5 Underrated Anime You Should Go And Watch

Yea this is a mysme blog but y’know I wanna spread the love for these underrated anime. Okay, so, in no particular order:

Tsuritama (2012)

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-nice art style, really over-the-top and expressive

-incredibly poignant portrayal of social anxiety

-sci-fi fishing drama, power of friendship, alien invasion

-c h a r a c t e r d e v e l o p m e n t

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Wolf’s Rain (2003)

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-this series follows a pack of wolves as they make their way to ‘paradise’ at the end of the world

-it’s pretty philosophical, and it has environmental messages

-the main characters are wolves but they’re so well-written

-all in all a harrowing story that blends fantasy and reality and makes you feel so much for the characters

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Terror in Resonance (2014)

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-an emotional show that discusses the nature of society, government, and the tendency for the existence of most people as individuals to be forgotten

-it also tackles the subjects of domestic terrorism - can acts of terror ever be justified? And investigates the relationship between governments and their people

-the animation, THE ANIMATION OOOO and the characters omgggg. This anime is just soooo good

-the story is told through the POV of 3 very damaged individuals

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Paranoia Agent (2005)

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-this series is so good. It follows detectives and victims as they investigate a series of mysterious attacks

-it shows how the media affects things, how individuals’ POVs completely warp the reality of the situation. Its use of unreliable narrators is 10/10

-it’s a kind of mystery/existentialist thing

-it does take a bit of concentration, but it’s totally worth it

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Kiznaiver (2016)

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-this series follows a group of teenagers whose pain is linked together in an experiment for a ‘better world’ - e.i. when one of them feels pain, all of them feel pain

-their only task is to survive the summer while linked together. The scientists behind the experiment provide them with increasingly dangerous challenges as they learn to work together

-the animation is niiice, and I actually really love how the whole thing is handled. The characters learn to get along despite being so, so different, and it does bring to mind some interesting thoughts and ideas

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  • me: ah yes, everyone is asleep and nobody else is in the house, i'm alone
  • my intrusive thoughts: okay but consider.... what if you actually aren't alone... what if something was behind you.. or in the dark where the light doesn't quite reach
  • me: *screams*

I’m from Zhuhai, China, and I moved to the U.S when I was 8 years old and I’ve been here for 9 years. Ive felt like I needed to hide my background or not embrace my culture or language because its not commonly accepted for other cultures to outwardly express themselves in public. there are so many injustices in the world and most of them are subconscious, something we grow up accepting because we hear it or see it a lot.

“because you’re asian”

“you’re pretty for a asian girl”

“do you speak asian”

“my eyes look asian in this picture bc they’re squinted”

“you don’t act like you’re asian”

“is your favorite food rice”


“all asian people look alike” (but no every blonde girl with blue eyes does not)

*pulling eyes to make them go upward*

Instead of making fun or degrading another culture because it’s different than yours, be aware and be respectful. I feel like all these other countries love America and the culture here, but we pay no attention to theirs and don’t really care about it. I know most of the time when I talk about China, people don’t listen or think its interesting and it discourages me to talk about it. And when someone says something negative about my race, I usually won’t argue.

So here’s to being able to talk about and express the Chinese culture (and no, not every country in Asia has the same culture, we may look alike but traditions and customs are extremely different so please do not categorize every person with asian features together.)

as someone who works in the comic business i literally have the BIGGEST vendetta against the avengers and i have an immediate gut reflex to wanting to barf every time i see them. i think that the most effective form of torture for a human being is to throw a bunch of avengers comics at them and tell them to alphabetize them.

you’re like ‘okay!’ and then TWO DAYS LATER you’re sitting neck-deep in a pentagram of avengers comics trying to fish out the 762 sub-titles you have to alphabetize too like these assholes just can’t call everything the same thing and number it there’s so many spin-offs and crossovers and miniseries it’s celestial quest, rogue planet, earth’s mightiest heroes, prime, west coast, finale, infinite gauntlet, fear itself, strikefile, original sin, children’s crusade, end times, reckoning, maximum security, vs., icons, secret invasion -

B R B i have to go cough up my BEAKFAST


Y’know those posts ‘bout guys always takin’ up so much goddamn space, invading yours as if they have the fuckin’ right to? Yeah well it ain’t bs! Idgaf how tall you are and how much leg space you need, you better stay in your goddamn globule of air. Got me fucked up.

Final Rankings for HHN 27

***Full reviews of all houses and zones will be linked as they are posted.***


  1. Dead Waters (x)
  2. American Horror Story Vol. 2 (x)
  3. Hive (x)
  4. The Shining (x)
  5. Ash vs. Evil Dead (x)
  6. The Fallen (x)
  7. Scarecrow: The Reaping (x)
  8. The Horrors of Blumhouse (x)
  9. Saw: The Games of Jigsaw (x)


  1. Invasion! (x)
  2. Trick r Treat (x)
  3. Altars of Horror (x)
  4. Festival of the Deadliest (x)
  5. Clownsaws (x)
  6. The Purge (x)

anonymous asked:

Question- what WOULD happen if one were to put their fingers in one of Larimar's vent things? Or is it really more a matter of 'that's weird, don't do that'?

First…They would clamp down more firmly than you ever would’ve expected (those things seal up 100% airtight)… and you’d have your fingers trapped in gross fleshtubes, maybe cutting off circulation a bit

THEN. Larimar would give you a look. A look that says why, why does everyone insist on doing this.

And you’d get a warning. Either a projected X or a headshake……..

Strike one…….