Replying to Responses, on how Prussia is ‘Germany’s oldest brother (or so he thinks)’

A lot of people reblogged THIS post and added commentary, debates, questions, corrections, headcanons, discussion, etc.

I’m gonna respond to some of them here (and only reblog the one version with the largest amount of canon-based input), but please keep in mind, I don’t feel well, so I’m sorry if I seem inattentive. I just don’t have the strength right now for full-blown conversation. I apologize in advance. u-u

nerdgirl-98 said: “But Germany canonically has more older brothers than Prussia. Like Hessen and Saxony. I think Hima is pointing to the fact that Prussia acts like the oldest brother all the time, simply bc hes got a big ego, and so he forgets hes not actually the eldest.“

Very true. - I agree this is likely what Hima was pointing to.


aph-italy-feliciano said: “Maybe - it’s just my opinion - he meants that Prussia just calls himself his brother? I remember that Prussia isn’t really Germany’s big brother, but he says he is because he’s the one who has supported him and everything.
So with ‘or so he thinks’ maybe Himaruya just meant that Prussia thinks he is Germany’s big brother and calls himself so. Even when he actually isn’t.“

I’ve wondered about this myself. Family ties in Hetalia are a bit strange, and of course Prussia and Germany are blood-related, but so are Austria and Germany, yet Germany doesn’t call Austria ‘big brother’. - Hmm…

Your opinion is a valid one, and an interesting thing to ponder.


aph-preussen said: “Actually, Hima said that Prussia is slightly older than Austria.The HRE theory makes sense.. I really wonder what Hima meant with that.”

And preussen-invasion responded to them: “Well since the Holy Roman Empire was founded in 800 and the Teutonic Knights weren’t around until 1190 (and the Duchy of Prussia wasn’t founded until the 16th century), the HRE theory makes a lot of sense with this little tidbit. However I don’t know where hima is getting “Prussia is older than Austria” thing because the Margravate of Austria was founded in the 900s. He might be calling the start of Hapsburg Austria (13th century) the start of Austria as we know it, but it’s still a little weird.“

@ aph-preussen – Okay. I must have missed the part where Hima said Prussia was slightly older than Austria. (Could you provide a link to that information, please? I trust your knowledge of canon, and especially of APH Prussia, but again, I’d like to see it for myself.)

And @ preussen-invasion – I totally agree.


trash-a-nator said: “Tbh i was thinking since prussia was the lead in unifying germany, maybe prussia is germanys dad?????? Me and my fucking weird mind idek“

Heh. Well, I…imagine if Prussia were Germany’s dad, Prussia would insist on Germany calling him ‘Dad’ instead of ‘Big Brother’. ;)


quitranstulitsustinet said: “Why would Prussia be the oldest? It was a late forming state, compared to Bavaria or Saxony.

I mean, you have to go around about the time that the Teutonic Order finally settled and basically got rid of the Old Prussian culture. We can’t count Old Prussia as a German state since these people were far from it; Baltic, with Slavic mixed in as well, not those of German descent.

Therefore, we’re looking at a time around 1274 A.D., which obviously the Saxons and Bavarians existed before hand. For instance, the concept of “Bavaria” that we have today started existing around 554 A.D. as a Duchy, but even before then with their own lands. Saxony would be around…804 A.D. as a Duchy, but honestly, those who we consider Germanic an call the “Saxons” existed there in prehistory.

Other states are older as well, so to call Prussia the oldest is probably a mistake by Himapapa, or translation. Besides, I’ve known Himapapa to make countless historical mistakes in his work.”

doofy-lawyer-chan responded to that and/or to me by stating: “Well since most of the manga takes place in WWII, Prussia can be considered Germany’s older brother because Prussia formed as a country before Germany technically did and that’s probably what Himapapa is referring to when he calls Prussia the eldest. Besides, Prussia having the ego that he does, why wouldn’t he still consider himself the oldest? Also, Prussia probably would never consider HRE when calling himself the older brother because Germany doesn’t recall ever being HRE and Prussia would never want to remind him of such a horrible ending to the empire.”

As far as the whole ‘or so he thinks’ thing, more than likely it refers to him acting like the younger brother, while Germany acts like the oldest.“

@ doofy-lawyer-chan  – Yours is one of the best responses I’ve read.


witch-of-the-world said: “I read somewhere (a history thing, not a Hetalia thing) that Switzerland is the oldest Germanic nation, then Austria, then Teutonic Knights/Prussia, then HRE/Germany. I personally consider these four to be nation-biologically brothers, but only Prussia and Germany actually consider themselves brothers. It’s a nation thing, in my mind. (And then Liechtenstein is the baby of the family, and that by my own headcanon is an extremely long and complicated story.)“

Yeah, that part about brothers sounds right to me, as well.


There. I’m sorry if I missed anyone. Thank you to everyone who responded.

Full details on all Invader Zim #1 covers and our Invader Zim plans for San Diego Comic-Con!



PORTLAND, OR July 1, 2015 – Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, is set to launch the first issue of the sure-to-be hit Invader Zim comic series next week on Wednesday, July 8th. The comic will launch with a number of activities at San Diego Comic-Con and several alternate covers from fan-favorite artists.

Invader Zim #1 will arrive in stores next Wednesday, July 8th, just in time to make San Diego Comic-Con a major event for Invader Zim fans. Oni Press will host a panel, The Return of Invader Zim, Saturday 7/11 at 2 pm in Room 29AB that features original creator Jhonen Vasquez, original show staff and creative staff on the new Zim comic Aaron Alexovich, original show writer and comic staff Eric Trueheart, Inker on the new Invader Zim comic Megan Lawton, and Oni Press Editor-in-Chief James Lucas Jones. Questions for the panel will be accepted via responses to a specific message on Oni Press’ Twitter in the week leading up to Comic-Con, with those whose questions are selected winning a copy of Invader Zim #1. Invader Zim cosplayers visiting Oni Press’ booth (#1833) at SDCC will also receive Invader Zim #1. Bryan Konietzko (creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and staff member on original Invader Zim show) has produced a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive cover for the first issue that will be available exclusively at Oni Press’ SDCC booth. Finally, Oni Press will host the following signings for the Invader Zim comic creative team at their SDCC booth #1833:

Thursday 7/9

11 am - Aaron Alexovich, Megan Lawton

Friday 7/10

4 pm - Jhonen Vasquez, Bryan Konietzko

Saturday 7/11

3:30 pm - Jhonen Vasquez, Aaron Alexovich, Eric Trueheart, Megan Lawton

Sunday 7/12

2 pm - Aaron Alexovich, Eric Trueheart, Megan Lawton

Due to the massive demand for Friday and Saturday’s signings, tickets will be given out at the Oni Press booth from the start of the show on respective days with fans selected for spots in those signings announced at the Oni Press booth and via Oni Press’ Twitter an hour before the Friday and Saturday signings. Attendees will be limited to signings for two items.

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Australian Spotted Jellyfish - Phyllorhiza punctata - A beautiful but annoying invader

Phyllorhiza punctata (Rhizostomae - Mastigiidae) is a large jellyfish with a rounded and somewhat flattened gelatinous bell that is clear or possibly tinted brown with many small white crystalline refractive spots close to the surface. 

P. punctata is a coastal and estuarine jellyfish whose wide native distribution includes Australia and much of the Indo-Pacific including the Philippine archipelago. 

This species was recorded only from Indo-Pacific waters prior to the 1950s.  Since 1995 there are several reports of populations of the Australian Spotted Jellyfish in the Atlantic (Brazil), Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the East Pacific (California), where the species is considered introduced, invasive and nuisance, impacting fisheries, injuring swimmers, and clogging the intakes of power plants, among other effects. 

References: [1] - [2] - [3]

Photo credit: ©Ray Froend | Locality: Swan River, Western Australia (2007)


Orange pore fungus: an invasive species 

When speaking of invasive organisms is common to think of plants and animals, but not in fungus, perhaps because there are few studies that address the issue of geographic dispersal in this group of organisms. 

The fact is that fungi can also be dispersed, as they have a medium, their spores, through which the genetic material of the fungus can be taken to new places and successfully establish, whether be it transported by natural elements (water, wind, birds) or accidentally by man.

The beautiful Orange pore fungus, Favolaschia calocera (Mycenaceae), is one of those fungi that has spread beyond its native range distribution. This saprotrophic fungus occurs naturally in Madagascar and parts of southern Asia. It was first reported as an exotic New Zealand in the 1950s, and is now common throughout the North Island and the north western regions of the South Island.

Genetic studies also revealed that it may have also been introduced to Kenya, Norfolk Island and Réunion Island. In 2002 it was also reported from Italy. In 2005 it was recorded for the first time in south eastern Australia, and currently it has been reported also in North America (Brazil) and the Hawaiian islands.

Because it is spreading, it needs to be monitored due to the potential ecological impacts of its introduction, since it is a saprotrophic fungi. Whether it may displace native fungi is still uncertain, as in both New Zealand and Italy it appears to be more abundant in remnant or disturbed habitats.

References: [1] - [2] - [3] - [4]

Photo credit: [Top: ©Bernard Spragg | Locality: Ruakaka, Northland, New Zealand]  -  [Bottom: ©Marco Bertolini | Locality: unknown]