invader zim confessions

My Invader Zim Confessions/Head Cannons/Theories:

*Keef is an alien/Irken. think about it; he only has 3 instead of 4 fingers, he has high pain tolerance, he survived eyes being ripped out, he survived falling off of roof, and his skin is very absorbent

*Gaz and Dib were created, not born; Membrane created them in his lab after realizing his current wife was unable to have children. He first created Dib, filling his ‘memories’ of normal things, but adding the ‘memory’ Dib has of being abducted as an infant, just for a laugh; little did he know it would lead to Dib’s huge obsession with the paranormal. When his wife died, he created Gaz as a copy of her; Same hair, same eyes, and same love of pizza, piggies, and video games.

*Zim and Skoodge are cousins, Red and Purple are brothers. (I have nothing to add or back this up with really, I just like the idea)

*Zim actually has a very very high IQ. We all know Zim is actually quite smart, as it is shown on various account and occasions- such as when he is shown able to maneuver his Voot like a pro, improving on already amazing Irken technology, and even coming up with smart plans.

*Zim is actually really good with kids. Okay, maybe not so much human kids, but I feel like Zim could be an awesome babysitter or parent! I mean, we can see that he does have the patients and wits- as shown with dealing with Gir. In Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain, Zim shows his ability to talk Gir into doing what is right and is able to bargain fairly with him.

*Zim, Skoodge, Red and Purple are all the same age; it is mentioned The Trial that they all went to Invader School(or whatever) together, meaning they are all around the same age.

*Dib and Gaz actually really care for eachother; Dib is shown to be worried about his sister in the episode Dark Harvest when he finds out Zim swapped out her organs with her game. Gaz had a harder time showing her softer side to her brother, and as much as he annoys her and as much as she is mean to him, she Really does care deep down, and would probably cry or get very sad of he died.

*Professor Membrane is on drugs

*since Irkens don’t sleep, Zim just stays up all night watching stupid skateboarding cat videos on YouTube

*Gir has a crush on Gaz

*Tak and Dib might have ended up together had She not been launched deep into space by Zim

*Tallest Purple is mentally 4 years old

*Gaz had a crush on Zim but hides her feelings by being mean to him and Dib

*Zim is secretly the main character from Gaz’s Vampire Piggy game

*thanks to their PAKs, Irkens are fluent in every human and alien language

*Zim used to date the tallest but he broke their hearts which is the real reason they hate him so much (Idk where I was going with this one tbh)

*Dib and Lilo would be good friends

*Purple x Pleakley

*Tak’s poem to Zim really spoke to me

*If I could choose one thing from the IZ world to be real, it would be PAKs; I want a PAK so bad they are so amazing!!

*ZaDr was my first yaoi ship

*when I was in grade 6 I was MAD in love with Zim and ngl, I still kinda am

*I ship ZaDr, TaGr, and RaPr

*Red and Purple’s ship name makes me very uncomfortable

*I want to hold Pastulio’s little hand

*I always read the episode as “Dipshit Rising”

*Dib’s dorky laugh gives me life

*just the thought of Zim or Dib crying makes me want to cry

*Keef freaks me out

*I want to do dance with Gir

*I love Gir, but he’s not the only character in the show and the way people worship him almost makes me want to hate him but I just CANT bring myself to hate the little guy

*the entire episode of Ultra Peepi makes me so uncomfortable

<do not steal>

I ship Stevidot romantically & I don’t see what the problem is. There are similar ships like Dib x Zim & Finn x Princess Bubblegum. Both of them have minors in a romantic relationship with someone much older, but neither of those get nearly as much hate.

- Amy