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The fantastic cinema of the 1950s

It Came from Outer Space (1953)
Invaders from Mars (1953)
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953)
Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)
Them! (1954)
Tarantula! (1955)
Forbidden Planet (1956)
Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956)
20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)
The Black Scorpion (1957)

In 1938 a radio broadcast of H.G. Wells’ ‘War of the Worlds’ caused public hysteria, as some believed we were really under attack by aliens from another world.

Almost 80 years later, we again succomb to irrational fears and hysteria over alien invaders, only this time the microphone is in the hands of our own president. The ‘invaders’ are people who are simply seeking the same American Dream that many generations of immigrants have also sought and fought for.

Strangely, the public seems to largely ignore the actual efforts by a foreign government to create chaos and unrest and to usurp democracy in the free world. The real invasion of our American values and security is called a fake threat by the very leaders who are sworn to protect this nation.

—  “War on the Free World.” litglob © 2017

I don’t need to explain the plot to you. Teenagers get lost on the road, but find the chain saw that was in their hearts all along. What I do need to explain is what director Tobe Hooper did a decade later. After making Chain Saw, an alligator vs. hillbillies movie called Eaten Alive, a Stephen King adaptation, and (possibly) Poltergeist, he got hooked up with an insane little film production company called Cannon. Now, Cannon didn’t really have a strategy, unless you can call “More ninjas and robots and Chuck Norris!” a business model. But regardless of all of this, they were successful. Esque.

Tobe Hooper made three films with Cannon: Lifeforce, which is about a naked alien vampire woman, Invaders From Mars, which is about the non-naked type of alien, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, which is apparently the movie that Tobe Hooper had wanted to make to begin with. For years, he’d lamented the fact that people had ignored all of the jokes in the original Chain Saw, and for once, I’m on the side of the people. Kind of hard to find the punchline in a scene of a woman on a meat hook watching the love of her life get butchered in front of her. But maybe that’s just me.

To rectify this, Hooper filled Chainsaw 2 with black comedy. The movie starts with a yuppie half decapitation set to “No One Lives Forever” by Oingo Boingo, which I’m convinced is the greatest opening 10 minutes in horror history. And on the other side of the film, Dennis Hopper, whose five food groups in the 80s were all cocaine, has a chainsaw duel with Leatherface. And in between that is one long, echoing shout into the void of insanity. And the fact that Tobe Hooper made this because he saw his original, where a crippled boy gets sawed to death for no reason, and thought “WHY IS NO ONE LAUGHING?” makes it a beautiful piece of cinema.

Hot Take Alert: 5 Horror Classics Worse Than Their Sequel

Joe GIllis turns up dead at the beginning of Sunset Boulevard (1950), photographed by John F Seitz.  John was born in Chicago and had 163 cinematography credits.  He was nominated seven times for an Oscar but never won.  His career began with a 1916 short and ended in 1960. with his penultimate film in 1959, the poverty row production Island of Lost Women.  His other films among the best 1.001 are Captain January with Shirley Temple, This Gun for Hire, Double Indemnity, The Lost Weekend, Detective Story, and Invaders From Mars.


「惑星アドベンチャー / スペース・モンスター襲来!」(Invaders from Mars)の日本での劇場初公開は製作から26年後の1979年。それ以前は「火星人の襲来」なるタイトルでテレビ放映されていた由。スターウォーズ体験後、エイリアン公開当時の劇場作品としては、とてもアナクロに感じたものだが、人間もどき、ボディスナッチャー系のストーリーでけっこう良いです。


Invader Zim + Astrology

~Aries~ (Mar 21-Apr 19): Invader Zim

~Taurus~ (Apr 20-May 20): Gaz Membrane

~Gemini~ (May 21-June 20): Invader Skoodge

~Cancer~ (June 21-July 22): Ms. Bitters

~Leo~ (July 23-Aug 22): Almighty Tallest Purple

~Virgo~ (Aug 23-Sept 22): Dib Membrane

~Libra~ (Sept 23-Oct 22): Keef

~Scorpio~ (Oct 23-Nov 21): Invader Tak

~Sagittarius~ (Nov 22-Dec 21): Minimoose

~Capricorn~ (Dec 22-Jan 19): Professor Membrane

~Aquarius~ (Jan 20-Feb 18): Almighty Tallest Red

~Pisces~ (Feb 19-Mar 20): GIR

I’ve Got You (Pt. 3)

Pairing: Chris Beck x Reader

Warnings: potential The Martian spoilers, pain

Part 1Part 2

Tag list: @quotemeow


PreviouslyAs you got closer to the ship, you could finally see Chris’s face. The slight glare on his helmet reflecting the red planet you’d been stranded on. You could feel your eyes drooping once again, the jostling from the transition taking a toll on your already aching head. Chris’s gloved hand reached out for yours as you vision began to blur, the last thing you remember being the feeling of the pressure of Chris’s fingertips as his hand closed around yours.You were safe.

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Doctor Who: Empress of Mars - Next Time Trailers

The BBC has released the Next Time and BBC TV Trailers for Empress of Mars, the ninth episode of Doctor Who Series 10.

The Doctor, Bill and Nardole arrive on Mars, and find themselves in an impossible conflict between Ice Warriors… and Victorian soldiers. As the Martian hive awakens around them, the Doctor faces a unique dilemma - this time the humans, not the Ice Warriors are the invaders. When Earth is invading Mars, whose side is he on?

The trailers which may contain mild spoilers follow.

Next Time Trailer

BBC TV Trailer

Doctor Who: Empress of Mars airs Saturday 10th June at the earlier time of 7.15pm BST on BBC One, and at 9:00pm EDT on BBC America and SPACE.

hellyeahtitans67  asked:

Continuing on the day Mar'i was born: its not just the Titans' males that are freaking out, almost every male in the JLA Watchtower starts looking to outer space to make sure no alien invaders or demonic abominations use Mar'i birth as an avenue for them to take over the world or something of that sort. The only ones calm are Superman and Martian Manhunter. Batman honestly tries but he prepares every thing from weapons to safe spot so Star can give birth easily. Your thoughts?

Agree; just for funsies. Like realistically, I think they would be fine but wouldn’t it be hilarious to see them all go nuts?