This is fucking perfect


InvaderCon ain’t half bad.  The pannels have been excellent.  I could listen to the cast talk forevahhh…dey so funny, 

I got half the signatures today.

I’ll have to get Gir and Gaz tomorrow. :P

I’m on this shit computer at the hotel and the keyboard is laid out all funky because I didn’t bring my laptop…so more detail later,  I’m keeping this brief.

anyway,,,ya know, FUN.  also, we made puppets at a workshop they had this morning,  FUN. <3 I made the Dib, my dad made the Zim and my mom made the Gir,


Hello hello hello,

How about that comic news, eh??  I’m hoping to find some time to sketch a bit about it and also follow up on some trades during the upcoming break this month!

Here’s a preview of some stuff I’ve been working on lately (slowly):

I also have some belated material from invadercon I’ve been meaning to fix up and publish for… months.

Other News:

  • I’m going to be at Emerald City Comic Con this month, so if you’re also around let me know! (I don’t have a booth, I’m just wandering) I get to meet Aaron Alexovich and see Rikki Simons 8D
  • Gallery Page has been updated.
  • I’m drafting a new layout for Zimbeciles, which should hopefully include better organization.  I’ll be looking for people to help sort art and tags, so if you’re interested please let me know.
  • The IZaddressbook is officially associated with OHP! (more on this later)

I’m currently dealing with some crazy stuff, so there won’t be any other posts until my break. Check out other peeps on Zimbeciles!


In Rikki Simmons’s panel somebody asked what it’s like when Gir goes into red mode and Rikki said that that’s what happens when all the circuits line up and the SIR trapped inside of him gets out, and the SIR is Gir’s real personality, trapped inside underneath a wall of stupidity, and Gir can feel the SIR inside him trying to get out but unable to.

So basically Gir is very sad. Now you know!



We’re big fans of IZ here at Nostalgia Bomb Studios, so of course we had to have some IZ-inspired offerings in our collection of badge earrings! All badge earrings are made out of 1" buttons from NBS’ stock, and the Almighty Tallest pair feature art by Nella!

Irken empire sigil earrings
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I'm gonna be at Invadercon!

I realize I haven’t been on this blog in forever, but whatever. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS.

My one dubious claim to fandom fame is that I wrote In Short Supply, which has its own TVTropes page and hasn’t been updates in YEARS.

So yeah if you wanna hang out I’ll be at Invadercon. I’ll be the person dressed as an Invader. It should be TOTALLY EASY to pick me out of the massive crowd of people dressed as Invaders. If they have badges mine will say ckret2.

So we’re waiting around outside for the elevator and I’m in the middle of a convo when a puppet appears in my periphery.  I kind of shrug it off at first but then my group is making a commotion so I turn and see a Membrane puppet attached to some guy I don’t recognize at first.  I glance down at the GUEST badge and snort.  It’s Roger Bumpass trying to get my attention in the most adorable way.  So our buddy snaps this photo and afterwards I say, “thanks Dad! :D”  and this whole scenario was just so freaking precious because I’d wanted to acknowledge “Dad” since the panel we attended earlier that day but wasn’t able to find the opportunity.  This guy really looked lost most of the time because he does Squidward’s voice full-time and could hardly remember his Membrane lines.  He was the cutest freakin’ person at the con (not to mention extremely talented).