invasor zim

Myyyyyyyyyyy pic to celebrate Zim´s getting back with the movie promo, I´m still excited as hell let me tell you!! already taking the dust out of my Zim´s merchandise and rewatching episodes and reding the comics…even tho I still want to buy some I couldn´t get in time :C but anyway, this will be awesome!!

Invader Zim © Johnen Vazquez, Viacom

Y’all…we have a Spanish fandub. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life, and this is coming from someone who once saw a chinchilla take a dust bath. This… is SO. COOL.

(Noise warning: Zim screams a lot)

Invader Zim self tattoo design but I´m not 100% convinced, I wanna have a tattoo design ready for whenever I feel to get it tattoo on me, the serie means a lot to me it was part of some of the hardest part of my life nd I was scrolling trough some tattoos people have done on them about it, but nothing of my taste, most of them are the logos or Gir stuff XD so I´ll be doing some more designs that look more artistic yet it reminds me the serie