It doesn’t matter where you are in your practice! Start on a wall or with a friend spotting you - if you’re not ready, I always offer shoulder stand in my classes which holds all the same benefits of inversions. I love seeing my students smile after holding any variation for a few seconds their first time. Be safe, but also be fearless! Get upside down and have some fun ✨🌻

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