For longer than I can remember, I’ve been looking for someone like you. Someone with a head like yours, and a torso too. Birds sing, and YOU’RE GONNA PAY !! 💗💕✨

I really really love that invader 💗💕

No one asked for this, I did it out of my own sheer pleasure and delight. I expanded the 1930s IZ altered universe complete with an avid penny arcade goer Gaz, Dib screaming through those old-timey telephones (with ZIM on the other line of course) and a horrible attempt at a cliche visual gag by having ZIM literally giving his heart to human TAK. Oh yeah, and those tall guys are there too somewhere, and that Skoodge whom I don’t remember whether or not he was given a SIR but I sketched him one anyways, heh… her name is SKREE.