What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: How come no one talks about the inherent IRKEN ability of hypnosis? Both ZiM and TAK have hypnotized their classmates at some point. ZiM had pustulio and TAK could apparently hypnotize or at least influence at will and nobody is talking about this. Why is nobody talking about this? Sarah didn’t eat her eraser for nobody to talk about this.

No one asked for this, I did it out of my own sheer pleasure and delight. I expanded the 1930s IZ altered universe complete with an avid penny arcade goer Gaz, Dib screaming through those old-timey telephones (with ZIM on the other line of course) and a horrible attempt at a cliche visual gag by having ZIM literally giving his heart to human TAK. Oh yeah, and those tall guys are there too somewhere, and that Skoodge whom I don’t remember whether or not he was given a SIR but I sketched him one anyways, heh… her name is SKREE.