[NYC] 2.3.12 // BinAural Visual @ Vaudeville Park - n0izmkr + Invaderbacca, paris + outpt, Zen Albatross + Chromacle

I’ll be doing an audiovisual drone/noise performance this Friday at Vaudeville Park in Brooklyn. This will be all-new, mostly improvised material in collaboration with SaraBee on cello and Chromacle on visuals. Details below:

I/O Chip Music


BinAural Visual
@ Vaudeville Park

February 3 2011

n0izmkr + invaderbacca

n0izmkr performs structured improvisational noise sets, incorporating circuit bent instruments, handmade synthesizers, custom midi controllers, environmental samples, and a contact mic orchestra. invaderbacca sees the colors that nobody sees. his approach to visualizing the sounds surrounding him is almost sonic itself in nature, whether he’s creating frenetic glitchnes sets or his own spasmodic video blasts.

outpt + paris

outpt+paris present drum & space: an audio/visual performance telling the story of a future space traveller as she looks to trade the safety of her home world for the furthest regions of the universe. the set is a high energy mix of analog beats, digitized vocals, and coordinated visuals.

zen albatross + chromacle

zen albatross creates colossal obelisks of sound using antiquated computer consoles. for this performance, tape loops and improvised electronics expand and disintegrate the usual rhythmic constructs into a surreal stream of carefully sustained drones and noise. the set will be accompanied by sarabee on cello and chromacle on visuals.

Vaudeville Park
26 Bushwick Ave
(corner of Bushwick and Devoe St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

L train to Graham Ave
Google Map:


Ruffians by Zen Albatross with Visuals by InvaderBacca @ NYC Engadget Reader Meetup