• me: ah yes, everyone is asleep and nobody else is in the house, i'm alone
  • my intrusive thoughts: okay but consider.... what if you actually aren't alone... what if something was behind you.. or in the dark where the light doesn't quite reach
  • me: *screams*

I’m from Zhuhai, China, and I moved to the U.S when I was 8 years old and I’ve been here for 9 years. Ive felt like I needed to hide my background or not embrace my culture or language because its not commonly accepted for other cultures to outwardly express themselves in public. there are so many injustices in the world and most of them are subconscious, something we grow up accepting because we hear it or see it a lot.

“because you’re asian”

“you’re pretty for a asian girl”

“do you speak asian”

“my eyes look asian in this picture bc they’re squinted”

“you don’t act like you’re asian”

“is your favorite food rice”


“all asian people look alike” (but no every blonde girl with blue eyes does not)

*pulling eyes to make them go upward*

Instead of making fun or degrading another culture because it’s different than yours, be aware and be respectful. I feel like all these other countries love America and the culture here, but we pay no attention to theirs and don’t really care about it. I know most of the time when I talk about China, people don’t listen or think its interesting and it discourages me to talk about it. And when someone says something negative about my race, I usually won’t argue.

So here’s to being able to talk about and express the Chinese culture (and no, not every country in Asia has the same culture, we may look alike but traditions and customs are extremely different so please do not categorize every person with asian features together.)

anonymous asked:

Question- what WOULD happen if one were to put their fingers in one of Larimar's vent things? Or is it really more a matter of 'that's weird, don't do that'?

First…They would clamp down more firmly than you ever would’ve expected (those things seal up 100% airtight)… and you’d have your fingers trapped in gross fleshtubes, maybe cutting off circulation a bit

THEN. Larimar would give you a look. A look that says why, why does everyone insist on doing this.

And you’d get a warning. Either a projected X or a headshake……..

Strike one…….


Y’know those posts ‘bout guys always takin’ up so much goddamn space, invading yours as if they have the fuckin’ right to? Yeah well it ain’t bs! Idgaf how tall you are and how much leg space you need, you better stay in your goddamn globule of air. Got me fucked up.

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So,, I finally reached my goal, and I thought I’d celebrate by making my very first follow forever !! I can’t be bothered to make one of those title thingies bc I’m exhausted ://  anyways, these are some rly amazing blogs I follow !! Thank u all so much, ur all rly cool!!!!

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