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d&d disability mechanics

so im disabled, and i have a disabled d&d character. i didnt like not having an in-game mechanic to express my character’s disability in more than words, so i decided to make some and then ended up making others.

a lot of these were made while consulting someone who has the disability or from my own firsthand experience, but some aren’t. if you want to critique some of my choices, message me! i’ll be able to either edit the ruleset or explain my reasoning, and i want it to be the best it can be.

note: a lot of the save DCs are left vague in this so you and your DM can determine how difficult they are to meet.

this is under a cut because it’s really long and so i can update it. if you want to see something added, message me!

(#dungeons and dragons, #long post, #death cw, #limb trauma)

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good

2017 “Nova” Triple Horn

This is an experimental triple horn built by Silver and Brass in Carson City.  Most horns one sees are either single horns, pitched either in F or Bb, or double horns, which combine the two to allow for a better range.  The triple horn is a fairly recent invention, adding an alto F side to the horn, giving it more stability in the extreme upper range. Due to the fact that the instrument must be able to be halved in length, triple horns often cannot have a usual tuning slide like other brass instruments, instead relying on other, often complex, forms of tuning.

For several reasons, this horn is quite unique.  The main goal of the instrument was for it to have a main tuning slide, which was managed by having it jut out below the usual wrap of the instrument.  Unlike other triple horns, this horn does not use 3-layer rotary valves, instead using a separate set of valves for the F bass side of the horn.  This allows the horn to have multiple bore sizes, possibly improving its tone quality and feel.  However, this also means that one must move two valves rather than one with the finger keys, which could get tiring.  This horn has 10 valves in all (6 more than a normal horn), meaning that it is quite heavy, and also that rather than the 2-3 tuning slides on a standard double horn, it has 3 tuning slides and two “dump” slides specifically for removing condensation from the horn.

There has been a great deal of debate about whether or not this horn will actually be good or not.  The leadpipe and bell branch are from a Conn 8D, the F bass valve set is from Alexander with tubing from Yamaha, other parts are from F.E. Olds, Alexander, and other german manufacturers, and the build quality appears quite good, meaning that there should not be any quality issues with the instrument.  However, the fact that it is so complex and has so many valves, and is completely experimental, means that many are worried that it will have major intonation issues.  Also, as it has 10 valves, it is very heavy, meaning that it might be too much of a workout to play for extended periods.  

push your buttons | chapter one.

pairing: taehyung & jeongguk

genre: fluff, enemies to lovers n professional gaming (◕‿◕✿) (and smut!)

word count: 4.6k

summary: kim taehyung’s life had become a routine:

1. get home from a long-winded day of something that he did not care about
2. make the journey to his bedroom - where he will stay for the rest of the night.
3. reach into his stack of ramen cups and collapse onto his stained apeach beanbag.
4. play video games.

and that was about it, until he met jeon jeongguk and a rivalry had begun.

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//What happens when you fit 4 Dexters in one laboratory?

//Chaos ensues.

//I thought I’d draw some of the AU Dexters I know, although I couldn’t fit the Swap! Dex in here, but don’t you worry, it’ll be put in another pic later on ^w^

//Paul belongs to @archerinspace

//Dextruction belongs to @dexstructionstation-blog

//And Rudy belongs to @flukesandspooks!!


A couple of cool historical ladies I painted recently.

The first is Queen Elizabeth I, who I admired a fair bit as a small ginger child. I painted this after reading “The Private Lives of the Tudors”, which although not entirely historically accurate, it was a pretty interesting and fun read. Did you know that when the Spanish threatened to invade the British coast with their armada of ships, she sent her troops down to the southern coastline and joined them, fully armoured and seated on her horse. She did this without any prior combat knowledge or experience, but she knew she needed to appear strong to encourage her soldiers and kingdom that she was a solid figure to put their faith in if the British navy failed (which, thankfully, it did not). 

The second is the daughter of famed poet Lord Byron, Augusta Ada Lovelace - better known as Ada Lovelace who was born in 1815. She showed her gift for mathematics at an early age and translated an article on invention by Charles Babbage, adding to it her own comments. Because she introduced so many computer concepts, Ada is considered the first computer programmer. She died on November 27, 1852.

Cool, right???!?!?

hmm this may just be me being a certified peter parker stan but when i see people acting as if ragnarok is the first/only funny/witty marvel film it makes me sad like?? i was laughing my ass off probably even more during homecoming than during ragnarok if i’m being honest
'American Gods': Everything You Need to Know About 2017's Trippiest Show
'American Gods' finally hits TV screens – and it's a WTF stunner. Everything you need to know about Starz's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's cult novel.

This highest of high-concept ideas comes from the acclaimed 2001 cult novel by Neil Gaiman, which charted Shadow’s unlikely path from repentant small-time criminal to major player in a metaphysical war. The series hews closely to the inventive (and often very funny) source material, teasing out a compelling mystery with Whittle’s heartbroken ex-con at its core. But American Gods co-creators Brian Fuller and Michael Green also took care to expand on the book’s world in surprising, inventive ways, adding some new characters (Corbin Bernsen’s fiery god Vulcan) and greatly enhancing the roles of others. Even viewers who know the story chapter and verse will find themselves occasionally amazed at how it all plays out on screen.

Fooling around in Sai and came up with this uhhhh

Anyway this is for @franciskinloch because jn ad invented everything including happiness and a little extra happiness couldn’t hurt (go send Kat some love!! They are wonderful)

He’s transparent!!

I’ve been thinking about how the Pokemon writers really neglected Misty’s character development and plot lines  in the Johto arc, especially the Ash-Misty relationship subplot that they worked on in the Orange Islands. And it accurred to me that they actually wrote a great opportunity to build on, or at least not stall, Ash and Misty’s relationship. And that’s Chikorita/Bayleef. The whole plot of Chikorita having a crush on Ash and being jealous of the attention his other pokemon get was a nice and inventive way of adding character depth to Chikorita, but it could so easily have been used to advance the Ash-Misty relationship story and to build on Chikorita’s own character. Basically, they’d just have to add in more scenes of Ash and Misty being physically close to each other and acting like close friends and then have those moments interrupted by Chikorita. Ash and Misty sitting next to each other while eating? Chikorita jumps in the middle. Collecting firewood together? Chikorita pulls it out of Misy’s hands and offers it to Ash instead. Sleeping with their sleeping bags near each other? Chikorita pulls Misty’s bag away while they’re sleeping. It’s really not much more than the writers already did with Chikorita being jealous of Pikachu, just with regard to Misty. And the quasi-romantic nature of both characters’ feelings toward Ash could be built up by the details of the scenes, like the backgrounds used, the kinds of moments that are interrupted, the way the characters react when they seach the other being close to Ash (basically just use Misty’s reactions from the scenes with Melody and Macey). This also gives Misty a nice emotional development arc, since she has to come to terms with her being jealous of a pokemon, and gives her some more opportunities to really understand her feelings by using Chikorita’s behavior as a counter-point. It also allows more development of Chikorita. I envision this idea culminating with an episode where the gang is split up, probably due to team rocket of course, and Misty and Chikorita are on their own having to find ans rescue Ash. Over the course of the episode Chikorita comes to understand that Misty really does care for Ash sincerely and gets over her own crush. From there, Misty and Chikorita are able to bond over their shared feelings and in the final rescue of Ash, Chikorita evolves into Bayleef as a way of symbolically showing that her crush was holding back her ability to mature. From there on Bayleef is still affectionate toward Ash, but not jealous of others, and she and Misty are also close (I’m a fan of the idea of Ash and Misty’s pokemon being close to the other trainer). And of course I can’t help adding in some pokeshipping, so Bayleef would end up as a fervent pokeshipping jokester who takes opportunities to push Ash and Misty together or otherwise encourage and insinuate about their romantic feelings. (Things like using her vine whip to push the two closer, wafting sweet scent over them when their together, and other amusing things. With a nice helping of date with delcatty psyduck-esque snickering thrown in). Well, that was much longer than I thought it would be, and ended up as more of a pokeshipping rewrite concept than a lost opportunity, but hey!  

Ci sono vuoti che non si possono colmare e attese che non si possono riempire, e allora ti inventi una storia, una scusa e un sogno e ti lasci attraversare sperando di trovarti dall'altra parte della strada.