invaded by mars

In 1938 a radio broadcast of H.G. Wells’ ‘War of the Worlds’ caused public hysteria, as some believed we were really under attack by aliens from another world.

Almost 80 years later, we again succomb to irrational fears and hysteria over alien invaders, only this time the microphone is in the hands of our own president. The ‘invaders’ are people who are simply seeking the same American Dream that many generations of immigrants have also sought and fought for.

Strangely, the public seems to largely ignore the actual efforts by a foreign government to create chaos and unrest and to usurp democracy in the free world. The real invasion of our American values and security is called a fake threat by the very leaders who are sworn to protect this nation.

—  “War on the Free World.” litglob © 2017

The exhibit has been a lot of fun! Too bad I couldn’t take pictures inside but there were sooo many sketches from when he was just starting. Lots hauntingly beautiful pieces~ they even featured some puppets from a few productions such as Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, and Invaders from Mars. Not a lot of main cast like Jack skellington but there were cool concept art of Nightmare Before Christmas!

There was also a small theater to watch old short films he directed and designed; Vincent being my favorite. It focused a lot on insanity, isolation, and loneliness. So dark and creepy I love it!! I love the effort they put into the exhibition. The gift shop was amazing too; so many collectibles EVEN LIMITED EDITION FIGURES OF BATMAN, JOKER, SWEENY TODD, AND EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS ARGGGGHHH

Big Finish Ten-word Reviews

I’ve listened to all of Charley’s adventures with Eight now, so I thought I’d compile a list of ten-word reviews.

Storm Warning: Nothing special except it’s got zeppelins, Charley and Eight in.

Sword of Orion: This is more like it! I understand the fuss now.

The Stones of Venice: I liked this a bit better than Vampires of Venice.

Minuet in Hell: Insanity, politics, demons, and torture. Thank goodness for the Brigadier.

Invaders from Mars: I giggled throughout most of it. In a good way.

The Chimes of Midnight: Among the best Doctor Who that’s ever been produced.

Seasons of Fear: Oh look more torture. Still most interesting Nimon story ever.

Embrace the Darkness: Big Finish does high-concept sci-fi quite well, it turns out.

The Time of the Daleks: Whose idea was “Daleks do Shakespeare?” Give them a medal.

Neverland: A creepy atmospheric Gallifrey story. Honestly, what’s not to love?*

Zagreus: Not so much high concept as delightfully bonkers. Tearjerker ending.**

Scherzo: Intriguing concept, perfectly suited to the medium. All the feels.

The Creed of the Kromon: I get what they’re up to, but I hate it.

The Natural History of Fear: A story even more confusing than Zagreus, and less fun.

The Twilight Kingdom: Like Heart of Darkness, but the jungle eats you. Unpleasant.

Faith Stealer: Kind of still on the fence about this one, honestly.

The Last: Miserable thought-provoking soul-sucking joy-crushing nihilistic torment executed extremely well.

Caerdroia: After hearing The Last, this was exactly what I needed. 

The Next Life: Lots of plot threads tied up, more or less neatly.***

Terror Firma: The TARDIS team returns to our universe with a bang.

Scaredy Cat: It’s hard to come up with ten words for this.

Other Lives: I really enjoyed this historical, aside from the C'rizz torture.

Time Works: I’m still thinking about this one days later. Cracking good.

Something Inside: After the first few minutes, hate hate hate hate hate.

Memory Lane: LEGO. ICE CREAM TRUCK. Mostly harmless aliens. I LOVE IT.

Absolution: I’m not happy with this slightly inevitable ending for C'rizz.

The Girl Who Never Was: I’ll probably like this more once I’ve gotten over it.

*Except Rassilon, who is a monster I don’t even love to hate.
**Seriously, I hate him so much

Bts At VMA
  • Jin: Snacks to loud during everyone's performance
  • Namjoon: Goes up to rap... literally burns the building down.
  • Jhope: Goes on stage a dances to everyone's song.
  • Suga: Sleeps through everything
  • Jimin: "Now back to this bitch who had a lot to say about no jams, NAMJOON WHAT'S GOOD!"
  • Kim Taehyung: " I have decided in 2020, to invade mars"
  • Jungkook: Performed Ice creamy cakey cake, while in a giant cookie

a) Omg I can’t wait to see this

b) It bears pointing out that this right here is the public domain in action. This book can get written, and published, and turned into a movie with a budget and special effects and so forth, because Pride and Prejudice is in the public domain, free for anyone to take and create new art from. I mention this because the public domain has been under constant attack for decades. Here in the US it was most recently beaten back by the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998, but the TPP, currently under review by congress, prevents works from entering the public domain in much of the rest of the world, and will provide an easy lever for those who want to extend copyright here in the US in a few years. If we want to see, say, The Great Gatsby vs The Invaders From Mars, we must protect the public domain, and stop the passage of laws like the CTEA and trade agreements like the TPP.


”Invaders from Mars, creatures on the loose, mad scientists and giant robots… bogeymen, hiding under beds and in closets… I’ve always tried to show you that there’s   n o t h i n g   to be afraid of…

          That    f e a r   was in your mind. 

                          But then you showed me that the   g r e a t e s t   threat to   h u m a n i t y…

                                                            is in your   h e a r t s…. “

                                                                                                        -Superman: For Tomorrow