a little something I’m planning for Inversebent uvu

“For just a brief moment, you are Gl'bgolyb.
And you /hunger/.
The strain of living in this physical realm tires you to no end.
You look at your current charge.
She looks…worried? Is that the emotion? You have learned a lot about emotions during your time as an Emissiary. Your previous charge had less emotions than this one. Pride, and Fear. Those are the ones you recall.
And she should fear you. This charge is wiser. She fears, but also cares for you. You like this one better. She will not abandon you like the previous one.
She will /not/.
The Reckoning is coming. It might as well be Already Here.
It is Time. Time to usher in a new era. The end of a prideful race, and the meager beginnings of a new one. You know you shall accompany your charge through some of it. But that does not matter.
Nothing really matters to you, the Emissiary of the Noble Council of the Furthest Ring, the Horrorterrors.
Only one thing matters.

You hunger. ”