My intuition (or something talking to my intuition) literally saved my life today. Something has been nagging me for four days. Fire. Fire. Fire. Fire. I couldn’t figure it out but I have been very afraid of waking up to my house on fire lately. So I told my home health lady about it today and we spent an hour investigating all the electrical stuff in my house. We found out that my wheelchair charger has been popping and emitting a bad smell. It was hot to the touch and if it hadn’t been found today, the thing would have started a fire. The good news is the fire hazard has been taken outside. Somebody is clearly protecting me. The bad news is I no longer have a wheelchair charger. My #invacare wheelchair charger became a fire hazard after something like four years of use. Whoever warned me about the fire hazard? I will be making offerings to you tonight. I wonder if Brigid was protecting me. Or Lawrence. Or everybody who comes in and out of my life. #wheelchair #intuition #brigid #ghosts

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