So a bit of an afterthought of MSI since I don’t have a diary and I’ve had this on my mind the whole day so I’ll just write this down here ahaha. You should stop here if you don’t want to read this stupid rant.

Really happy that SKT won, even tho I should be ashamed for going to bed instead of staying up for my babies.

Upset that people on reddit/twitter and especially inven chewing Faker’s ass out for having a couple of bad games. Like he does well the entire spring season, he did really well at semis of msi too, but just because he loses lane a couple of times(but still does great in teamfights), he’s instantly crucified and worst player on skt. While it’s expected that people would go harder on him since he’s the best player in the world, the amount of people jumping on the Faker sucks train at once is ridiculous. It’s hilarious how many people want to see his downfall. Ugh.

Anways, there will be a day when Faker and SKT will fall, it’s inevitable. But I’ll only stop following him the day when he stops trying to stay or be the best. Though I don’t think he’ll ever ^^

I do respect perkz btw. He’ve grown on me since last msi, feels like he matured alot. Outside of his sometimes cocky twitter persona, he seems like a nice guy tbh. I reaaaaaly like the photo of him and faker he just posted. It’s always nice to see players exchange coats/tshirts. 

ALRIGHT now that I’ve gotten that off my chest

I’ve chosen some photos from lol’s flickr that I really liked from yesterday taht I’m posting. BTW YOU SEE THAT PHOTO OF PEANUT AND FAKER? SHIPPABLE MATERIAL RIGHT THERE. Some of the shots are so beautiful i can’t even

Still more of the Sheith soulmates AU

Still pondering title possibilities. Still writing a Voltron fanfic featuring Shiro and Keith as soulmates. Still T-rated. Still interested to hear feedback.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Keith drove south, keeping away from roads as much as possible. He had a destination in mind, if he could find it again after so many years.

About three hours later, he spotted what looked like a light in the distance. As he got closer, he realized that the light was the moon reflecting off of something. He approached more slowly, not wanting to run into anyone.

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Kingdom Hearts Ask Responses
  • 1. which boss do you find the most difficult (story bosses)
    Riku 2, always.
  • 4. in bbs which character order do you play in
    Ven, Terra, Aqua!
  • 6. favourite dream drop distance world
    The Grid
  • 7. when did you first start playing kh
    I got it in 2002 when it released, so I was 10 (DAMN IM OLD)

  • 10.favourite kingdom hearts 2 world
    Timeless River

  • 13.favorite organization 13 member

  • 15.favourite/most used drive form

  • 17.have you ever cried over kh
    Not about the game itself, but I teared up when KH3 was announced at E3 2013.

  • 18.favorite game in the series

  • 19.favourite/most used summon
    Tinker Bell, more like Tinker Bae

  • 26.favourite world theme
    Port Royal - He’s A Pirate

  • 27.favourite boss theme
    Sephiroth - One Winged Angel

  • 28.favourite heartless

  • 31.favourite keyblade
    Star Seeker! kingdomheartsnyctophiliac gets me

  • 32. favourite outfit
    Wisom Form!

  • 35.favourite scene
    Just anything where Goofy is a buffoon (the entire game)

  • 39.0t3
    Sora, Riku, Kairi <3