Kingdom Hearts Ask Responses
  • 1. which boss do you find the most difficult (story bosses)
    Riku 2, always.
  • 4. in bbs which character order do you play in
    Ven, Terra, Aqua!
  • 6. favourite dream drop distance world
    The Grid
  • 7. when did you first start playing kh
    I got it in 2002 when it released, so I was 10 (DAMN IM OLD)

  • 10.favourite kingdom hearts 2 world
    Timeless River

  • 13.favorite organization 13 member

  • 15.favourite/most used drive form

  • 17.have you ever cried over kh
    Not about the game itself, but I teared up when KH3 was announced at E3 2013.

  • 18.favorite game in the series

  • 19.favourite/most used summon
    Tinker Bell, more like Tinker Bae

  • 26.favourite world theme
    Port Royal - He’s A Pirate

  • 27.favourite boss theme
    Sephiroth - One Winged Angel

  • 28.favourite heartless

  • 31.favourite keyblade
    Star Seeker! kingdomheartsnyctophiliac gets me

  • 32. favourite outfit
    Wisom Form!

  • 35.favourite scene
    Just anything where Goofy is a buffoon (the entire game)

  • 39.0t3
    Sora, Riku, Kairi <3