Invasion of the Tribbles
Hot Nasties
Invasion of the Tribbles

song-a-day #165

It’s weird when a band from the other side of the world inadvertently introduces you to a band from your hometown (through a cover). I have to thank Nardwuar for that, too (for telling me who the band actually was). Guy’s a bloody…encyclopedia. I don’t even know. He seems to know more about artists than the artists themselves do. And there doesn’t seem to be anybody he doesn’t know about.

It’s kinda funny, seems one of the guys went on from being in a punk band to becoming a lawyer and then politician. Trouble maker with a future. You can do a hell of a lot more damage in the system than outside of it. Eh heh, SLC Punk!

Calgary punk!

Hot Nasties - Invasion of the Tribbles