invader zim


Or “Bim”

Really, would anyone be able to tell the difference between a possessed-by-Bill Zim and the regular one?

I just realized these guys look like, idk, invaders-to-be or something because each one has their own little planet to conquer, lol. That wasn’t my intention but heck, it fits pretty well! If you’d like to buy this print, here’s the link to my etsy shop! 

This is the Irken version of this piece, meaning they have antennae. However, on my etsy shop, they are non-Irken, meaning I took the antennae away. So if you’d like the Irken version you can send me a message on etsy or wherever to specify!

Autodesk’s SketchBook app is really nice tbh! Sadly no blending tool in the unpaid version but ahwell xD my second serious drawing made on a phone :D