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12 Day Of Christmas - 31′th December 1′th January + 2′th January

✿ Nightmare went to Caffee and met new friend: Corolla

✿ Nightmare intervene in a quarrel/fight between Mon, Shaun and Flour.

✿ Nightmare spend little nice time with Corolla and Marey while eating the cake and talking.

✿ He start to feel  bad when grabbed Toriel’s familly photo from inventory.

✿ He told to Corolla and Marey, how he feel and what he done in last time.
He also let them now how much he is scared about being all alone. He broke in tears and fell asleep on Mareys vines/stem.

✿ He wokes up in his hotel room and went to Caffee eat and drink something. It was kinda routine for him now.

✿ He met there Letep and Auber. Some of flowers didn’t wanted let Letep to take care about Auber. Nigthmare tried talk with them but in the end, he went to the other table.

✿ After the moment of looking and listening he decided that this is the good time to call Papyrus. He went for him and with him make the flowers stop.

✿ After that Papyrus took Faker (flower that lost unconsciousness without visible reason) and went with him and with Nightmare assistance to hospital room.

✿ They left Faker in Gerson hands and went on town.

✿ They met on his road Shifter. Nightmare want talk to him alone about last situation and about possibilities of going to home already, like Shifter wished. He told him that he have a “return candy” (what was true).

✿ Shifter wasn’t trust him and after feeling uncomfortable grab a knife from his inventory. Nightmare moved away for now.

✿ After spending few moments with few other flowers, he decided to go slowly to his hotel room.

✿ He met before hotel simillar face: Shaun. He said hi and after a moment he noticed that Shifter and other flower was there too. Shifter noticed him and other flower as well.

✿ Nightmare felt scared and uneasy, so he ran to his room.

✿ New flower, Gummy went to him. Nightmare while crying talk a little with him about few things, and decided to trust Gummy and give him “return candy”. It seems that he was Shifters best friend here. He also asked Gummy to say few things from him to Shifter.

✿ After Gummy left, he laid on the bed and fell asleep. This day sucked all the energy from him. Thoughts about near end of holiday, thought about not seeing Papyrus anymore, Gummy and other few friends making him feel awful, but… he promised to hisself that he will spend few nice last days with his friends. At least with few of them…