invade these regions

Hetalia birthday scenarios


January: America
February: Prussia
March: Japan
April: Russia
May: England
June: Italy
July: Spain
August: Germany
September: France
October: China
November: Romano
December: Canada


1. Gives you flowers
2. Jumps in your bed
3. Pranks you
4. Goes shopping with you
5. Sends you a hot picture of him
6. Cooks for you
7. Stalks you
8. Bought you a gift
9. Serenades you
10. Protects you
11. Asks you out
12. Jumps out of a plane and lands right in front of you
13. Throws you a surprise party
14. Locks you up in his basement
15. Writes you love letters
16. Dreams about you
17. Punches you in the face
18. Breaks into your house
19. Spies on you
20. Asks you to marry him
21. Challenges you to a duel
22. Got you drunk
23. Annoys the hell out of you
24. Wants to invade your vital regions
25. Sneaks into your room at night and watches you sleep
26. Wants to become one with you
27. Challenges you to a dance-off
28. Kidnaps you
29. Thinks about you right now
30. Is hiding under your bed
31. Would do anything for you

Zodiac sign:

Aries: Because he’s secretly in love with you
Taurus: Because he’s gone totally mad
Gemini: Because he wants you to notice him
Cancer: Because he cares about you
Leo: Because he wants to show who’s the boss
Virgo: Because you’re the only thing he can think about
Libra: Because love isn’t a simple thing
Scorpio: Because PASTA!
Sagittarius: Because you deserve it
Capricorn: Because you have no social life
Aquarius: Because you’re sexy
Pisces: Because you’re special to him

Thunderstorms || Yoongi

Pairing - Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre - Not gonna say

Summary - Not gonna say

You hugged the garment even tighter, clutching it to your chest, deeply inhaling his scent. You curled until you couldn’t curl further, your knees inches away from your face as it brought the cloth at an even closer proximity. You felt the scent lull into you a deep sleep.

“Oh my god, Y/N, do you have to do this every time I’m not here?” You heard Yoongi’s exasperated voice ring in your ears. You opened your eyes and saw the sun bleeding in through the open curtains, making you raise a palm to shield the light away.

“What can I do, Yoon, I miss you.” You said, still clutching on to the material like it was going to be taken away from you. Yoongi rolled his eyes, but you could see the fondness and playfulness there twinkling, but him trying to puff it out. He knew you could see right through him. Still, he was insistent on keeping up the facade of being rock-hearted.

“Climb in bed?” Your voice came out small and soft, and you could see how he melted right there. His eyes rested on you for the longest of times, and the tenderness in them made your cheeks grow hot.

“You’re so clingy.” He muttered under his breath as he climbed under the sheets, his hand automatically raising to come rest under your head. You lifted your head greatfully, and snuggled up close into his chest.

“But I love it.” You heard him sigh contently, and you could feel his eyes flutter shut as he went lax under you. So calm it was, everything was still. 

You didn’t know if it was because you weren’t close enough, or if he really was rock-hearted that you couldn’t hear his heart beating. Or perhaps, it was so slow it was barely heard. Either way, you gave less thought to it and let his shirt snuggle between your bodies as you tangled your feet with his and wrapped an arm around his waist.

You felt his arm ghost over yours, the tips of his fingers so light against your skin you almost couldn’t feel it, yet you could feel goosebumps rise in his wake. You shivered.

“Cold, baby?” His voice crooned in your ear, and you couldn’t help but shiver more. “Yeah, I guess. Did you change the thermostat or something?”

“No?” He turned his body around so it engulfed yours completely.


“Much.” You smiled into his clothed chest and took a deep breath. He smelt so good. It smelt like home. You’d love to come to this every single day. 

Although your eyes were closed, ready to doze off again, you could feel the light in the room fading out. Opening your eyes, you peeped through under Yoongi’s arm to see the sun hiding behind dark, grey clouds.

“What’s up with the weather today, it’s been like this for the past week.” You heard Yoongi comment. But then you felt a bubble of fear beginning to grow inside your chest. Nonsense, you thought to yourself, this doesn’t mean it’s an omen.

If Yoongi could hear your thoughts, he would’ve definitely rolled his eyes at this.

“It’s a thunderstorm.” You said, your voice distorted from being muffled by his shirt. Yoongi didn’t respond, and you felt that bubble invade regions beyond your chest. It was spreading to your arms and your legs.

“Yoongi, it’s a thunderstorm.” You said again, but your voice sounded distant this time. You tried to shuffle away from him, but the grip he had around was steeled. You could feel cold seeping through your top, like his grip was meant to be stiff and cold. Deathly cold.

“Yoongi…Yoongi, let me go, I need to breathe.” You felt yourself starting to hyperventilate as the cloth along with the shirt he wore began to muffle your breathing, it pressing hard against your nose and mouth.

One second was all it took before you found yourself in a familiar position: you were standing at the porch of your shared house, the ring on your finger gleaming with all its might as you watched Yoongi get out through the gate despite your protests that this was going to be an ugly weather and it would be much, much better if he could stay back.

“But I can’t,” Was all he said, his eyes apologetic before he pressed a firm kiss to your lips.

The moment you saw Yoongi turn around to wave back at you, his feet carrying him backwards closer to the edge of the sidewalk, you knew something was about to happen. You knew it was a bad idea. But instead of any kind of warning coming out of your mouth, all you could feel yourself do was wave back at him as you watched him move closer and closer to the road. You felt yourself ignore the intuition, the gut feeling that was growing like an infection.

By the time you knew what you felt was true, a light cut through the heavy downpour. Yoongi’s dark umbrella covered it up. It sucked in the warning; the halo that could’ve saved his life.

You opened your mouth, your eyes wide with alarm. You felt your voice trying to tear through your throat. But the car hit him. You were too late. You were trying to call his name as you tore through the rain, and out your gate and onto the road. That’s when you screamed-

“YOONGI!” You jolted upwards the moment you heard a sickening bolt crackling in the air, completely drenched in sweat as your mind swarmed with memories of that day. Your chest was heaving as you clutched harder and tighter onto the same shirt he’d worn, the ripped garment that you’d cursed the doctors for destroying. As you caught your breath, you felt your stomach turning. You knew this feeling.

You looked out the window.

A thunderstorm was going on.

This probably has no head or tail whatsoever but I had to write it before it left my brain. So to the anon who had requested for a reaction, it’ll be done soon!

DAY 3428

Jalsa, Mumbai               Aug 16/17,  2017               Wed/Thu 1:51 AM

Drafting and working on video bytes for Swachch Bharat and the Consul General of India in Brazil, for an ongoing Festival of India, cementing further the bonds of friendship that have existed for the past 70 years .. !!

…. and inviting articles to be written on the Swachch Bharat campaign or a short 2-3 min film of the issues of cleanliness in the country .. prizes and gifts forthcoming ..

Promoting issues and works of creativity are blessed by the presence of the IT world we live in .. blessed by the speed of communication .. by the rapidity of conveyance .. and blessed by the ease with which it can all be accomplished and despatched .. 

An enterprising young contestant on the hot seat at KBC enquired on these aspects the other day, and I was so pleased that he did .. how ever did we convey, deliver, and connect with the speed with which it is done now .. and moreover, how does it compare when you .. that is me .. having lived through those times feel about it now  ..?

For me it is no revelation .. for the generation that has come now it is .. the next generation shall always wonder at the absolute stupidity of our functioning then, as opposed to now ..

And the answer my friends ‘is not written in the wind’ .. it is written on the mastiff generally addressed as Monsieur Google or to be gender conscious and fair  Mademoiselle or Madame G - the most convenient bed fellow ever !! 

Time span of today’s youth and generation, is a split second and gone .. can’t keep up with the pace .. retire .. move away from the horizon, hibernate, take a sabbatical in the jungles of the Amazon, or better still cling onto the nearest Himalayan peak and rest in the snow of its cold aftermath ..

The cranium .. the brain .. is in constant recharge .. its capacity has been drummed in with so much information .. it seems ridiculous to ever decipher, what where and how it all happens .. it just happens .. and you had better have some space available .. else, someone else shall invade the region and capture what should have rightly been stored in yours ..

The mightiest have fallen historically .. and so shall the mightiest here too .. in the next decade the siblings of the present siblings shall have a similar wonder and awe and ridicule questions .. 

What ever does happen to all that emanates .. in live and in mind and in perception .. what ever .. where and how .. 

Which is why the speed of abbreviated conversation is such a curtain to us ol’ timers ..

What are then the options open ..?

Keep running with the next .. keep in conversation with them .. keep them on your side .. understand their circumstances .. they shall not be as you may have wished or desired .. but they shall be valid .. somewhere in sometime ..

Get into their minds and explode the inners of our mind .. we shall ever have volumes to work and deliver .. and ponder and experiment and breathe ..

Breathing is vital .. breathe in a bit of their mind .. just breathe ..

Amitabh Bachchan

On Your Knees- Jimin(Smut)

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He can make you sore for days… in the best way possible. 

Req: Can I have a smut about Jimin and he got jealous over you talking to a male co-worker so he take you home and goes rough on you as a punishment? (Excuse my dirty fantasies…) Thank you~

A/N: Dom Jimin is my life and my death (M/N= male name)

I hit his shoulder, laughing as he makes stupid joke about the copier not working for the tenth time this week.  

“Y/N?” Jimin’s voice comes from behind me and I turn around to find him standing in the hallway with a bag of food in his hands.

“Jimin!” I smile wide, hurrying as fast as I can in heels and launching into his arms. “What are you doing here?!”

“I wanted to surprise you with some lunch. I know you’ve been busy.” He mumbles into my hair, pulling me back by the shoulders to tilt his head at my coworker. “Who’s this?”

“Oh!” I rush back to my coworker, placing my hand on his shoulder. “This is M/N.”

“M/N, huh?” I notice Jimin’s fingers clench around his food bag, lingering on my hand before forcing a smile. “Nice to meet you.”

My coworker nods, turning to me. “I’m gonna go see if we can figure out this damn copy situation for the millionth time.”

I laugh, nodding my head and putting up a fist. “Good luck. Fighting!”

“Fighting.” He puts up a hand in suit, leaving Jimin and I alone as he steps into the room with me.

“You have two hours for lunch right?” His voice is visibly darker than before and I shake my head yes. “Then why don’t we go home and eat comfortably. Maybe watch some TV and cuddle?”

I hum, taking the food bag from his hands and walking ahead of him. “That sounds great.”

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As much as I love dancers like Quinn, Club dancers, Stars dancers, etc, it drives me UP THE  DAMN WALL that they have to compete in literally every city BTF goes to, like can you just let the kids from that region (or from nearby) compete and do well please. I understand that dancing and competing isn’t about winning but for goodness sake is it so hard to let kids who are actually from that city have the opportunity.

I just feel like it’s unfair to dancers that they don’t even having a fighting chance to win/place/do well in their home city or the city that is closest to them because other kids, who have attended 10+ conventions already and know the faculty really well just fly in from 4-7 hours away and win first place. 

Like if you want to prove you’re the best, can you just wait until Nationals or something  and please stop invading all the regionals outside of your region.


Zvončari Croatian Pagan Slavic Carnival

Halubajski zvončari (ringers) are old original group from the eastern part of the Kastav. Once upon a time this region was rich in pastures and sheep. When heavy rain would fall the shepherds would run to shelter in huts made of stone,wood or straw, called HALUBA. According to the older stories shepherds in the spring were going for the sheep in the forests at the foot of mountain, strung sheepskin and hung around the waist cow bells fearing away evil forces off their animals. They believed that the bells bring happiness, do good, so constantly ringing through the thick blackness of impenetrable forests they believed that ringing clears their way of evil. The costumes and equipment preserve the zoomorphic (animal-shaped) mask with horns and a big bell on the back. 

Like other ringers they drape the sheepskin, in their hands they carry bačuka which is also suggesting their warlike origin or function because of conflicts with Tatars or Turks that took place on this territory.

When the Turks invaded the region, then men masked themselves, in order to induce the impression of massiveness, and then the shepherds themselves wore sheepskin, placed a mask on their heads, and encircled the bells and horrible bučeći to chase the enemy away.

Hence in their equipment there are some weapons elements. The bell tradition is especially closely related to the awakening of nature, fertility cult and expression of strength against the evil spirits of winter (drawing ties to Pagan Slavic God Veles).

Its terrible appearance, unbridled power of ritual movement and bells, bell ringers announce winter retreat in front of the Sun, and their masks monuments announce spring – both in Halubje and in other parts of the northern Adriatic,Croatian and Europe where there are similar traditions.

Fallout, the most detailed post-apocalyptic universe ever written where everything was wiped away to create an anarchist’s dream. Oh look, the NCR. Oh look, Ceaser’s Legion. Oh look, Gizmo’s Junktown. Oh look, the Brotherhood of Steel. Oh look, the Commonwealth Minutemen.

The literal point of almost all of these factions (and it could be argued the entire series as a whole), are that they’re relfections of failed 20th century American politics that eventually led into the destruction of the Old World.

The NCR is a ‘soft, democratic’ imperialism who, despite their pretensions at holding up the rule of law and democracy, nevertheless invade and absord regions without regard for how the populace feels. The fact that they don’t do it the same way The Legion does, doesn’t make it any less imperialistic. The Legion is straight up just an autocratic, theocratic fascist empire, Hell bent on creating a slave empire.

Gizmo is a literal organised crime boss who will lie, cheat and kill to attain complete control over Junktown. And the Brotherhood of Steel is a technocratic, isolationist, semi-religious organisation who spend their time hoarding old world weaponry and becoming aliens on their own plan, refusing to make life easier for anyone outside of their circle (and even THEN they treat their own with great authoritarianism).  

Even New Vegas gaining independence (which is in a way (though not really) portrayed as the positive outcome as it allows New Vegas’ citizens to decide their own future on their own terms) is more than likely going to result in it becoming a mercantile city state ruled over by a robotic security force. It also enters a period of chaos and rioting as a result. Hardly an ‘anarchist’ ideal.

The point of all of these and most of the series, is that people are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again.

The actual anarchists in Fallout: NV, The Followers of the Apocalypse, are portrayed as a unambigously positive influence who are breaking away repeating the same mistakes of the old world.

  • Denmark: Norway! Norway! Norway!
  • Norway: What?
  • Denmark: No you loove me?
  • Norway: I won't answer that.
  • Denmark: You don't love me?
  • Norway: Fine. I love you but-
  • Denmark: Yas! Nornor Loves Me! He loves me!
  • Denmark: Please do... ;)
  • Norway: SHUT UP!
  • Iceland: I really thought Denmark was wearing the pants in this relationship.
  • Norway: EXCUSE ME?!
  • Denmark: SCORE!


The Afar are a people found primarily in northern Ethiopia with smaller populations in Eritrea and Djibouti. Originally ruled by smaller states, they were unified under the Sultanate of Aussa in 1734. The sultanate slowly began to fall into the Colonial Italian sphere in the 19th century, being incorporated into Italian East Africa in 1936. Following the end of World War II, Ethiopia invaded and annexed the region in 1945. Despite this, the 1950s-1970s saw the former state and the Afar people hold onto a degree of self-governance within the Ethiopian Empire. This ended in 1974 following the overthrow of the monarchy and the establishment of a Marxist-Leninist junta, prompting the Afar royal family to flee to Saudi Arabia. This resulted in the creation of groups such as the Afar Liberation Front and the Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front, who sought to defend Afar interests, sometimes through violent means. Today the Afar have a degree of autonomy within Ethiopia, living primarily in the Afar Regional State. 


The children of glory – the urchins from the Corvin köz

The revolt began on 23rd October 1956 as a student demonstration, which attracted thousands as it marched through central Budapest to the Parlament. For the calling about 20 000 people answered, demanding our freedom. The delegation of the university students entered the building of the radio, attempting to broadcast its demands, but it was detained. When the delegation’s release was demanded by the demonstrators outside, they were fired upon by the that time State Security Police, (ÁVH) from within the building. The revolt spread quickly across the country, and the government fell. After announcing a willingness to negotiate a withdrawal of Soviet forces from Hungary, the Politburo changed its mind, and moved to crush the revolution. On 4 November, a large Soviet force invaded Budapest and other regions of the country. Hungarian resistance continued until 10 November. Over 2,500 Hungarians were killed, and 200,000 Hungarians fled as refugees. Mass arrests and denunciations continued for months thereafter. By January 1957, the new Soviet-installed government had suppressed all public opposition.
Armed civilians in the Corvin Cinema and surrounding buildings began to fight with the Soviet armoured forces as early as the night of October 23–4. Taking advantage of the area’s excellent strategic conditions, the rebels of the Corvin Passage (Corvin Köz) soon became the Uprising’s biggest and most important armed revolutionary group. The 80 percent of the revolutioners here were children, just urchins under 20. They figthed the last ditch – setting off 17 tanks of the 33. division of the Soviet Army in a day. Dr. Pestessy József’s memoir you can read about them like this: „The children, with burns on their handflats caused by the „Molotov-coctails” (elementary bombs made from bottles filled with gasoline) came one after other into the aidpost, but left immediately after dressing their wounds. They started to fight again saying, we continue until we can toss…”
The statue of the „Urchin of Pest” erected in the Corvin köz became a symbol of the little heroes. Also bittersweet jokes tend their memory: „Why soviets attacks always in dawn?Because children still sleep.” Sleep placidly children of glory, we will never forget you!

I recently saw a post about the blackwashing of Julius Caesar and completely agreed with it. But because of that, and the comments left on the reblogs of that, I felt compelled to make this post because I’ve had it up to fucking here with people who clearly have never stepped a single foot in Italy and yet keep spewing shit out of their ass about Italians being “PoC” and “not white” and “olive skinned”. Don’t you fucking dare say that a black man is appropriate to play someone that is supposed to have Italian heritage. I have absolutely no problem with black men, but they sure as hell don’t look like people who are of Italian heritage.

You people saying that are stupid as fuck, and you need to shut the fuck up. Seriously, olive skinned Italians are a minority, and mainly are Sicilian or Calabrian. Why? Because North Africans invaded those regions a few centuries back and obviously some racemixing happened. (Ps. So much for whites being the only bad people in the world)

That’s two regions out of an entire country. And guess fucking what? Rome isn’t in either of those two regions. And guess fucking what? Julius Caesar was a roman. Julius Caesar was most definitely white, stop trying to claim people from my country’s history as PoC and stop trying to make my country what it’s not because you can’t handle the fact that Italy is white. 

You see the man in the photo? That’s Claudio Marchisio, he’s an Italian footballer. Does he look white? I fucking think so. He also looks very Italian, and if you deny it you clearly don’t know much about Italy. If you go anywhere in Northern and Central Italy I can assure you, people will look fucking white. Even in the south most people will look white, maybe some will be tan, but they’re still. fucking. white. 

Fucking educate yourself before you start spewing nonsense all over the place, you’re fucking ridiculous (obviously only applies to people who say we are apparently “PoC”). 

anonymous asked:

I want Baine, Lor'themar and the Darkspear to form up their own alliance of the chill people who aren't constantly trying to massacre entire populations and invade peaceful regions.


4th June, Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd

The Calendar Woman for 4th June is Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd (1097-1136)

Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd was the Princess consort of Deheubarth in Wales who became famous for her revolt against the Normans. The youngest daughter of Prince Gruffud ap Cynan of Gwynedd, the young Gwenllian eloped with a visiting Prince, Gruffydd ap Rhys, at the age of 16 and joined him in Deheubarth, South Wales. The Norman invasion of South Wales was putting pressure on her new family and they were often on the move. Gwenllian would travel with her husband in mountain or forest strongholds, joining him on retaliatory strikes against the Norman-held posts in Deheubarth, redistributing their goods and money among the Deheubarth Welsh who had been dispossessed.

In 1136 conflict over the English throne weakened the central authority in England and offered the chance for a revolt, which began in South Wales lead by Hywel ap Maredudd, Lord of Brycheiniog. He was initially successful, inspiring Gwenllian’s husband to meet with her father and secure aid to further the revolt. In his absence, the Nomans led raids in Deheubarth, prompting Gwenllian to raise an army for their defence. The battle, fought near Kidwelly Castle, ended in defeat for Gwenllian – she was captured in battle and beheaded along with two of her sons.

As news of her death spread, others in South Wales were inspired to rise up and overthrow Norman controlled areas of Wales. Her brother’s also took up arms, invading several Norman-controlled regions in her name and for centuries after her death, Welshmen cried out ‘revenge for Gwenllian’ when fighting in battle.

Who you should fight in Bad Touch Trio

France: why did you think it was a good idea. He could probably dodges all of your punches but you’ll feel guilty. He would just sit you down and talk about how beautiful you are and he would probably also give you his food. Do not fight the people that give you their food freely, treasure them. Do not fight aph France

Spain: why would you- he used to be an empire, history’s first global colonial empire. That sinnamon roll sure knows how to fight, and he has an axe. Fuckin axe. And he could still swing it. For the love of all holyness, do not fight aph Spain.

Prussia: okay, first of all, that man is (or was) a knight. He has fuckin aph Germany on his side. He nearly killed Poland. He invaded Austria’s region. He has that lil bird that could probably defeat you if you decided to fight his master. And he bemas off happiness and excitement. Do not fight aph Prussia. Besides, he’s a white haired anime character, who knows what superpower he has and when he would die

Rubbing his nose, Malzahar gave himself a moment of relief from studying important papers. The localization of Na’zuk’s Tomb and gloves was the top priority at this moment. With their power, forces of the Void could invade any region of Runeterra. Duh, even invade the former Emperor of Shurima, along with his arcane fused mage. But first things first…

Ending first paragraph, a voice of the oldest cultist distracted him. Honestly.. Could he study in piece.
The Prophet left his tent, levitating towards Naruk - the mentioned cultist - and leaned to hear the message he had for him. The news were.. unexpected. Was he lying? No.. They’ve caught it. Rek’Sai brought it on her back.

At first, Malzahar thought the Ascension was once more performed. But that creature was nothing like Na’sus nor Renek’ton. The magic was present with that person, yes, but not in the way he expected.

“Bring her in. And take good care of her.”


The Revolution was not a single struggle, but a series of four separate Wars of Independence, waged in very different ways by the major cultures of British America.  The first American Revolution (1775-76) was a massive popular insurrection in New England.  An army of British regulars was defeated by a Yankee militia which was much like the Puritan train bands from which they were descended.  These citizen soldiers were urged into battle by New England’s ‘black regiment’ of Calvinist clergy.  The purpose of New England’s War for Independence, as stated both by ministers and by laymen such as John and Samuel Adams, was not to secure the rights of man in any universal sense.  Most New Englanders showed little interest in John Locke or Cato’s letters.  They sought mainly to defend their accustomed ways against what the town of Malden called ‘the contagion of venality and dissipation’ which was spreading from London to America.

Many years later, historian George Bancroft asked a New England townsman why he and his friends took up arms in the Revolution.  Had he been inspired by the ideas of John Locke?  The old soldier confessed that he had never heard of Locke.  Had he been moved by Thomas Paine’s Common Sense?  The honest Yankee admitted that he had never read Tom Paine.  Had the Declaration of Independence made a difference?  The veteran thought not.  When asked to explain why he fought in his own words, he answered simply that New Englanders had always managed their own affairs, and Britain tried to stop them, and so the war began.

In 1775, these Yankee soldiers were angry and determined men, in no mood for halfway measures.  Their revolution was not merely a mind game.  Most able-bodied males served in the war, and the fighting was cruel and bitter.  So powerful was the resistance of this people-in-arms that after 1776 a British army was never again able to remain in force on the New England mainland.

The second American War for Independence (1776-81) was a more protracted conflict in the middle states and the coastal south.  This was a gentlemen’s war.  On one side was a professional army of regulars and mercenaries commanded by English gentry.  On the other side was an increasingly professional American army led by a member of the Virginia gentry.  The principles of this second American Revolution were given their Aristotelian statement in the Declaration of Independence by another Virginia gentleman, Thomas Jefferson, who believed that he was fighting for the ancient liberties of his ‘Saxon ancestors.’

The third American Revolution reached its climax in the years from 1779 to 1781.  This was a rising of British borderers in the southern backcountry against American loyalists and British regulars who invaded the region.  The result was a savage struggle which resembled many earlier conflicts in North Britain, with much family feuding and terrible atrocities committed on both sides.  Prisoners were slaughtered, homes were burned, women were raped and even small children were put to the sword.

The fourth American Revolution continued in the years from 1781 to 1783.  This was a non-violent economic and diplomatic struggle, in which the elites of the Delaware Valley played a leading part.  The economic war was organized by Robert Morris of Philadelphia.  The genius of American diplomacy was Benjamin Franklin.  The Delaware culture contributed comparatively little to the fighting, but much to other forms of struggle.

The loyalists who opposed the revolution tended to be groups who were not part of the four leading cultures.  They included the new imperial elites who had begun to multiply rapidly in many colonial capitals, and also various ethnic groups who lived on the margins of the major cultures:  notably the polyglot population of lower New York, the Highland Scots of Carolina and African slaves who inclined against their Whiggish masters.

– David Hackett Fischer, Albion’s Seed.

Back in April, six Walmart stores across Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, and California abruptly closed due to “plumbing problems” – presumably, a customer dropped a deuce so big that it clogged the toilets in four different states. Not everyone bought this explanation, with some speculating that Walmart might have closed the stores to prevent workers from unionizing. Naturally, that theory wasn’t sexy enough for the Internet, so they came up with something slightly better: the end of democracy in America. And the obvious clues were always right there in Walmart’s logo.

Around this time, the government announced a military exercise code-named Jade Helm 15 (the same one that has our pal the Texas governor so concerned) which will take place in the exact same states where Walmart closed the stores. Except for Oklahoma and Florida. Oh, and with the addition of Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, where no stores have been closed. But other than that, it’s the exact same states, which is confirmation that the government is planning on invading and imposing martial law over the region. This raises some questions, such as: 1) Why would the government invade a region it already controls? 2) Why would the arrival of the new world order be heralded via a press release? 3) Why are you asking so many questions? Holy shit, this guy is in on it! Shoot him!

6 Conspiracy Theories So Damn Stupid They’re Works Of Art

Soldiers of the Ottoman 3rd Army in winter gear during the Battle of Sarikamish, winter 1914-15. Lead by Ismail Enver Pasha, the Ottoman army invaded the Caucasus region during the onset of winter, which is a plan firmly grounded in logical forethought. Unfortunately, the 3rd army, poorly equipped and a little too mortal for such a winter, quickly froze and died. Thousands perished of exposure and disease long before seeing any military action with Russia. However, Ismail Enver would live on to make even more astounding errors in judgement. (Source of image: X)