inverness green


Fun shopping at 12th Fret, Toronto this week:

  1. Two things I want to draw your attention to here:  First the cool 70’s lefty Strat with the reverse decal which looks so good, and second the 1968 Gibson Melody Maker SG in Pelham Blue (well it was Pelham…it’s faded a bit.  But still looks great!)
  2. That is Pelham, right?  Not Inverness green by any chance?  At under $2,000 this was tempting…
  3. If I can find a Gretsch solid body that doesn’t weigh a ton, I will jump on it.
  4. Stack-O-Amps.  Love the tweed Kendrick on top.
  5. Please be careful driving your Lamborghini - there are slow pedestrians around here.  Mentally slow.
  6. Keep it slow mister!
  7. Non-reverse FB reissue.  Pretty.
  8. A cement block in the parking lot for some reason.
  9. Don’t know much aboout Ibanez…except that I used ot own an 1987 Roadstar something or other.  This one is older than that though.  Early 80s?  Late 70s perhaps?