Photoaday 22 May 2014

After a hard day at work I decided to take a walk in queens park on my way home, since it was a lovely sunny day, and the sun was just beginning to set. By chance I spotted this at the base of a tree, lovely fallen leaves arrangement- interesting way to gather them up! No idea why, and the gale force winds forecast tomorrow will be sure to wreck it!
Indian Students Subjected to Racial Abuse in New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND - Indian students studying in New Zealand’s southernmost city Invercargill have been targets of racial abuse and called terrorists by local people, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Four of those targeted are Sikhs who wear turbans, which they said made some ignorant people confuse them with Arabs or Muslims, the Southland Times reported.

One victim, Jasdeep Singh, told the paper he had defied his religious principles and had a haircut to avoid wearing a turban because he feared for his safety.

“I haven’t told my parents yet,” he said. “They will be shocked and quite angry.”

Five students out of a group of 25 who arrived in Invercargill this month to study at the Southern Institute of Technology said they had experienced 16 incidents of racial abuse in the last 12 days.

Jasmail Singh said the abusers, men and women, were generally in their early 20s and the attacks, including calls to leave the country, had put them off walking around the city after dark”

Recent increases in migrant numbers have caused tensions to rise in the town where around 90% of the population was born in New Zealand.

Things got so bad last year that mayor, Tim Shadbolt and chief executive of the Southland Institute of Technology Penny Simmonds arranged a meeting with local skinheads.

Ms Simmonds said that two Indian students decided to return home after they were abused by a carload of youths. Other Southland leaders told of mothers being ignored at day care centres, 6-year-old children making racist remarks and migrants in rural areas feeling so isolated they visited the library to talk to someone.

Mr Shadbolt recommended that a designated student area with a hostel be set up away from the central business district because anyone walking through the city at night faced the risk of being abused “even if you go out with a police patrol”

“I’d hate to be wearing a turban walking up (the street in) Invercargill,” he said.


Prince Harry meets members of the Public outside the National War Memorial on May 9, 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand. Prince Harry is in New Zealand from May 9 through to May 16 attending events in Wellington, Invercargill, Stewart Island, Christchurch, Linton, Whanganui and Auckland.

Source: Chris Jackson/Getty Images AsiaPac