Tchoukball is an indoor team sport by the Swiss biologist Hermann Brandt in the 1970s. By combining elements from handball, squash and volleyball, he tried to create a sport that was as save as possible and does not lead to injuries and there is in fact only one known incident where a player got hurt. The sport is now played internationally and there are World Championships since 1984

You know what I find hilarious, how a kind of aromantic person like myself has to write a description of how I met the love of my life in french, and since the only person I love is Levi Ackerman (and Eren but I don’t think it’ll look very good if I write about two men, I was going to write about my computer but my friends stopped me [fite me friends]) I am writing a description of my one and only love, Levi Ackerman.

     hello and welcome to the TWENTY-TWO norse mythology blogs that followed me this morning.. i would just like to point out that i post nothing about norse gods or norse anything, and that i am an rp blog for the mortal instruments. the only thing i posted about norse mythology is my update on watching vikings, and i didn’t even tag that, so really i’m a little confused how you found me <__<
long story short, i have a feeling that i am the wrong blog for you.

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Pidge: I'm a girl. Fandom: what does this mean uwu


I have no idea what that means, because it can mean so much. It’s not just the words, it’s the inflection used, and the reason they were said, and everything that came after those words being spoken.

Gender is such a complicated thing, especially when considering it from the future perspective and from outside alien cultures. There are so many possibilities and so many ways for Pidge’s character to develop and change, and I think that’s exciting! I’m sorry that you see others’ excitement and fun as some sort of threat.