invasion of the buddy snatcher


 I headcanon that Shepard has an obsession with science fictions films and shows from the 20th and 21st Centuries. During Shep’s off hours he hosts viewing parties with the ME2 and ME3 crew. The Alien crew find the 60s Star Trek mostly hilarious but Mordin is fascinated by Spock and likes McCoy. Liara, Traynor, Tali, Miranda and Jack are disgusted by how the female characters are treated. Javik remarks that Shepard is somewhat reminiscient of Captain Kirk. Shepard is not sure if that is a compliment or insult. Everyone enjoys the Star Wars films but Joker, Jacob, and Vega really love them. Kaidan enjoys
them too but has a slight preference towards the George Lucas ones. They all like the Star Trek films and think the next Generation is better than the 1st show but they find the Borg unsettling. Shepard does not admit it but the way the Borg speak really bothers him. Wrex and Grunt LOVE the Klingons and think  Worf is awesome! When people remark about the similarities the Romulans have with the Protheans, Javik gets offended. EDI is perplexed by
the voice of the computer while Joker, Jack, and Vega wish that holo similuations they have now were more like the Holodecks in TNG.  Miranda and Jack actually bond when Tasha Yar is killed off.  Wrex and Grunt enjoy Starship Troopers but everyone else is creeped out by how its sort of rachni-like. Tali, Liara, Traynor, Jack, and  Miranda bond over Star Trek Voyager. Kaidan, Garrus,  Cortez, Vega & Jacob bond over Deep Space Nine.  There are a couple of movies they all find truly unsettling. They barely sat through War of the Worlds because of how the alien ships have a resemblance to the reapers. Everyone hates Invasion of the Body Snatchers. And Liara can’t stand the sound of the guy makes at the end of the movie. Javik believes some of these films & their  similarities are too much of a coincidence that he thinks they are a result of the beacons & humanity interpreting the messages on a
subconscious level. Mordin agrees with him and they have a long discussion over it.  Legion and EDI are fascinated by TRON and discuss it to the point where everyone gets annoyed. Tali and Liara find ET adorable. Liara, EDI, and Javik debate Blade Runner while Garrus  really enjoys the Alien Cop/Human Cop Buddy drama….Alien Nation.

MOD NOTE: About the Invasion of the Body Snatcher sound. Click on this link if you have never seen the film. (Warning…if you don’t like scary films don’t click)


Seriously though, what a weirdly put-together movie.

Like the previous two installments of “The Cornetto Trilogy”, it mixes several genres into one movie but while on the other two the seams were very much invisible in this one I could tell when it switched gears on me. So it’s a combination of bar-brawl fighting, with buddy comedy, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and it’s so obvious when it changes genres that it takes me out of the experience.

It’s a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong. I would watch it again no doubt, but if I had to choose I’d say this is the least good out of the trilogy. That’s not a criticism, that’s a compliment.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to take a cup of coffee. Or several. The hangover is going to suck.

((Guest Update drawn by the always awesome Aginpro. Thank you so much dude!))