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A helpful flowchart I made to to help people to make decisions about whether or not they should draw fanart of Ursula.

(I mean really, if you can’t handle Ursula’s fat you don’t deserve to draw her, period. She is too cool for you. Draw her thin sister from the sequel barely anyone knows about. That is what you are allowed.)


I noticed a post on pride-flags-for-us expressing interest in a flag for graygender / greygender people, so I whipped this up!

(here’s more information on greygender as an identity if you want to learn more about it)

I came up with the colors and stripe configuration based on my own experiences and perception of being graygender:

  • The two shades of grey, one lighter and one darker, represent the spectrum of experience this identity covers, since people identifying as graygender might feel gender to a lesser or greater degree than one another.
  • The deep blue represents graygender as an identity and experience, which I’ve always thought of in terms of deep ocean water - it’s calm but it still has a subtle fluidity and variation, and because it’s darker deep below the surface it’s harder to determine what’s going on in it, but it’s still beautiful and full of interesting and mysterious things.
  • And the white represents the purity and validity of graygender people and our experiences . Even if we feel gender less often or strongly than most, or don’t present it as much, etc., doesn’t make our gender lesser or invalid.

So far I really like this flag and the colors together, but I’m totally open to feedback on it. If any other graygender people want to chip in, reblog this or message me with your ideas!

Update: I’ve posted the other designs I’ve made of this flag if you’re interested in seeing more options for it.

Defending Thin Ursula Fanart Bingo

Inspired by and based entirely off of real comments made on locsgirl’s popular post about why drawing Disney’s Ursula thin isn’t okay. Go and on scroll through the notes (ReplyViewer is handy for this if you have Xkit) on the post and see how long it takes you to get a bingo!!

(reused the board/fonts from my previous werewolf trope bingo)

anonymous asked:

Can you make a recon corps cloak for snkstuck?

sure thing, anon!

I’ve made a version with light fabric draping and one without, depending on what you like the look of. Included Terezi and John in here just to show how each of the cloaks look on full characters. Feel free to use these if you like!

(links to my original snkstuck sprites and snkstuck sprite bases)