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Ooh!!! I have a reason!!! We can ask your pops incredibly invasive and personal questions with the purpose of making him uncomfortable!!! I wanna see the old fucker blush! 😆

* YE git ‘m all riled up an’ shit on dat massive ego of his, knock ‘em down a couple notches HEHEHEH YE BOI YE BOI YE! I’M DOWN!

* A’ight A’ight, y’convinced me. I’ll shoot ‘m a text.

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solar eclipse tomorrow? you know what that means.. the firenation loses their bending. invasion part 1!! lmao

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked… except not because of the solar eclipse !!!

A Daxamite invasion to me is the most hilarious badly thought out invading species ever. Like, most scary alien invasion types are terrifying because human weapons have no impact on them since they’re so advanced and extraterrestrial, so the entire human race ends up relying on the main character of the series to save us.

Daxamites have a strong weakness to lead.

Think about that. They arrive, we shoot them with guns, and it…. works? The president of the US is under attack, she goes to her panic room, which in a high security bunker meant to survive Cold War conditions would be lined with lead. The Daxamites can’t get to her?

 Daxamites accidentally land in Flint and die from drinking the water?

I don’t get how this is even a fair fight against the Daxamites at this point???

I witnessed something wonderful on my walk today.

We went down to the park, where the lake drains under a footbridge into a stone-lined gully that someone generous might call a creek. Usually it’s a trickle at best, but it poured last night, and the water was still moving pretty briskly. 

As we got closer, I heard kids yelling, so we went over to have a look. I was nervous, because earlier this summer we’d seen a mother cat and her kittens hanging out a few times in the (then bone dry) spillway. We hadn’t seen them in over a month, but I didn’t want to think of them being there when the water started coming down.

Instead, when I looked over the side of the bridge, I saw a skinny kid (maybe 8-10 years old) carrying an enormous catfish clasped in both arms.

The catfish had to be the length of this kid’s torso, and it was flopping around trying to escape, but the kid doggedly kept climbing over mud and slippery rocks until he reached the lake and chucked the fish in. And behind him came… another kid, holding a fish.

When the lake flooded, it must’ve washed a bunch of these catfish downstream, where they collected in pools. Now the water levels are starting to go down, and the fish are trapped, doomed to dry up and die. Not on these kids’ watch. As we watched, they rescued four fish, and one of the adults present said there were at least six left. The kids showed no sign of stopping. This is the kind of thing you love as a kid, a life or death mission you can throw your heart and soul into while getting gleefully covered in muck and slime. I was tempted to offer my assistance, but this was their Quest, and I did not want to impose.

When we continued on, the Great Fish Rescue was still going strong. Godspeed, kids. In a time of such great discord and meanspirited behavior, you will live on in my memory as a beacon of goodwill. 

the chronicles of meme-llura
~ in which allura completely misuses earth memes

allura: yeah can i get uhhhh, one bofa?

mcdonald’s employee: what … what the hell’s a bofa

allura: (starts giggling) (raises her finger and opens her mouth)

lance: (stepping in front of her) wHAT MY FRIEnd meant to say is, um, she’d like a mcflurry please, yeah, ha, we’re ordering together uh make that two mcflurries

(allura and hunk at the comic store)

comic store employee: hey, morning guys, let me know if you need help finding anything (sneezes into his elbow)

hunk: thanks man we’re all set

allura: yes, and (dabs) right back at ya ;))

mrs. holt: (puts a plate of dinner before allura) and for our royal guest ! :)

allura: thank you mrs. holt :) it looks so delicious, i can’t wait to vore all of this!!

matt: (drops his fork)

pidge: aaaaah would anyone like more peas come on allura let’s go get more

allura: (walks up really close to keith while he’s drinking a soda)

keith: (looks at her and stops drinking) what—

allura: (grabs the soda can and throws it out of the nearest window) YEET