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  • New season/animation of Black Butler: *releases*
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Jarpeth's essay for Intro to Terra and Humanity

Humans are a rather incredible species.

Travel hardy, useful, virtually indestructible- yet rarely aggressive. They threw themselves out into the void with barely any regard for their own lives, without care if they would succeed- they did it because they could, and they were curious and they wanted to.

Scientifically brilliant, they can be terrifying when experimenting- they call themselves ‘Doc Brown’ and laugh when things blow up in their faces.

They invented FTL travel in less than 100 galactic years- far faster than any race before them. They came in droves, eager to meet the rest of us, join us, adventure with us.

It’s all about adventure with the humans.

Generally a peaceful race, their history is littered with wars and battles amongst their own kind, until a shaky peace formed amongst the devastation and they turned their gaze outwards. To the stars.

They didn’t bring guns, nor weapons of any sort. They disarmed with simple smiles, mischievous looks and breathtaking scientific discoveries.

They are brilliantly, wonderfully, utterly mad.

But you shouldn’t ever mistake them as an easy target. Some races tried, once. Now all that remains of them is ash.

They appeared in the human home system, ready to subjugate the vermin 'humans’. They expected no resistance, and had prepared ships to transport their spoils of war home.

Their first mistake was believing the humans to be defenceless. Just because they had not brought weapons to our meeting, did not mean they did not have them. Armies of thousands, hundreds of thousands gathered on Earth, making the invaders pay in blood for the offences they committed and every step of ground they took. The humans did not stop, did not give in, and gave no ground they did not want to give.

And then the fleets appeared.

One rose from the depths of the oceans, thousands of ships rising from the inky dark, bringing cold death from below. Missiles launched into the mass of invaders, the boom, boom of their explosions causing cheers from the humans.

The other came from the stars, surrounding the armada of the invaders. The gleaming black hulls hung heavy in the sky, silent, menacing, passing judgement.

And it rained holy fire.

In the end, there was nothing but silence, but the entire universe heard the whispered message.

We will not retreat. We will not submit. And we will raze you to the ground if you try us again.

Do networks treat their shows and creators  with Respect?

You know animation is in amazing place right now. Both now and in recent years we have gotten so many amazing cartoons that have pushed the bounds of imagination while being enjoyable for people of all ages.  Gravity Falls challenged the fans to observe their show closely and try to discover a mystery before it was revealed in the show.  Wander over Yonder shared an amazing message that no matter how bad things may be you should never give up hope. Even Adventure Time, a show that started off goofy, have evolved over the years and showed the trials of growing up by following Finn life.  I mean sure, we still have plenty of shows that suck:

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but the good outweighs the bad in my opinion. With all these amazing shows it makes me think of one question though. “Do networks really treat their shows with respect?

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Can I request a scenario for Bakugou Todoroki Deku and All Might having a very sick and fragile s/o who is aiming to become a superhero/is a superhero!

Bakugou growled as he watched you cough during training. “Call it off All Might.” he shot a glare at his teacher and his teacher glanced down at him, “Nope, they need to push their abilities so they can become a great hero!” Bakugou growled again as he watched you cough into your hand while your chest rose and fell in rapid breaths. His hands were clenched so hard he could feel his nails digging into his palms while watching you, “This IS their limit! They’re going to hack out a lung and die if you keep this training up!” All Might looked at the screen and saw the state you were in and grabbed the microphone, “Time is up!” he smiled into the microphone and looked at Bakugou, “Very good job today (Y/n), you lasted the whole time without collapsing!” Bakugou could see your smile on the screen he was watching and grumbled to himself. “They need to be able to last the whole time, it is important to them, if they hadn’t of lasted the whole time they would feel like they are not good enough to be here young Bakugou.”

You entered the monitor room and smiled widely at Baukgou, “Did you see me! I lasted until time was up!” you smiled and Bakugou rolled his eyes, “Barely, you looked like you were about to die.” “But I still did! Maybe I’m not as far behind you as I thought.” you smiled at him playfully and he rolled his eyes at you again. “Just…. Be careful okay?” he pulled you to his chest and looked away with a slight blush. “I will Katsu, don’t worry so much about me.” you pulled back and smiled up at him and flexed your arm muscles to show him that you weren’t hurt. He smirked down at you and flexed his own and you let your arms fall as you sighed dramatically, “Maybe I do have a long ways to go.” “To beat me? You’ll never catch up, but luckily for you, you don’t have to beat me.” he pulled you to him by your waist again and kept his hand loosely around your waist for the rest of the time.

Todoroki sighed as he gave you a napkin to cough into, “You have to stop pushing yourself so hard.” He pushed your hair out of your face and pulled you to his side, “Training like that will only weaken your health.” he stared straight ahead from where the two of you were sitting on the floor doing homework. “If I don’t train I’ll only fall further behind, I want to be strong like you. Be able to look at villains and stop them in their tracks!” you made finger guns with your hands and he laughed a little at you. “I appreciate your positive look on this, but please be careful.” he gazed down at you and smiled softly as he felt you snuggle into his side more. The blanket wrapped around the two of you keeping you from getting too cold and Shouto’s warm side pressed against you kept you from shivering. Your eye drifted to the television instead of doing the homework laid out in front of you. You eyelid getting heavy as you relaxed more into Todoroki’s side and smiled a little as he pulled you closer to him.

“Oh great, the weakling’s here.” you shrank into Todoroki as you heard a loud booming voice invade the calm atmosphere. “If you are going to complain please leave.” Todoroki paused the television and turned his head to face his father. “Why would I leave? This is my house! It’s not my fault that you fell for someone so weak.” Todoroki pulled you into his chest and stood from sitting at the coffee table, making sure you weren’t facing his father. “I apologize that you never felt love in your life, but I’m not going to marry (Y/n) because I want my child to have a strong quirk. I’ll marry them because I love them, good bye.” Todoroki whisked you past his father and led you to his room. Your cheeks a bright red as he pulled back to see your face, “I’m sorry he’s terrible. Don’t listen to him.” You shook your head and waved your hands in front of you. “I-I’m used to it. I’ve been called names since birth, you don’t have to worry about it. I’m numb to it now.” you tried to smile but Todoroki could tell you were still slightly hurt. He wrapped you in the blanket and pulled you to his chest before he fell backwards onto his bed, “Don’t pay him any attention. He only says stupid things like that to make everyone angry. I love you.” you smiled up at Todoroki from your position on his chest and wrapped in the fuzzy blanket, “I love you too Shouto.” You sat in comfortable silence until you pushed yourself up to look at Shouto’s face, “D-Did you mean what you said to your father?” you blushed and Todoroki tilted his head slightly to one side, trying to think what he said to make you blush. “Yes, every word of it.” he rubbed your back and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I love you and I have every intention of never leaving your side.”

Izuku panicked as you started coughing in the middle of class. He stood up from his seat on instinct and Aizawa shot him a look. He quickly sat down again, but turned to face you to make sure you were okay. You waved at him to show him you would be alright and not to worry. The bell rang shorty after and Izuku was by your side in a second. “Are you okay? Do you need water? Anything I can do?” “Izuku,” you cut him off so he would stop worrying, “I am fine. It’s just a little cold, I’ll live through it.” you smile at him and he nodded slowly. “I’m flattered you worry so much about me, but dear please stop looking at me like I’m about to die.” you laughed a little at him and he turned bright red. “I don’t think you’ll DIE any times soon……. But I have to make sure your’re okay.” he muttered and you smiled as you saw him look anywhere but you. “Meet me by my locker after school and we can walk home. But before that, we have training! I’ll show what I’m made of.” you smirked down at Izuku and he blushed, “O-O-Okay dear.”

You could feel the anxiety rolling off of Izuku as you walked up to take your turn against the training bots. “Hey Izu.” you call over your shoulder and he jumps at the sound of his name, “Don’t underestimate me.” you smile over your shoulder and he blushes and nods. You take your stance and get ready for the training to begin. Izuku was watching intently to make sure you weren’t going to get hurt, nervous sweat starting to form on his forehead. “Ey Deku, when do you think they’ll drop out of the hero program!” Bakugou shouted at Izuku with a smug smirk, “Stop talking about them like that.” Izuku whispered but never took his eyes off of you. Katsuki came closer and gripped at his collar, “I’m talking to you, look at the person you’re talking to you idiot.” Bakugou growled and then froze. Izuku’e eyes went wide as he turned his eyes away from Katsuki again and to you. You had your eyes stuck on Katsuki, your quirk taking effect and freezing him where he stood. Your body was shaking as the robots around you shook as they slowly started to fall apart and Katsuki was forced to put Izuku down. Once Katsuki had let go and backed away from Izuku, you collapsed.

“(Y/n)!” Izuku ran over and jumped onto the training platform. You pushed yourself from the ground a little but Izuku grabbed hold of you before you could do much of anything else. “(Y/n) are you okay? Your quirk is only meant to stop maybe three things at a time at most! You stopped eight robots and Katsuiki! You’re going to get a terrible migraine in a few minutes, All Might can I take them to the nurse please!” Izuku was talking fast and his eyes were scanning over you again and again to make sure you didn’t get hurt. You body didn’t want to stand as you tried to push yourself to your feet only to slump back down. “(Y/n) I’ll carry you please stop trying to move.” Izuku had pulled you into his chest and it felt like he wasn’t planning on letting go any time soon. You clutched onto Izuku’s jumpsuit as he held you so you wouldn’t pass out and when All Might gave him the okay he picked you up and sprinted to the nurse’s office. “You have to be careful! You worry me so much sometimes!” Izuku was rambling and you leaned up in his arms and pressed your lips on his, “I’ll be fine Izu, I just need pain medication.” you laughed weakly and he sighed, already feeling slightly better.

All Might flinched as he watched you spit up a small amount of blood during your fight with another villain. He quickly punched the villain that had him preoccupied and rushed to your aid.The two of you quickly apprehended the remaining villains and let the police take care of them. “Are you okay?” Toshinori asked as he changed back to himself and you sat next to him on the rooftop catching your breath., “Y-Yeah, give me a minute.” You were heaving in breaths and he was looking at you worriedly and you caught his eyes, “You have no room to worry Mr. I  Spit Up Blood When I’m Embarrassed.” you laughed a little and started coughing again. He blushed and joined you where you sat next to the door to the roof, pulling you to his side and resting his head on yours. “I can help it, I worry because I love you.” he muttered into your hair. You leaned more into his side, careful of his scar. “I love you too Toshinori, but please stop worrying so much. We’ll be okay.” you smiled up at him and pushed yourself up from the ground, “Come on, let’s go home.” He stood up and opened the door to head down the stairs, but not before he grabbed your hand to make sure you didn’t fall to far behind him.

When he pushed open the door to the house you sighed and leaned into his back, “(Y/n)! Are you okay?!” he turned around and nearly elbowed you in the face. You laughed and narrowly avoided his long thin limbs. “Yes Yagi, I’m fine. I told you to stop worrying so much.” you brought your hand up to wipe away a thin trickle of blood coming from his mouth. “Lets get showered and ready for bed, alright?” you got on your tippy toes and pressed a quick kiss to his mouth to quiet him from rejecting the idea. He smiled a little as you pulled back and nodded, “Alright, but only because rest is what you need to feel better.” He pressed his lips to yours once more before pulling you into the house gently and closing the door behind you.


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