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have I mentioned that sweet tooth kaz is my favorite
  • he keeps a stash of candy in his desk and only eats it when no one is around
  • you think he drinks his coffee black? wrong. there are at least 3 spoonfuls of sugar in any given cup of coffee that Dirtyhands drinks
  • candy & sweet drinks are his faves
  • he’s definitely stolen from Nina’s stash
  • and because he’s Extra AF Kaz Brekker™ he refuses to acknowledge the sweet tooth and won’t eat sweets if anyone else is present
  • it’s a concession of boyish weakness and saints forbid anyone see a bit of Kaz Rietveld 
  • still, he knows the location and inventory of every candy shop in the Barrel and which one makes the best honey licorice
  • he purloins said honingdrop licorice from his favorite shop whenever he passes it by
  • I love the image of Kaz dumping sprinkles on his covered-in-whipped-cream waffles
  • (sprinkles on toast are a Dutch thing so why can’t sprinkles on waffles be a Kerch thing)
  • but you know what’s better than waffles?? matthias helvar but that’s beside the point stroopwafels okay
  • stroopwafels are waffle cookies filled with caramel syrup nd you can warm them over tea or coffee and they’re like wafers of heaven
  • anyway
  • he feels no guilt eating stroopwafels because unlike some sweets he discovered them after he became Brekker
  • there is no harsh reminder of Jordie and Kaz Rietveld or innocence like there is with quince candy or hot chocolate
  • but maybe after the events of soc/ck are all said and done he’ll occasionally treat himself to a bag of honey licorice and hopje and quince candy - honestly purchased - from the shop on Noordstraat 
  • because maybe a sweet tooth isn’t a weakness it’s a preference
  • and he’d prefer to indulge it
  • he’s a millionaire he can do what he wants
Creepypasta #1129: I Work The Graveyard Shift At A Mall

Length: Short

For the past three years or so I’ve worked as an overnight security guard at a mall. It used to be that the mall didn’t require an overnight person, but vandalism started to become a problem. Most of the time I would drive around the parking lot all night listening the my car radio. Now and then I’d kick some skateboarders out of the parking lot or investigate a suspicious person lurking about. Other than that, I’d say the job was pretty tame.

Maybe three months in, I experienced something a little bit stranger. I noticed that the light to one of the shops was on while driving around the parking lot. This was surprising to me considering no one had snuck past me as of yet. So of course I parked the car and headed inside the mall to catch the potential thieves.

As I approached the shop, I didn’t hear the sound of anyone rummaging through the inventory. Sure enough, the shop was empty. As a matter of fact, even the security gate was still down. Only the shop owners had access to the security gates, so I couldn’t really do anything about the light being on. I headed back out to my car.

I’d say an hour went by with no incident. But as I was circling around to the entrance of the mall, I saw another light was on inside.

“What the hell?” I said aloud.

Inside the mall it was the same scene repeated. The light was on to the shop but the security gate was still closed. I even tugged on the damned thing to see if someone heard me coming and just hid from me. Nope, it was locked. I heard a click from behind me while investigating. The previous light was no longer on. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me, but I swear I saw someone run behind the counter and hide.

I shined my flashlight into the shop and scanned the area. Nothing that I could see. Behind me was another click. Once again the light to the shop was off, and this time I know I saw someone standing in there.

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Belle is one of the most proactive characters on the canvas...

…and that is what makes this absurd story so ludicrous.

I saw someone reply to an ask about Belle being “inactive” in 6B with the opinion that Belle had been “inactive” for most of her time on the canvas. 


Belle never gets adequate screentime, and she rarely drives the main narrative (THIS SEASON being one of the exceptions), but those two things do not reflect her activity as a character. 

Belle is a character who is almost always taking action, who is almost always problem solving. She NEVER waits around for someone else to take care of a problem, and rarely waits until something awful is threatening her own family (*cough* Heroes™*cough*)

Look at her history: 

  • Tried to save the baby ogre. 
  • Set off on a quest to get back her memories of her mother’s death.
  • Came up with the idea of calling on Rumple for aid against the ogres. (Very likely is the person who actually sent the message, since we saw that Moe was dead set against that plan.)
  • CHOSE to make the deal with Rumple to save her village.
  • Chose to free Robin and then talk Rumple out of killing him. 
  • Encouraged Rumple to open up to her. 
  • Went after the yaoguai by herself.
  • After reuniting with Rumple after the curse, challenged him to open up to her
  • Tried to protect Ruby after George framed her.
  • Tracked down Hook’s boat on her own, rescued Archie, brained Hook with an oar, convinced Rumple to spare him.
  • Was moping a bit in 3A (because she thought Rumple didn’t need her) but immediately rose to the challenge of getting him Pandora’s box, including freeing herself and Ariel, tracking down the Darling brothers, and defeating them–and then telling Ariel to ask Rumple to help them. 
  • Rumple hadn’t been dead 12 hours before she was looking for ways to resurrect him. 
  • Under the second curse, came up with a project to inventory the shop contents and return them to their original owners.
  • Researched and discovered what Zelena’s evil plot was. 
  • Tried to reach Rumple even when he was under Zee’s control.
  • Even in 4A, when she was mostly written out of her own story, Belle did her best to discover where Anna was the moment she learned she was in danger.
  • Found out about the Shattered Sight spell from Rumple, researched possible remedies, and worked with the fairies to defeat the curse.
  • Saved Killy’s worthless life.
  • Researched and figured out how to save the fairies (with the “help” of Killy throwing impotent tantrums).
  • Went to Camelot to help Emma
  • Researched with Regina how to free Merlin.
  • Came up with a spell that Merlin didn’t know!
  • Figured out how to wake Rumple from his coma.
  • Fought the “heroes” and went off to rescue Rumple herself
  • Chose to leave him at the well
  • Chose to COME BACK to him and reunite
  • Fought Zee to protect the Bean, leading to her being dragged into the Underworld.
  • Fought like the devil to save Gaston (even though he didn’t deserve it).
  • Came up with the idea of dosing herself with sleeping curse and went through with it.
  • Chose not to reunite with Rumple on “Morfetus’s” advice.
  • Decided to leave town with the baby, and sent Aladdin and CY to steal from Rumple. (Was this a bad, rash, unjustified decision? You betcha! But it was a proactive one–she was not going to wait around and see what Rumple might do.)
  • Made the decision to send her baby away for his own protection–the decision upon which THIS ENTIRE HALF SEASON is based. 

For better and for worse, the only times Belle isn’t proactive are when she’s emotionally controlled by Moe, kidnapped, chained to a wall, amnesiac, brainwashed, or has her heart stolen…

…UNTIL NOW. When the stakes are higher for her than they have ever been (her child’s life and soul on the line, and likely her husband’s as well), suddenly we’ve got a Belle who is content sitting on the sidelines. Wandering around doing who knows what (except change into snappy outfits) rather than tracking down and talking to her son. BABYSITTING while another person fights HER enemy! (In a, I say again, preposterous plot-induced incident.)  We don’t even get the sop of her having a stack of huge books in front of her, or of telling Rumple she’ll join him in research/go to the library. 

This is a total turnabout for Belle, and frankly insulting to the character and her fans.

flower shop au

requested by @darkcookiesnmilk. moodboard designed by @literal-ktrash.

Ever since he was a kid, JinJin wanted to do something that would make people smile. When he got old enough to need to actually pick a path for his life, he thought about the smile his mom would get whenever she was given a bouquet or when the flowers in her garden bloomed. So he took a few classes in floral design through the local college and opened up a little flower cart. It was in those classes that he met Eunwoo, who was studying horticulture. When JinJin’s flower cart got busy enough to expand to a proper shop, he remembered all those late nights studying taxonomy flash cards and arguing about the best fillers and he called up Eunwoo to offer him a job.

MJ was hired at the shop a few years later, when Eunwoo convinced JinJin that breaking out into doing flowers for special events would be a smart move financially. And JinJin knew his childhood friend was the perfect person to handle those big events. Despite the impression he often gives off, he’s very detail-oriented and has no trouble handling large, complicated orders for weddings, corporate parties, and the occasional charity gala. He’s great at coordinating arrangements with themes and color schemes created by their clients—and he’s (usually) good at dealing with stressed out event planners, brides, and grooms. Whenever he starts to lose his patience, he whines to JinJin in the privacy of the shop, who then calls in Moonbin for support.

Out of everyone at the flower shop, Eunwoo is the most well versed in the language of flowers. He made posters of common flowers and meanings and hung them up in the back, so that even customers who don’t realize that flowers have meanings can avoid choosing something potentially terrible. He spends most of his time with JinJin and Sanha in the front of the shop, greeting customers and helping them make decisions. But he also goes with Rocky to the local elementary school where they teach classes about flowers and gardening and help the students with their small garden. JinJin tags along every once in while to take photos of Rocky, Eunwoo, and the kids in the garden, and those pictures get posted to the shop’s social media.

Moonbin was working for a supplier when he and JinJin first met. But when JinJin decided to build his own greenhouse and start doing large events, he called Moonbin and offered him a better position. Now Moonbin manages inventory for the shop. He works with Rocky in the greenhouse a lot, but he also takes regular trips to the wholesale flower market to fill in whatever Rocky doesn’t grow. Sometimes he gets called in to deal with a particularly difficult mother-of-the-bride or an overwhelmed intern who got stuck arranging a company party, and as much as he likes the more physical labor he typically does, it’s when those clients thank him at the end of the day that remind him why JinJin opened the flower shop in the first place.

Rocky runs the greenhouse, growing the most commonly used flowers directly for the shop. He’s almost always there, blasting music from a little speaker in the corner and singing along while he trims leaves and checks soil moisture levels. While the majority of the greenhouse is taken up by roses and daisies, since those are popular for bouquets, he has a whole section devoted to orchids for Sanha’s more unique arrangements. He likes being in the greenhouse with Moonbin better than being in the shop and dealing with customers, but he also loves visiting the elementary school with Eunwoo. He won’t say it out loud, but the smile on his face makes it obvious that his favorite part of his job is watching the kids get excited about their first blooms.

When JinJin first hired Sanha, he was just a part-timer, there to help sweep up the floors, keep the flower bucket filled, and answer the phone. But once he started working, he started studying—even taking a trip to Japan to study traditional ikebana. And now he is actually considered the lead florist. While JinJin’s arrangements tend to be more rustic and casual, and Eunwoo’s have a traditional English garden sort of style to them, Sanha can imitate both styles as well as put together more contemporary, linear designs. Whenever MJ gets a bride who is trying to plan a not-so-traditional wedding, MJ calls in Sanha. Sometimes he can get a bit carried away though, and MJ has to find a way to balance Sanha’s grand ideas with the wedding’s actual budget.

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anonymous asked:

can you do a hc with RFA + Minor Trio of how they react they're female s/o being a terrible dancer?? like they're off beat and they always do the dab and ITS JUST SO CRINGEWORTHY. And they go out to a club one night, and everyone is dancing all sexy like then MC is just there making a fool of herself and people begin to stop and watch her while the members are sitting at the bar like "..." but she's so intO IT SHE WONT STOP

***I think I’ve seen similar hcs for this before, but why not do it my way, wooty woot! Alright. Let’s get funky. ~Let’s Connect! FFC

Character breakdown: Good ending canon characters, Secret ending 02 Saeran, V with a surgery to restore part of his sight, my version of Vanderwood as seen in my Vanderwood Backstory Fanfiction. ***


  • The first time he saw you dance, he thought you were joking, no one could be as bad of a dancer as him. He actually tried to outbadly dance you. But you won. By which I mean the two of you collapsed in snuggles because you were both exhausted.
  • Then you wanted to go to a club. Seven wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea, because he really didn’t know how to dance properly. Not that he’s a self-conscious guy when it comes to his joking, he just didn’t want to disappoint you. As soon as you got there, though, it became very clear to him that you weren’t joking around that one time.
  • Dabbing and flopping around and doing the sprinkler, apparently that will clear a club dance floor very quickly because the two of you ended up alone.
  • Management ended up asking you both to leave so that the rest of their patrons wouldn’t feel awkward and leave.
  • Going to clubs and trying to beat your score of how fast you could clear the dance floor became a regular date night hobby for the two of you.


  • He didn’t know how to react at first when he saw you dancing. Some of the dance moves you did you were just wiggling around so much that he swore for a moment he’d seen something he shouldn’t have and he was just a stuttering mess, so you stopped.
  • It was surprising to him that you wanted to go to a club, and even though it wasn’t exactly his thing, he went with you anyway, because any excuse to make his precious girl happy was good with him.
  • Your dancing, though it’s just…….He just kind of stands there awkwardly next to you, and at one point, when you’re dabbing. you hit him in the face. Yoosung just kind of brushes it off with a smile.
  • The date isn’t exactly something he’d want to do on a regular basis, but he is happy to see his precious girl having fun. That’s all that really matters. But please let him take you to dinner next time instead.


  • When you danced for the first time, she couldn’t help but be absolutely mortified. It reminded her of that one time that Seven got on the dance floor at one of the previous RFA parties. Oh God, she wasn’t with a female version of Seven was she???
  • Then you wanted to go to a club for a date, and it took a lot of convincing. Jaehee would much rather stay home and work on the inventory for the coffee shop, but you managed to drag her out to the club.
  • She ended up standing at the edge of the dance floor watching you in horror and embarrassment, covering her face with one hand but peeking between a couple of her fingers. It was like a wreck that she just couldn’t look away from.
  • You ended up pulling her onto the floor and dancing with her while holding her hands. This made her at least not feel so horrified because you couldn’t do that dabbing thing anymore, but it was still a horribly embarrassing day for her.
  • “MC, maybe in the future we can go on more dignified dates?”


  • He was singing some music from one of his musicals to practice when you first showed him how you danced. If that’s what it could be called. Zen almost choked on air watching you. It was just hilarious, and rather adorable but also awful.
  • Zen was very confused when you wanted to go to a club with him for a date. You couldn’t dance. Maybe you didn’t know you couldn’t dance? Far be it from him to insult his cutie.
  • Instead of dancing with you, he just watched you enjoying yourself from the bar, having a couple drinks. The rest of the club had given you a wide berth, essentially there was a giant circle around you, but you kept flashing him this beautiful smile, your face flushed, and it melted his heart just how much fun you were having.
  • “Babe, how about next time I teach you a few of my dance moves?” That seemed like a good way to let you still have fun while not telling you outright that you just sucked.


  • He didn’t listen much to dance or pop before you two married and started living together, but he would often turn it on now. Just another way that he was trying to understand the culture of commoners. What he didn’t understand was the way you moved and flung your arms around.
  • It was your idea to go to the club, but it was his idea for you to teach him your moves. Marrying a commoner, he felt it was his duty more than ever to understand their customs.
  • Jumin didn’t understand when he looked around at the other dancers and they seemed to think what the two of you were doing was ridiculous, but he just focused on learning from you.
  • Somehow, Seven ended up with a recording of you two dancing together and attempted to tease the two of you with it, but Jumin was not in the least bit ashamed. Although, he did insist that you take ballroom dance lessons with him, in exchange for you having taught him something.


  • That whole wild flinging thing you were doing when he came home one day to you listening to music blaringly loud almost made him have a panic attack. Thank God, you turned off that racket.  It was just too much for him.
  • Getting him to go with a club for you, that was really a stretch, and you knew it, but you promised him that it would only be for a few songs, and then you could come back home. You’re just trying to introduce him to things gradually, after all.
  • He doesn’t like it, at least you’re having fun, but he is panicking as soon as you step in that door. You spend at least a half hour calming him down enough to sit at the bar by himself before you can get in a dance. Saeran doesn’t watch because your flailing just makes him nauseous.
  • So maybe dancing with him just doesn’t work.


  • He had known you liked to dance before his operation to restore most of his sight, but he couldn’t possibly have expected the kind of dancing you were actually into. What was that?? Convulsing?
  • Taking him to a club for a date, it probably wasn’t the best crowd for him, but he went to make you happy. There was a lot of blur just from the mass of people moving around, so he just tried to focus on you even if it wasn’t exactly the most…aesthetic…of views for once.
  • Still, anything to see that bright shining face of yours. V would sacrifice anything just to make you happy, no matter what.


  • That can’t possibly be healthy. You were going to break something with all of that and oh holy God were you dabbing? He will not be subjected to this in his own house! Seven had done that enough already.
  • When you ask him to go to the club with you, he gives you the look. Seven calls it the mom glare. A club is not a safe place, and he can’t properly monitor the crowd, but you give him those doe eyes and he agrees, as long as you stay right by his side all night.
  • Which you do, and he has to keep dodging your limbs as they fly madly around. At least you’re having a good time and it feels like he got a workout in. Actually, that’s probably a good way to train? Maybe you’ll do it again sometime.

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Guide To: Time Traveling and Cycling

Not quite finished, but ALMOST – I need a break, so taking one. :) Still, plenty of good info here so far!

What is “time traveling”?

Time traveling, also knowing as TTing, involves changing the date of your game to a time other than the game’s current time, either to take advantage of an event, skip ahead, to cycle villagers, or other reasons.

You can change your game time either through your 3DS System Settings or through Isabelle in-game before you load your character. Time traveling itself is safe to do and will not corrupt your file.

(The only thing known to corrupt a save file at this point in time is powering down during, or otherwise interrupting, your game in the middle of a save, before it can complete saving.)

How does time traveling work? Can I travel forwards AND backwards in time?

Technically, it is only possible to travel forwards in time. But before we can even cover that, we need to cover exactly what time traveling can actually affect in-game.

Important Note: Always remember that the game is automatically programmed to save at 6 AM if the game is open and running when 6 AM comes to pass. If you leave your game open, but don’t want it to save, make sure your game doesn’t go past 6 AM. Period.

Changing the time backwards or forwards only by hours, without changing the day / passing 6 AM:

  • This doesn’t change much, but…
  • Can cause you to miss or reset appointments with your villagers or other scheduled / time-sensitive events.
  • RESETS ANY RECORDS. This is important to note, because if it’s the Fishing Tourney (for example) and you have already turned in fish to be recorded, time traveling forwards OR backwards will ERASE YOUR RECORDS. EVEN IF YOU SAVED YOUR GAME. I learned this the hard way. You will have to do everything all over again, so be sure to wait until after the awards ceremony is over to save, quit, and then time travel.
  • Reset any unappraised fossils IF you end without saving. (This also works without changing the time any. Just restart the game immediately.)

Changing the DATE will:

  • Change your shop inventories. If there is something in the Able Sisters you want to buy, do it before you try to time travel, or else it will be gone!
  • Change Re-Tail’s Item-of-the-Day. If you have hats or fossils on premium and want to keep it that way, don’t let the date change.
  • Affect the move-in and move-out schedule of your villagers (more on this under “Cycling” below). It is possible to put a villager in boxes more quickly, so be careful not to accidentally lose someone.
  • Change the villager in your campsite (can also change to NO villager in camp).
  • Reset any fossils in the ground or unappraised fossils.
  • Cause flowers to grow. More flowers show up under Beautiful Town.
  • Cause flowers to die if not watered or under Beautiful Town.
  • Gyroids do not change. More are just added. Like a disease. Like flowers.
  • Cause weeds to grow. Less weeds show up under Beautiful Town.
  • Allow you to revisit date-specific events, such as holidays and other festivities (like Halloween, my favorite!).

What is the difference between time traveling forwards and backwards? How does it work?

The game handles time traveling in a couple of different ways depending on the situation, because the game is built to have a “cushion” in place for people who might go on vacation or leave their game sitting for a long time, preventing villagers from leaving (to an extent).

However, let’s start by making one thing VERY clear: the game treats time traveling backwards as if you had traveled one day forward in time. Let me repeat. Traveling backwards in time is the equivalent of traveling one day forward in time. So technically, there is no time traveling “backwards,” except when it comes to revisiting events like Halloween or Christmas over again if you missed them / passed over them. Everything else resets as if you had time traveled one day ahead instead.

Whether you time travel backwards one day or one year, it still equals one day forward. Any amount of time backwards = one day forward.

Time traveling forwards doesn’t always add up, either. Typically, for every day ahead you skip in your DS clock, each day should count as one day in-game… so if you skip ahead 6 days in your DS clock, it should skip ahead 6 days in game – you would think, right? Unfortunately, not so simple. This is where the game’s “cushion” comes in for when you leave your game for long periods of time. Let me break it down.

If you are in a MOVE IN period, meaning you have 8 or less villagers, then:

  • If a villager is going to be plotting tomorrow, in current time: it doesn’t matter how much you time travel forward, whatever future day you load up your game on, Isabelle is still going to say, Oh! Mayor! Someone new has moved into town! and the villager’s house will still just be a plot of land. They won’t start plotting until the next time you load the game, no matter how long it’s been. 

If you are in a MOVE OUT period, meaning you have 10 or less villagers, then:

  • Days ahead works normally, with each day ahead counting as one day in-game, with some exception. If it’s been more than a week or two since you’ve loaded up your game, generally your game won’t have moved anyone out. It recognizes long idle periods and tries to give you a cushion where villagers don’t move out in case you left your game a while. You will know this is the case if Isabelle says it’s been a while since she’s seen you. The game sort of treats it as if you had never left, although your villagers will all comment that it’s been a while since they’ve seen you in town.
  • If you are time traveling ahead rapidly, however, and save and quit, and time travel again, your game DOES recognize this as moving forward that large span of time, and will move villagers in / out accordingly. This is where it becomes possible to lose villagers, so be careful how far ahead you’re time traveling between saves.
  • To be on the safe side, when you come back to your game, always set the DS system clock back to the day you last played on, OR (the more tedious but super safe method…) load up your game as a New Save File. When you are able to run around and explore your map as the new character, you can check if any houses are missing or if anyone is inside their house in boxes. If everything is normal, you can close the game without saving and go back to loading up your game as your mayor. If someone is missing, still close the game without saving / finishing the character, change your DS system clock back to a later date, and try again. Because it’s much easier to just set your clock back to the last date you played (so long as you remember the day or general week), I prefer the first method instead.

Can I stay on the same day indefinitely / forever?

Yes, it is possible to stay on the same day indefinitely by keeping the system time of your 3DS on the same day OR changing it back to the same day you last played on whenever you load up Animal Crossing if you play different games / left your DS sitting for a while. This is useful for, say, keeping a villager in boxes for a long period of time. So long as you’re changing the time via the 3DS System Clock, the game thinks everything is normal.

What are the uses of time traveling?

  • Progressing through the game faster if you’re impatient.
  • Completing PWPs faster.
  • Moving villagers in and out faster, getting your dreamies more quickly.
  • Earning bank interest more quickly.
  • Amassing weeds for Weeding Day or flowers for hybrid growing more quickly.
  • Taking advantage of holidays you missed out on for holiday-specific rewards.
  • Skipping to seasons or events you like better.
  • Skipping past seasons or events you don’t like.
  • Making villagers forget you promised to do something for them (hah).
  • Staying on the same day indefinitely, if you need to take advantage of a premium, keep someone in boxes, etc.

What is “cycling”?

Cycling is simply a method players use to get villagers to move in and out of their town more quickly. It is done by time traveling, and follows the guidelines outlined above. People cycle to either get their dreamies faster, or to quickly host lots of adoptions for other players.

How do I start cycling? What is the best cycling method?

Basically, you can begin cycling at any time in your game. Whether you’ve played this entire time without time traveling or just bought a new cartridge specifically for cycling, cycling still follows the rules I outlined earlier during our time traveling discussion.

First, before you begin cycling, you need to establish what “phase” your game is in – whether someone is going to be moving IN, moving OUT, or if you are at maximum capacity. Obviously, if someone is due to move out and you weren’t aware because they didn’t ping you yet, and you save and quit, then TT ahead a week – chances are that villager will have moved out. Once you know what phase your game is in, you can make your decisions on how you are going to cycle accordingly.

As far as the BEST cycling method, there ISN’T one. I have seen at least five or six different methods explained for cycling – only moving one day at a time, jumping ahead seven days, jumping ahead a month or a year at a time – all of the methods have their pros and cons and are useful in different scenarios. You will need to try them out for yourself to see which one works best for you.

Handy tips to remember while cycling:

  • It is possible for a villager to ping you to leave on the same day that someone is plotting their house, but not on the same day someone’s house is completed / they just moved in and are unpacking boxes.
  • The game will not let anyone move out at least four days after the day someone just moved in (not plotted, but house completed!)
  • It is possible for the game to move someone in the day right after someone has moved out (8th, 9th villagers). 
  • It is possible for a villager to put themselves in boxes without pinging you to leave. This happens when you are not on speaking terms with a villager / haven’t spoken to them in a while. You have to find out from other villagers if they are leaving.
  • If your villagers are talking about their opinions on hearing rumors when you talk to them, no one is thinking of leaving.

What method do you use to cycle, Delia?

I use a five day cycle I developed myself that allows me to move villagers out while also keeping certain villagers in. I worked it out about a month or two ago after trying everyone else’s cycling methods and not really liking them. A guide will be released as I get the time to write it.

Can I cycle for a certain villager?

Yes, it is possible to cycle for a certain villager. If you are expecting your 8th or 9th villager, the game will randomly move someone in if you haven’t invited anyone yourself. (Note: the following also applies to new towns expecting their 5th, 6th, and 7th villagers.) This is a different kind of cycling, but people still use the same word for it. Instead of time traveling to quickly move in and out different villagers, in this case, you are resetting your game over and over until a plot you like shows up (also called plot-resetting). When a randomized plot shows up from the game, and you reset the game without saving and reload, it will cycle through one of two different plot “pools”, or a list of what it deems as “available” plots:

  • In the first pool, there will only be select personality types. It is possible to get a pool of only one personality type, and also possible to get a pool of only two to three personality types. For example, you might reset and reload your game and find that you are only getting plots of SMUG type villagers. This is the fastest way to get to a particular villager you want, IF you’re lucky enough to get a pool of only their personality type! In Daedaelus, when I plot reset for Marshal, I was lucky enough to get only smug and uchi plots, which narrowed my chances down considerably.
  • In the second pool, ALL personality types are available. This is a MUCH slower rest process, because then you have to reset with an equal chance to get any of the 300+ villagers in the game. That is a BIG pool, and it’s entirely random who you will get. In these instances, sometimes it’s better to just save and move on if you’re continually resetting and not getting who you want.
Serendipity: Chapter Three

Jungkook x Reader (Wolf AU)

Three: Missing

Author: Lee

Word Count: 2,166

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven


“Y/n!” He nervously replied, spinning around on his heel effortlessly. “I was going to wait until you woke up, but it’s almost noon and I really have to go.”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized, searching the man’s face. “You could have woke me up.”

“I didn’t want to wake you.” Jungkook admitted.

Something about the way he was acting gave off a weird feeling. It was almost like he did something wrong and was trying to leave before he got caught.

“Are you alright?” I asked, taking a tentative step towards him.

“I’m fine,” He rebuttled. “I just forgot my phone and I didn’t tell my brother I was staying over here, so he’s probably worried sick.”

“Did you want me to give you a ride?” I offered, still hesitant with whether or not to believe Jungkook entirely. “I could get you there quicker.”

“No,” He answered almost too quickly. “I should be fine - plus I like the exercise.”

I wanted to argue, but something told me not to, so instead I just nodded. Jungkook had definitely changed between last night and this morning.

“Will I see you again soon?” I couldn’t help but asking, worry seeping through my calm mask.

“Probably,” Jungkook answered, pursing his lips. “Maybe not this week.”

“Alright. See you later, then.”

“Right. Bye, Y/n.”

With that, he was out the door and beginning his trek through the fallen snow, surprisingly fast with the amount on the ground.

Last night he was more confident and sure when he spoke, keeping eye contact the entire time that I spoke. Now he seemed to be bothered by something. Maybe his brother would be extremely angry at him for spending the night away from home without a call.

Another thought invaded my mind just then. How on Earth was Jungkook going to call his brother when the town’s service didn’t even reach all the way out here? If he just learned about my house not too long ago,  then what was the purpose of having a phone with no service in the middle of the woods? I can’t even get service from town to my house, and by the information he gave me, his house is even further away.

I had the idea that something else was going on at home, but quickly turned my attention away. It was Jungkook’s business and I had no right to dig into his private life.

Weeks passed until there was even any sign of Jungkook. He didn’t show up, but he left a note by the front door while I was in town that he’d be around soon.

Work started up again once spring made her first appearance, melting the snow and replacing the sun’s bulb with a brighter one. I got a job in one of the shops doing inventory and, if needed, handling the register. I figured I would end up running into him sometime in town, but that hope slowly faded once the second week went by with still no sign of him.

The note did provide me with a sense of ease, but for some reason it made me want to see him more. How much time would ‘soon’ entail?  Even without knowing, just the idea of him being back melted my heart with happiness.

My sudden attachment to him confused even myself; the feeling appearing out of seemingly nowhere. He wasn’t even around enough for me to actually get attached to, was he?

A sudden knock at the door pulled me from my thoughts. I left the letter on the counter before making my way to the door, hopeful that the person on the other side of the door was the sender. Turns out that the person outside wasn’t Jungkook, but an unfamiliar face.

“May I help you?” I softly asked, watching the man carefully.

“Do you know a Jeon Jungkook?” The man asked, his facial expression not changing.

“I do.” I honestly answered, opening the door up slightly more. “Is something wrong?”

“Have you seen him around - or heard anything from him?” The black-haired man inquired, looking back to me expectantly.

“Are you his brother?” I decided to ask, skipping over his question for the time being.

“One of them,” He answered impatiently. “Have you seen him?”

I shook my head, contemplating about keeping the letter a secret - the man wasn’t exactly super friendly. For all I know, he could be lying about his relationship with Jungkook - they didn’t even look similar.

“He hasn’t been here for a while. Did something happen?”

“No,” His brother answered. “He’s just been out for a while and no one can contact him. I was hoping he’d be here since you’re  the only other house around for miles.” He explained, looking around. “Well, thank you and sorry for bothering you.”

“Not at all,” I answered, giving him a sorry smile. “Hope he shows up soon.”

“Me too,” He returned the grin with one of his own. “Have a nice night.”

“You too.” I called as he spun around and walked away with a small wave.

Jungkook was missing?

He obviously couldn’t of got far if the letter was dropped off while I was in town for only three hours today. He also said he’d show up sometime soon - but why did  he decided to ditch his brothers ? None of the information  made any sense; why did he even bother to leave a note in the first place? I would just have to wait until he came to me and confront him about the problem then.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait much longer for him to turn up. About two days later Jungkook was at my doorstep, soaked from the chilly downpour of rain that wasn’t quite expected this afternoon.

It wasn’t his appearance that scared me at first, since I barely got a second to even look at him, but his actions that did. The only thing I could see that the black of his jacket as he held me in a tight hug. The rain pelted us both as he had pulled me into him instead of stepping inside first. I hugged back, happy that he hadn’t run away to some distant place.

Once he pulled away he put both hands on my shoulders, taking in my appearance like I was the one who went missing. The precipitation blurred my vision, although it wasn’t enough for me to miss the smile on the boy’s face. His hair was soaked, letting droplets of rain drip off of his bangs and fall gently onto his face.

“Jungkook,” I tried to speak over the rain, tugging on his jacket. “Let’s get inside.”

He only nodded,  still panting slightly - from running here, I could imagine - causing his breath to be visible in the air for a few seconds before disappearing completely.

We fumbled inside, the floor in front of the door completely soaked as puddles formed around the two of us. He enveloped me into another hug, causing me to laugh.

“You’re acting like you just came back from war after three years.”

I heard him chuckle, his chin rested on top of my head before he pulled away.

“I haven’t seen you for a while,” He defended. “I missed you.”

His words surprised me, but his smile grew wider at my stunned expression. After seeing his grin I slipped a small smile on my face too, looking over our soaked clothing.

“I missed you too, Jungkook, but where did you go?” I forced out, watching his smile fade.

“Why don’t we get dried off and then I’ll explain, alright?” He suggested, taking off his jacket.

Surprisingly enough, his jacket kept most of the moisture from getting to his shirt, but the same couldn’t be said for his jeans or shoes.

“I can get changed but,” I tried to stifle a giggle. “I have nothing you can wear.”

“I have shorts on under these,” He informed, his hand reaching out to touch my drenched hair. “Do you have a hair dryer?”

“Your shorts are still going to be wet,” I pointed out, grabbing the hand that was playing with my hair. “If you stay in the bathroom I can put your clothes in the dryer for a bit. You can dry your hair while you wait.”

“So, what happened?” I asked once we both settled on the couch with dry clothes on.

Jungkook had insisted on using the hair dryer on my hair, which took a little longer than I would have liked. I could only assume it was his way of stalling since he knew what was coming next.

“Can’t we just be happy that I’m back?” He whined, meeting my eyes.

“I’ve been worried sick and you just want me to forget about it?” I angrily asked, raising an eyebrow at the man. “Your brother showed up looking for you, Jungkook. Why were you missing?”

“My brother showed up - here?” He rhetorically asked,  sitting up. “Which one?”

“I didn’t catch his name,” I admitted. “But he was very set on finding you.”

“I wasn’t missing,” He started. “I just didn’t tell anyone where I was going. They know when and why I left. I can’t believe they’d come bother you about something like that.”

“It wasn’t bothering me Jungkook,” I snapped. “I was worried already.”

“Which is why I left you a note,” He countered, speaking calmly. “I’m sorry I couldn’t give you one sooner.”

“Where did you go for three weeks? I didn’t see you in town once.”

“You were looking for me in town?” He inquired.

“No,” I answered, seemingly relieving him. “I have a job in town.”

“I didn’t go to town. Well, not the closest one.” He started explaining. “I went to the town over, the one just before the city. I just needed to clear my mind of some things.”

“Well no wonder you took that long, that’s probably a three day hike!” I exclaimed, shaking my head at the thought. “Why the hell did you go all the way out there - snow was still on the ground - how did you manage?!”

“Like I said, I needed to clear my mind,” He reminded, running a hand through his hair as he lounged on the couch. “I just wanted to surround myself with people who didn’t know me, Y/n. I had a fight with one of my brothers and I was really angry,” He admitted, looking very sorry. “I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“It wasn’t physical, right? Only verbal?.” I worriedly asked.

He looked at me without saying anything before he shook his head. He was lying.

“Jeon Jungkook,” I started scolding, my hand reaching up to his face before he caught it and looked me directly in the eyes.

“How do you know my surname?” He inquired, not releasing my hand but making no effort to keep it in his grasp.

“Your brother said it.” I honestly replied, taking my hand back from his hold with ease.

I went back to looking over his features, although it seemed he was too busy thinking to care all that much. There were no visible injuries, but they could have healed from the three weeks he was gone - which could have been the reason he left.

As I was looking over his face once more, I noticed something that only revealed itself when he had turned his head.

“You have a scar on your face,” I sighed, running my thumb across the small line. “Is this from the fight?” I tried once more to get the truth out of him, ignoring his attempts to push my hands away.

“I told you–”

“You lied to me.” I cut him off, shaking my head in disapproval. “You’re such a bad liar.”

“It wasn’t that bad,” He rushed to say, attempting to get me to stay just as I was about to get up. “It was broken up before it got too bad.”

“You still lied, Jungkook.” I said, attempting to get up again.

He latched onto my arm as an attempt to get me to hear him out.

“I didn’t want you to be worried even more,” Jungkook spoke. “Plus, I’m fine. I promise.”

There was a long pause of conversation, instead the only speaking we did was with our eyes. I could see how sorry he was, and there’s no doubt he could see me slowly giving into his puppy-dog eyes. He let go of me, waiting for me to say something.

“Don’t do it again, alright?” I finally spoke up.

“I’m not planning on running away again, I–” He stopped speaking once he noticed I was shaking my head.

“Don’t lie to me again. Got it?”

He nodded, suddenly closing the space between us. I flushed, even though he didn’t do what I thought he would. Instead of stealing a kiss, he brought his forehead to mine and looked me directly in the eyes.

“I promise.” He declared, making my heart stop.

a heart’s a heavy burden

Summary: In which Will Solace is compelled to seek his fortune, enters into both a castle and a bargain, and may or may not develop feelings for a man with a reputation for expressing feelings through green slime.

A Howl’s Moving Castle AU.

Most stories very much like this one begin with the words once upon a time. The thing is, Will’s never had much patience for fairy tales.

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Second clumsy attempt to contribute to Spacedogs Appreciation Week, here on the last day. Still counts, doesn’t it? 

“I’m stepping out for a bit.” Gabi paused in front of the counter, fumbling with something in her purse. “Will you be ok while I’m out?”

“What if we get a walk in?” Adam asked, his anxiety flaring. 

“Tell them I’ll be back in twenty. If they don’t want to wait they can come back tomorrow.”

“What if something happens?”

“Like what?”

Adam’s brow knit. “Like a fire.”

“Call 112 and get out of the shop.” Gabi placed a hand on counter just short of his own. “But nothing will happen, so you have nothing to fear.”

Adam gave her a nervous look but nodded. She always managed to be reassuring. 

“I’ll bring you something back with me, ok? A treat.” And she was gone out the door and out of sight, leaving Adam alone. 

He busied his restless hands with inventory. The shop had just gotten in an order of jewelry. He sterilized a few pieces in preparation for any customers that might need starter jewelry and then updated their paperwork. While he was doing that he noticed that they were running low on three colors of ink and tongue studs. He put in an order and - 

The bell over the door rang as someone entered. Not that Adam noticed, far too wrapped up in his work. It wasn’t until the customer started speaking loudly in Romanian that Adam jumped in his seat, spinning around. 

“Um, you’re speaking too fast. I don’t …” Adam frowned, trying to translate. He had yet to make any real progress in his Rosetta Stone program. Too caught up with settling into the city.

“I was asking what it takes to get some fucking service around here?”

“I didn’t hear you come in, I … Can I help you?" 

The man looked at him. "Well, it’s a tattoo parlor…”

“Yes. It is.” Adam nodded, waiting for more information. 

“I’d like a fucking tattoo.”

“Oh. The only artist working today just stepped out. She said she’d be back in twenty minutes. It’s been twelve so far. She’s usually on time. I think she went to get lunch with her boyfriend. That’s what she usually does.” Adam noticed an obvious twitch in the man’s face and just barely caught the hint. “Oh, um. Sorry, she’ll be back soon. If you’d like to wait.”

“Eight, right?”

Adam blinked.

“You said she’d be back in twenty and that it’s been twelve. I’ve always been shit at math but I’m pretty sure that makes it eight more minutes, yeah?”

“Oh. Yes. Well, seven now but - ”

“I’ll wait.” The man reached into his front pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. “Isn’t there some paperwork or something?”

“You can’t smoke in here.” Adam said, frowning at the box.

“Just one?”

“No smoking.” Adam pointed to the front window where a sign was hung.

“Well if the sign says.” The man muttered, cursing under his breath as he returned the cigarettes to his pocket.

“I need your ID.”

The man blinked. 

“For the form. The paperwork. I need your ID.”

The stranger nodded, reaching into his back pocket this time for his wallet.

“Thank you.” Adam said as he took and looked at it. “Nigel.”

“And what’s you’re name then?”

“My name’s Adam.” Adam tried his best to be polite and make eye contact but stopped short at Nigel’s prominent cheekbones. He was just about to drop his gaze when his eyes were forced upward by a hand under his chin. 

“There we go.” Nigel held his gaze for the moment he was allowed before Adam pushed away his hand and stepped back. 

“I don’t like to be touched.”

Nigel snorted. “Maybe you should put it on a fucking sign then.”

Adam glared at him, stumbling backwards into the small office behind the counter. It only took a few minutes to photocopy the ID onto a form and Adam counted the seconds, rhythmic and calming. Soon the form was set down in front of Nigel along with a pen and his ID. His job complete, Adam retreated wordlessly back to the computer.

“How many minutes til that artist gets back, hm?”

“Four.” Adam said without hesitation. If he hadn’t been counting down the minutes before he was now. 

“Four minutes, you and me.”

“Maybe you should wait outside.” Adam didn’t even attempt to hide the hope in his voice. “You can smoke out there.”

“I think I’d rather keep you company.”

“That’s not necessary.”

“Necessary or not, I think I’ll stay.”

Adam huffed a quiet, exasperated sigh, sliding from the stool and retrieving one of the boxes from their new shipment. 

“What in there?” Nigel asked, Adam’s unwelcome peanut gallery. 

“Body jewelry.” Adam said, heading towards the counter. He looked ahead, trying to decide where to set the box when he noticed Nigel had lit a cigarette despite the sign. 

“No smo - ” Adam tripped, his sneaker catching the ground and sending him to the floor. He managed to catch himself, his palms smacking against the hard ground instead of his head. This meant he losing hold of the box though. Rings and barbells scattered, bouncing and rolling away as the box settled overturned. 

Adam pushed himself up onto his knees and started picking up the pieces one by one, somewhat frantic. It wasn’t until his hand collided with another that he realized Nigel was on the ground, helping him. He raised his head to look at the man who’d also paused at the contact. Willingly, Adam met his gaze and a moment of silence passed between them. Nigel opened his mouth to say something but Adam spoke first. 

“Only employees are allowed behind the counter.” His brow knit. “You’re not an employee.”

“I’m helping.” Nigel sighed, dropping his gaze to the floor again. “Once we’ve gathered these up I’ll get back on the other side and all will be right with the world.”

Adam watched him. His hands were large and bruised at the knuckles like he’d been fighting. It was strange to see hands like that so daintily pinching nipple rings and earring backs up off the tile, depositing them into his other hand’s cupped palm. Adam decided to accept the help without further protest.

The bell over the parlor door rang again as someone else entered. 

“Adam! I brought donuts!” Gabi called, not noticing him at first. 

He popped his head up over the counter. “You’re late.”

“The time. It got away from me.” She dropped the paper bag she was carrying onto the counter and peered over. “Oh. Hello there.”

Nigel gave her a nod and said something in Romanian. Gabi answered, glancing around until her eyes fell on the half filled out form. Adam tried not to feel too anxious about what was being said that he couldn’t understand. When Nigel stood, pouring the jewelry he’d gathered into a little pile on the glass, and pointed to the (in Adam’s opinion) ugly tattoo on the side of his neck he decided they must be discussing a cover up job. 

Dumping his own little pile of jewelry onto the counter, Adam reached for the doughnut bag. Nigel still hadn’t moved from behind the counter and he needed to count the pieces to make sure he hadn’t lost any but first he needed a doughnut.

First bite and he felt a little bit better. Foreign tongues faded from his ears as he zoned out. That is until he heard a faint ’Oh’ and Nigel moved from his periphery. When he raised his head Gabi was jogging toward the back, probably to her her sketchbook and Nigel was smiling at him from the other side of the counter.

“Better now, darling?”

“My name is Adam.” Another bite. “And yes. Thank you.”

“Of course.” Nigel glanced in the direction Gabi had disappeared to. “She says it could take a few days to design me something and work me into her schedule.”

Adam stared at him blankly. If there was a point he was missing it.  

“I think we’ll be seeing more of each other.”


Nigel snorted, shaking his head as he reached again for his cigarettes. No reminder was needed from Adam this time though, he caught himself and dropped his hand. This didn’t go unnoticed by Adam, the effort. Nigel’s bruised-knuckled hand left empty, drumming broken rhythms against his thigh. 

Adam held up the paper bag to Nigel, perhaps too close to his face. Perhaps too quick, Nigel gave a little start when he noticed it. Then he looked from the bag to Adam with a question mark of an expression.

"Would you like one?”

Nigel’s smile spread slowly across his lips. “Fuck yes. Please.” And he dipped a hand in. “Thank you, darling.”

“My name is - ”

“Adam, yes. I know.” Nigel took a bite, humming his praise. “Thank you, Adam.

“You’re welcome, Nigel.”

Taking inventory to reopen the shop hopefully next week!

Using those funds I’m hoping to continue working on new scents and revitalize old ones. I will have to change some recipes as my wholesaler has discontinued some of the scents that went into mine but I’m hoping I can get as close to the original recipes as I can.


Korea recently released new cabinets, addressing the ever bursting inventories of players. They come in a form of a fungie (9-slot) and a shugo butler (18-slot).

Needless to say, these are permanent and only obtainable from the NC store. As demonstrated by a player, this is how her cabinet inventory space looks like now. 

And as you know, you can’t stack cabinets of the same type / inventory space. These cabinets are a stand-alone type on their own, skin hoarders rejoice?

(I can count at least 5 people who will be excited about this update lel)

anonymous asked:

ficllet prompt if you want: "Share a coke with Derek" appearing at the loft courtesy of Stiles and Derek making a "Stiles" label (really badly drawn, probs) because where on earth would he find an actual one with the name Stiles????

[Newly established relationship fluff.]

Derek wants to be good at this relationship, he really does, he just feels often that Stiles is constantly out-relationshipping him. When Derek complained about his pillow being too lumpy, Stiles showed up with a brand-new luxury memory foam pillow with a bow on it. Derek cooks Stiles dinner one time and bakes some curly fries from the supermarket’s frozen aisle, the next week Stiles whips up a three-course meal and Derek’s favorite dessert. 

And then the random presents start. They’re just little things, like the black licorice Twizzlers that Derek knows that Stiles hates but Derek loves showing up in the glove compartment of the Jeep, and then the laundry detergent brand that makes Derek’s henleys soft and nice-smelling but got discontinued in Beacon Hills (did Stiles drive all the way to Redding to get this?) 

So when the Coke bottle shows up in Derek’s fridge with “Share a Coke with Derek,” Derek decides this is it, he’s going to get Stiles the equivalent present or better or so help him.

It’s fairly obvious to him that a  "Stiles" Coke isn’t going to be available in his local Supermarket, so Derek drives three hours to the nearest Coke factory, figuring they’d make custom bottles at the source. 

“How long is it going to take?” Derek asks incredulously as the woman adjusts her “Irene” nametag and looks up from her computer. 

“Six to eight weeks, now how many hundred did you want?” Irene asks expectantly. 

“No, I just want one,” Derek insists. 

Irene stares at him blankly. “You’re welcome to buy single cans or bottles of our extensive "Share With” inventory in the gift shop,“ she says. "Custom orders start at a hundred.”

Derek blanches at the price.

He’s standing in the gift shop, looking at all the different names, silently fuming when he spots it. 


Would it be too soon? Maybe?

Derek buys it anyways so the trip wasn’t for nothing, heart pounding as they ring it up. As soon as he gets back home he stuffs it into the back of his fridge and forgets about it when a kelpie decides to make the Beacon Hills lake its new home, stressing the pack out for weeks. 

When the whole kelpie catastrophy is over, Stiles is hanging out at the loft with him and they’re having a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. It’s nice and relaxing, and Stiles is curling into his chest under his arm, and everything seems perfect. Twenty minutes in Stiles gets up and heads for the kitchen. “I’m gonna get me a soda, you want one?" 

"Sure,” Derek says.

Stiles is rooting about in the fridge when he calls out, “Derek? What’s this?" 

He’s holding the can, the one Derek decided maybe they weren’t at that point yet and it has been a terrible purchase but he couldn’t bring himself to throw out. Stiles brings it back over to Derek on the couch, looking at it in amazement. "Is this for me?” Stiles asks. 

“Yeah,” Derek says breathlessly. 

“I thought you said they weren’t real?" 

"That was before you,” Derek says. 

@garcemechanic replied to your post“–Hey kiddo, y’ wanna make a few extra bucks,…

You grinned, teeth baring as you patted the smaller’s shoulder. “–Y’ don’t need to be techie for this job. I need some extra man power. Inventory stockin’ the shop n’ deliverin’ this bike your dorm mate paid me t’ fix.”

      ❝Oh, Mitsuru-senpai asked you to fix something for her?❞ She was the only person Karin could think of who both lived with her and owned a motorbike. ❝Uh, yeah, sure, I can do t hat! I don’t think I’ll be able to reach any tall shelves, though.❞

Onho- "Sex Shop Cutie"

Length: 5,376

Rating: NC-17 (sort of? I really don’t know how to rate this one OTL)

Summary: In which Minho has a crush on the cute cashier at the sex shop down the street.

A/N: I got this brilliant idea from yuenu so thank you so much hun! Hope you guys like it. Just in time for the end of Christmas.

It was situations like this that Minho seriously questioned his mental health. He considered himself to be a decent guy albeit a tad bit shy but there was nothing about him that people could complain about.  Minho considered himself a kind and respectable guy; yet here he was inside of his local sex shop trying to hide behind a rack of various colored ten inch glass dildos like a pervert. It was the seventh time in less than two weeks that Minho found himself inside of Spectacular, he constantly rolled his eyes and scoffed at the cheesy title but that didn’t stop him from driving down to the small shop with blackened out windows frequently. He lost a fair amount of sleep because of entering the store around one in the morning only to exit around two (how he managed to spend that much time in a sex shop was beyond him). Minho had also lost a fair amount of money by spending them on items he didn’t even want and on videos he had no intentions of even watching.

Minho wasn’t to blame for his little excursions. Oh no. The only person that was to blame was the cute cashier that worked the night shift. He was the only reason Minho stepped foot in Spectacular in the first place.

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