inventor of everything

We were all in love
but didn’t know it.
We were all in love
continually. Bless
our little hearts,
smoking and drinking
and wrecking things.
Bless our shameless shame.
We were loud, invincible.
We were tough as rails.
We stole street signs
and knocked over bins.
Ripped the boards
off boarded-up stuff.
Slept in towers
filled with pigeon shit
and fluff. We kicked
beer bottles down
cobbled lanes.
Tires and chains.
Chains and wheels
and skin. The world
was always ending
and we the inventors
of everything.
—  Melissa Stein, “Anthem”

anonymous asked:

The way that I see the oldest Shinigami is, he's s scientist that is creating clones from dead bodies, and he does other mad science experiments like the BD.

He’s an inventor, like Sieglinde (sort of)… and they are the two biggest parallels to Dr. Andonuts from Mother3. In fact, it takes both of them to fully parallel this one character. Sieglinde makes interesting and useful contraptions, and Undertaker makes reanimated corpses, ”Bizarre Dolls”, that can be used for warfare… while Dr. Andonuts makes mechanized/reanimated “Fascinating Chimera”, which can be used for good or bad, mundane tasks or warfare….

Megamind [ENFP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Megamind is always coming up with new possibilities and ideas. He is a fantastic inventor, utilizing everything in his environment to create new contraptions and devices. He is also quite optimistic, always looking for new possibilities and never settling down in one place for too long. He breaks out of jail, he decides to be a super villain, and when he wins he’s initially ecstatic because of the new possibilities and embraces them all; however, he suddenly finds himself bored because he’s stuck in a status quo and his possibilities dwindle down. He then comes up with another new possibility - creating a new super hero to fight - and ends the film embracing yet another identity and path by becoming a hero. 

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Megamind is a sensitive soul; almost every choice he makes is based on emotion. He is wounded by his classmates rejecting him and responds by becoming a super villain; he’s wounded by society rejecting him, and responds to Roxanne rejecting him with petty anger and a desire to return to his old ways. He makes almost all of his decisions based on emotion - he blows up the statue because “it just brings back too many painful memories”. He tends to keep his emotions to himself, however; when he’s really sad or interested in someone he doesn’t articulate it. He keeps quiet about his crush on Roxanne and Minion only gleams it through observation; he doesn’t want to admit how much being rejected hurts, and deals with his emotions internally.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Megamind is a genius when it comes to organizing his immediate environment. In his very first scene, he plans out a scheme to escape from jail that requires a lot of calculation and quick sizing up of what’s going on around him. He tends to bark orders at other people, especially Minion, and has a lot of practical ambition as well, aspiring to be in charge of the city. His Te in school allowed him to utilize a practical solution to the dodgeball scenario, but one that caused harm to others and only isolated him more.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Megamind’s past affects him strongly, and he gets depressed whenever his Si takes over. His history as the kid no one picked for gym class still haunts him today, and when he runs out of new possibilities after Metro Man’s defeat, he starts longing to return to the familiar status quo. When he gives up on Hal/Titan, he returns to the old jail. He shows nostalgia for Metro Man’s decision to hide in his old “Sh-ool” House.