So, I need a second opinion on some things.

Would New Zealand have a large enough wizarding population for more than one school?
Or would they get sent off to board at an  Australian school?

If we did have our own school would it be in Christchurch? Where it’s obvious that our wizards in power would work (the chch wizard for example) or somewhere like Otago or invercargill (in the attempt to get more people living in the areas, like how they offer cheap or free uni down there)

Would we just have after school classes your kid could be enrolled in? Like instead of taking a sport, your after school program teaches you witchcraft.

Would we bus to school? Cause I can imagine a school version of the night bus going round to pick up all the rural kids.

Omg though, imagine if we had Pegasus’ and rich kids from places like Auckland would fucking fly their stupid winged horses to school! Showing off how rich they are.

I have so many thoughts about this!
Tenfold increase in interest from Brits wanting to move to New Zealand since Brexit referendum - Business - NZ Herald News
More than 10,500 registrations from people considering moving here from Britain have been lodged with Immigration New Zealand since the Brexit vote. - New Zealand Herald

What’s not to love? After all:We have better weather.

• We have a rugby team that actually plays rugby.

• We’re more than 18,000km from Boris Johnson.

• We have affordable houses and there’s no traffic (if you move to Invercargill).

• And we have our very own distinctive flag. Oh.
The Howard League Prison Performance Table

“The Howard League Wellington has released its inaugural prison performance table. The results are compiled from questionnaires sent to our members in prison, the users of the prison service.

The results are strikingly different from the prison performance tables released by the Department of Corrections. For example, in Corrections’ most recent table, all prisons other than Manawatu and Invercargill were rated by Corrections as passing the ‘Internal Procedures’ criteria. The Howard League has found unacceptable results in this area – among other items were the number of assaults recorded by our respondents. These assaults included prisoner on prisoner, prisoner on officer, and officer on prisoner. The Howard League also found a lack of safety, poor health services and limited access to family and professionals.

Some of the prisons we surveyed had almost zero rehabilitation. Auckland South Corrections Facility (ASCF), run by Serco at Wiri, stood out for its lack of rehabilitation. In other prisons, prisoners in segregation or on remand had little access to activities or rehabilitation. In most facilities, prisoners continued to be subject to extremely long lockdowns, especially during weekends and holiday periods. We also found that ‘Work to release’ was close to non-existent in many prisons. These results stand in contrast to the Corrections’ performance table, which recorded all prisons as having acceptable levels of rehabilitation.

Many respondents noted a poor quality of food on offer. Very few fruits and vegetables, other than apples and potatoes, were included in the diet. In most prisons, food was packed with sugar and fat, leading some respondents to note that prisoners were becoming ill. Compounding this, access to doctors often involves very long waits – months in some cases.”