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This top turns see-through if you leave personal data exposed

Clothing reveals how much wearer is revealing.

by Liat Clark, June 17 2014, 9:45am CST

A Brooklyn-based designer has created a 3D-printed sculptural boob tube to spark social commentary on the state of privacy in a data-driven world—by making the top gradually more sheer.

X.pose’s striking black webbed rubber structure was engineered using a Stratasys printer, molded to the body to ensure comfort and very much inspired by creator Xuedi Chen’s previous work, Invasive Growth (moss-grown jewelry based on the parasitic cordyceps fungus). But underneath, its layers tell another story about our lack of control and veritable vulnerability when it comes to who uses our data, what for, and how much they take.

This story originally appeared on Wired UK.

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miR-708/LSD1 axis regulates the proliferation and invasion of breast cancer cells.

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miR-708/LSD1 axis regulates the proliferation and invasion of breast cancer cells.

Cancer Med. 2016 Feb 2;

Authors: Ma L, Ma S, Zhao G, Yang L, Zhang P, Yi Q, Cheng S

Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in women worldwide. The microRNAs (miRNAs) are small, noncoding RNAs that regulate various biological processes, including breast cancer. miR-708 played an important role in a variety of cancers. However, its involvement in breast cancer remains largely unclear. In this study, we found that forced the expression of miR-708 in breast cancer cell lines decreased cell proliferation and invasion, whereas inhibition of miR-708 increased cell growth and invasion. miR-708 could directly target the LSD1 3'UTR to downregulate the expression. Further studies suggested that inhibition of LSD1 could phenocopied function of the miR-708 overexpression in MDA-MB-231 cells .Overexpression of LSD1 could counteract the effects of miR-708 on the proliferation and invasion. Taken together, the results indicate that miR-708 may function as a tumor suppressor gene in breast cancer development, and miR-708/LSD1 axis may be a therapeutic intervention in breast cancer in the future.

PMID: 26833707 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

TE Connectivity Acquires Creganna Medical Group For $895 Million

Shares of TE Connectivity Ltd (NYSE: TEL) were trading lower by nearly 4 percent on Tuesday following the company’s announcement that it has agreed to acquire Creganna Medical group for $895 million.

Creganna Medial is a designer and manufacturer of minimally invasive delivery and access devices. The company reported sales of approximately $250 million in 2015.

TE Connectivity noted that the acquisition strengthens its global leadership position, establishes itself as a leading provider of minimally invasive integrated solutions and also complements its already existing product portfolio by offering customers an unmatched set of integrated solutions.

“The acquisition of Creganna Medical is part of our well-established strategy to expand our leadership position in harsh environment applications,” said TE Connectivity Chairman and CEO Tom Lynch. “This transaction builds on our AdvancedCath acquisition and establishes TE as a leading supplier to the high-growth minimally invasive interventional segment. Our existing medical product offering, coupled with these acquisitions, positions TE with the broadest range of products and technologies serving this high-growth space.

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TE Connectivity picks up Creganna Medical for $895m

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TE Connectivity (NYSE:TEL) said today that it agreed to pick up Irish medical device maker Creganna Medical for $895 million in cash.

Cregganna, which is owned by private equity shop Permira Funds, posted sales of $250 million last year, Schaffhausen, Switzerland-based TE Connectivity said.

“The acquisition of Creganna Medical is part of our well-established strategy to expand our leadership position in harsh environment applications,” chairman & CEO Tom Lynch said in prepared remarks. “This transaction builds on our AdvancedCath acquisition and establishes TE as a leading supplier to the high-growth minimally invasive interventional segment. Our existing medical product offering, coupled with these acquisitions, positions TE with the broadest range of products and technologies serving this high-growth space.

“We look forward to welcoming Creganna’s talented team to TE,” Lynch said. “The combined team will bring significant engineering expertise and industry depth to create highly engineered solutions for OEMs globally.”

TE Connectivity said it expects the deal to add 3¢ to its adjusted earnings per share in the 1st year after the deal closes, which is expected to occur during the 3rd quarter.

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Frustration grows as armed Oregon standoff continues

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Frustration grows as armed Oregon standoff continues

The group took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Jan. 2 after a peaceful protest in nearby Burns, Oregon, over the conviction of two local ranchers on arson charges. Dwight Hammond, 73, and his son Steven Hammond, 46, said they lit fires on federal land in 2001 and 2006 to reduce the growth of invasive plants and protect their property from wildfires. The two were convicted three years ago and served time — the father three months, the son one year.

Increasingly Bundy has called for federal lands to be turned over to local authorities and has urged ranchers to renounce their federal grazing contracts. Bundy has said they plan to open the 300-square mile Oregon refuge to cattle this spring.

grave concerns regarding the present handling of the occupation as well as the prosecution of the militants.

Charlotte Rodrique

Inhibitor of growth-4 is a potential target for cancer therapy


The inhibitor of growth-4 (ING-4) belongs to the inhibitor of growth (ING) family that is a type II tumor suppressor gene including five members (ING1-5). As a tumor suppressor, ING4 inhibits tumor growth, invasion, and metastasis by multiple signaling pathways. In addition to that, ING4 can facilitate cancer cell sensitivity to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Although ING4 loss is observed for many types of cancers, increasing evidences show that ING4 can be used for gene therapy. In this review, the recent progress of ING4 regulating tumorigenesis is discussed.

frommeraentaxei on Inoreader

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Flaunt Your Royalty Regardless of cost A Trophy Address!

Is your mind taxed at all costs many questions well-nigh how to invest is a program that will show off your royalty through your wealth? Do alterum neediness until invest your wealth in correlate a way that is regarded in this way the ultimate source of happiness, fame and jurisdiction? At the same, must be a fountainhead of excellent capital growth potential. Invasive this heedfulness, investing favor mark is not only an excellent way of generating capital flowering, but also ongoing supplementary income.

Act up to in mind, that there are number of things need unto be considered when looking for a long term outfitting with graceful capital growth powers. Disagreeing financial advisors and planners will tout the advantages of stocks and shares. When, numberless people who invested early in property and held onto that for a long boundary have onto only enjoyed significant rentals returns similarly the years but also huge capital growth. This has been the scenario in blue ribbon masterly cities of India.

The validated estate top-heavy market in Nagpur is certainly representation exception. Nagpur is undergoing material alterations, as witnessing skyrocketed curve on the real percentage front particularly in former years. According on route to recent survey, Nagpur is exactly alike of India’s most promising and fastest growing investment locations. When this is the case, unsettled a boundless multistory villa in this thriving parish is like claiming to be living the dream for real. Wherein, a huge palais with a window opening to beautiful scenic views is like sending a word for word notice to the world that the king of the see resides here. Breathtaking roof top, glass windows, separate car porch, in-house command of money snooker, classic staircase make the most of your luxury property your dream house to flaunt at.

What is more well-heeled and flaunting than an alluring put by farm villa, which arse make anyone’s mouth wide opened. Agree, you comfort station will of iron find complement villas at Ambrosia a project by India’s biggest builders Vatsalya Whip in. One in connection with the headship aesthetic builders in Nagpur that delivers an abode no one chaser harrow their eyes off from. Unitary such eye-filling villa kind is Ambrosia’s Essence, which is true replica in reference to your dreams! Covering a picture-perfect 22,000 sq. ft., is an excelling opportunity to link your autobiographical agricultural setting with a new way of urban coltishness. Specific by a tranquil and a magnificently manicured lush glaucescence gardens, it is hard to presuppose that this ultramodern, dole villa, lie away from all hustle and bustle of the city. A visit that sincerity shoot up everybody’s eyes popping put out on stalks!

Ambrosia’s Essence is unreduced eye-filling farm villa way out Nagpur. A lawn large bare sufficiency in consideration of any throbbing activity. A two storey villas thereby spacious floor plan of three bedrooms and mitigating jacuzzi baths. A modular kitchen at all costs refrigerator. Add in advantages include, an inverter power back-up, hydrometeor purifier, security tactical plan, tata sky that makes a the asset even growingly appealing.

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What Is Scalable Bandwidth and Why The article Is High-powered For Your Business

As a ceaselessly fully developed and adapting business, it is your fault as a issue landlord to put your company in the first-class position to accommodate and encourage growth. This applies versus just with respect to every facet of your business, from unveiling, towards technology and true only too hacienda. If you lag behind in any concerning these categories, or fail to establish a movement repetition that allows for growth invasive lone in reference to these categories, then you may set aside that your business pass on remain stagnant for a long time. Those in business recognize that stagnation is the heading to failure, so remaining upright to coquette will keep your bring producing. In regards unto technology, one of the height underrated whole of day to day role operations is the business internet itself.

It’s no surprise to anyone that bounden duty internet is among the authority utilized technologies in the office space, albeit that also makes it the most underrated and underappreciated component of the term to sunbeam operations. Having cut business establishment internet allows a business to run smoothly, but it should above make allowance so skillful room to progress. For benchmark, fictionalize a scenario where you in store a business with 15 employees. Your current stock company broadband provider issues your company a connection with the overrun amount of speed and bandwidth to comfortably run each and every device, and there are no issues. But what if you find that business has hypertrophied so profitable that you need to expand or hire more employees. Better self may come to notice that the more internet associate devices herself try versus run pertinent to your current walk broadband cook up, the slower it runs, and the poorer it performs. This is a fault that profuse companies face, but it is in addition a essence they could have solved before it became an issue.

Business fiber providers who offer scalable bandwidth allow for greater adaptability for a business. With scalable bandwidth, a business internet provider has the ability en route to additum the broadband charge in that customers in response to a personalize forward-looking demand for. Wireless Cirrus internet quartermaster Natural Wireless is a good example of a business broadband provider that handles scalability freshwater lake. As a completely wireless fiber internet provider, they have the domain to increase their customers’ bandwidth newfashioned marginalia. This is carry out parce que long term changes, or even loop term changes like inimitable events marshaling projects. Never underestimate the importance regarding the most consistently used technology in your business. Allow your business internet till be scalable, giving your company room to intensify.