[Translation] 100% SKE48 vol.1 Matsui Jurina x Nakanishi Yuka

Back with 100%SKE48, it’s time for Jurina and Nishishi.

A long but precious interview. Hope you enjoy reading!

*Please note this interview was done last year*

Because times have passed, so I can say

Jurina, just go without hesitation!

In Spring 2015, Nakanishi Yuka, former SKE’s captain who was the main support for Jurina left Nagoya.

Now, 1 year has passed, positions and surroundings have changed a lot.

What will two of them talk about?

The conversation has gone far longer than 8 years history.

Matsui Rena graduation

Nishi: Jurina, long time no see.

J: long…not at all! I still went to see your stage play recently.

Nishi: Yeah, right. Thanks for coming.

J: “Cherry Boys” at Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater, right?

Nishi: How was it? I played the pregnant wife role.

J: leave that aside, I was impressed having a chance to see Nishishi’s stage play. Even some scenes that weren’t so touching, I still felt “ahhh this is good” You were really sparkling. I couldn’t hold my tears.

Nishi: I’m glad. Next time when there’s a stage play, you should try reviewing it. You would help promoting this way *laugh*

J: Well, though I’m younger but I feel like I’m your mom.

Nishi: Though we have 8 years gap but it doesn’t feel weird.

J: Yeah. I also think like that. It’s because we are in the same gen.

Nishi: But I have twenty-something mind.

J: You are overexaggerating *laugh* but you were really sparkling. Maybe, that’s because it’s what you wanted to do.

Nishi: That’s not it. It’s still too far from my dream.

J: Seeing Nishishi like this makes me want to do what I want.

Nishi: However, after graduation, I felt that I could utilize what I have learnt from SKE!

J: Because it had to be perfect, right?

Nishi: Since I was praised about dancing, my chance got higher.

J: This is great.

Nishi: Enough with my stuffs, let’s get to the point! I graduated in March last year. Then, how were you and SKE48? Still suffering from “Rena Loss”? (t/n: impact from Rena graduation)

J: “Rena Loss” *laugh* I saw it from Rena-chan’s twitter. It’s interesting.

Nishi: I saw it, too. *laugh*

J: Since Nishishi and Nee-san graduated, 1st gen had only 3 left (Jurina Rena Masana). Though I always said “so lonely” but actually, Rena-chan was also thinking about graduating.

Nishi: I see. She just hadn’t determined the time yet.

J: The time when we three being together was short. For me, I wanted “we three, let’s try our best together” so, when Rena-chan announced graduation, I felt really lonely.

Nishi: So, this is the reason of “Rena Loss”

J: Right. The pillars graduated continually.

Nishi: But you still have Masana, right?

J: Um, when we have discussion, I started to feel that I’m being like Masana.

Nishi: There are also other kids, right?

J: like (Kitagawa) Ryoha and Goto Rara-chan, right?

Nishi: I missed 7th gen.

J: And also Kuma-chan (Kumazaki Haruka) as I see these kids growing up, I am happy. They are the reason I can rise from Rena Loss.

Niahi: For Jurina, nurturing these kids is like seeing bright future of SKE48, isn’t it?

J: Yes. 1st gen has only 2 left. There are also not many left in 2nd gen. Up until now, many SKE’s main forces graduated one after another. It’s so lonely.

Nishi: I graduated almost a year, during this time, is there anything changed? I want to know.

J: I remember when Nishishi and Nee-san graduate, you said “we hope that members, who have realized that we won’t be here anymore, would come out and take part” When they heard that, they got enthusiastic like “I have to do something for SKE48” not just for themselves but for group. It was a pleasure to see. They got fired up just like when 1st gen got in the group, like “We have to make SKE48 better” the atmosphere was like that time.  

Nishi: I see. I started to feel lonely a bit. Did everyone forget us already?

J: No way! For example, Suzuki (Rika) and also many others, they said “Nishishi and Miepi aren’t here anymore!” *laugh*

Be your support

Nishi: After suffering “Rena Loss” for a while, you were saved by 7th gen. In March this year, Miyazawa-san also graduated, right? You must be lonely.

J: Yeah.

Nishi: And worried?

J: Yeah. For me, Sae-chan is my first Senpai in SKE48. If only we have her, we feel secure. Not only me, but everyone also thinks like that because of Sae-chan existence. Of course, we were confused both when she decided to graduate and when before her graduation stage started…though we wanted to smile for her, there were kids crying.

Nishi: For Jurina, you felt worried or insecure, which one?

J: I felt insecure. At first, I thought I wouldn’t cry in graduation stage but my tears fell down when I was speaking.

Nishi: You’re also a senior.

J: Um, I would like to have Sae-chan graduates with atmosphere that is full of happiness, so I didn’t want to cry. Sae-chan is essential. Although I said like this, I still can’t be as great as her.

Nishi: It can’t be exactly the same. If your goal is to be like that, I think you are forced yourself too much.

J: I’m overwhelmed with the feeling of wanting to be support for everyone but I may not be good enough to say that.

Nishi: That’s so? Jurina is kind of person who lead everyone just by letting them look at her back. I think you’re showing juniors that everything is okay. Meanwhile, we also had concert tour and performed “Wimbledon e tsureteitte”

J: I got to do a roleplay with you and Masana, too.

Nishi: You want to sustain that condition, don’t want it to end but you couldn’t. You must be very anxious.

J: Now, I have no one to rely on.

Nishi: How about Yuasa (Hiroshi, SKE theater manager)? He’s just like one of 1st gen. You can talk to him about absolutely everything.

J: Yeah, I can talk to him about everything. He also has experience as AKB48 manager. His comeback would make SKE better.

Nishi: You know it when you were on concurrency, right?

J: That’s why he understands when I ask him ‘would doing like this be good for SKE?’ it’s good that he’s back.

Nishi: For me, in fact, I didn’t know that he’s back. Is there any change?

J: The love for SKE48 has increased.

Nishi: I see!

J: He’s doing many things for SKE48 even when members don’t see him.

Nishi: Yuasa wouldn’t tell these things to members. He might be misunderstood easily. He should let them see sometimes.

J: You’re right. Yuasa-san also has weakness. But however, he’s trying to find the way for SKE48. He’s working, anyways.

Nishi: This may be because Jurina’s perspective has broadened? You started working 7 years ago, now you’ve grown up, right?

J: I think so, too. Yuasa-san is also not young.

Nishi: Right. You’ll be 20 next year? You entered when you were 11. As we speak, Yuasa-san must not be quite young *laugh*  

Nakanishi’s this 1 year

J: Hey, how about you in this past 1 year? I want to know, really want to know.

Nishi: I got roles in 3 stage plays, got accustomed to it a bit. Though I can’t compare with other actors but being in new environment, living my life actively, I think I’ve grown a lot in this past year. I started to live in Tokyo alone, signed with new agency, did what I never do, gained more experience. There are more things I accomplished by myself, but I also feel lonely.

J: I see!

Nishi: In those 7 years, there were only things I do with members, right? Now, I’m alone. Feel so lonely.

J: Hahaha it’s incredibly lonely, right?

Nishi: Yeah, very lonely.

J: Has anything changed after you graduated?

Nishi: In SKE48, there were only younger people. Now, colleagues who play in stage plays together are all older. I’m still studying how should I communicate with them.

J: Have you met former members?

Nishi: I met Shawako (Hata Sawako) often, at least once a month, we would go have dinner. She insisted to come to see my stage play because we are in Venus Project together and maybe because we are in the same agency.

J: What about current members?

Nishi: I went out with (Deguchi) Aki, Masana was also there. *laugh* and Ha-chan (Ono Haruka), too.

J: all 1st gen!!!

Nishi: I met Masana many times after graduate.

J: Did you talk about SKE48?

Nishi: Of course, it was about Jurina * laugh* like “recently, there’s something like that” or “she cancelled concurrent position” Around half month ago, I also met Isohara (Kyoka). I got to know that she was about to move to Tokyo. She got agency and would come to work in Tokyo.

J: That’s great! I’m happy to know about graduated members.

Nishi: Suzuki (Rika) also contacts me a lot. (Inuzaka) Asana, too. Asana, she really believes in you.

J: Where did you hear that from?

Nishi: from me *laugh*

J: I’m so happy.

Nishi: right! I also met Kuwabara Mizuki. We went out to eat with (Kato) Rumi.

J: I also met her a lot.

Nishi: For Mieko (Nee-san), though we haven’t met but we talk a lot.

J: SKE48’s bond is so strong. Especially 1st gen, you still keep in touch even after graduate. I’m glad.

Regarding juniors

Nishi: my life is just like that recently. Talking about you cancelled concurrency, you also sent LINE message.

J: To Ikkimuchi LINE group, what did you think? (t/n: Jurina, Rena, Masana, Nakanishi, Mieko aka Ikkimuchi)

Nishi: I think “ahh is that so?”

J: just that? *laugh*

Nishi: Even though I didn’t say it out but I can give you some advice if you need. I think it’s good for your health. You would go back and forth between Tokyo-Nagoya less.

J: Not at all, though.

Nishi: No? *laugh*

J: To be honest, I didn’t cancel it because of this.

Nishi: but I think I understand why you did that.

J: What you said is just like what my fans said to me.

Nishi: During this time, I already turned to be your fans. *laugh*

J: That’s right. Nishishi and Nee-san graduated, Rena-chan graduated, then we faced with “Rena Loss”. For SKE48, this is really huge. I, myself, felt that if I don’t do something, SKE48 would be over.

Nishi: About this, I knew it from LINE.

J: So, just as I said earlier, the ones who saved me were 7th gen.

Nishi: I don’t know much about 7th gen, tell me what they’ve got.

J: so much that I can’t explain it all *laugh* First of all, 7th gen has to perform “Party” stage. I went to see them practice and rehearsal. I felt nostalgic.

Nishi: like looking at ourselves in the past?

J: Yeah. I sat in the front row, watching them practice, seeing those sweat, hearing stomping sound “bang bang” that kind of feeling.

Nishi: Full of young spirit.

J: Yes, this feeling is SKE48. But AKB48’s “Party” stage and SKE48’s “Party” stage are different, right?

Nishi: That’s right. SKE48’s “Party” stage is full of SKE48 characteristic. It has Anna-sensei’s style.

J: When 7th gen performed, they still gave out AKB48 feeling. I wanted to put SKE48 soul into it, so I went to practice with them. There’s a song called “SKE48”, right? There’re famous places of SKE48 in this song. If they don’t perform it with SKE48 soul, it can’t be right. I just told them like “let’s change a bit here and there” Though I don’t know much but I did it with the thought of how would we like the fans, that have been supporting us since the beginning, to feel when they come back to see us.

Nishi: I see. How’s Goto Rara?

J: The moment I saw her for the first time, I felt that this is the feeling of SKE48.

Nishi: Heh? What do you mean?

J: She has aura, looks reliable.

Nishi: I’ve never talked to her. The day I graduate was the day 7th gen debut.

J: To other 7th gen, I would be like “do your best!” “it’s not correct here” but to Rara, there’s nothing like that at all.

Nishi: Has that much fighting spirit?

J: Yeah, she’s good.

Nishi: but being like this means we set very high barricade for her.

J: Is that so? I also think that it puts her in trouble.

Nishi: This is also what Jurina had been through.

J: Um. She is really like me. I went to see Shonichi rehearsal and once again after that. Rara wasn’t cheerful at all that time. She seemed anxious and kind of lonely. When performance ended and sending off audiences, she mostly kept her head down. There might be some fans said something harsh to her. It was the time when she’s in 3rd position in “Mae no Meri”, there may be quite a number of fans that objected against it.

Nishi: There are always this kind of fans.

J: Once it ended, I rushed to her. Though she didn’t say anything but I could see her painful eyes. So, I said “I know what you want to say” At the time of Oogoe diamond, I also went through these things, like skipping me at handshake event. I knew well how Rara felt, I thought I have to encourage her.

J: Jurina became Onee-san *laugh*

J: At first, I thought fans would accept it but it wasn’t like that. Whoever stands on the front must put guard on, no matter with members or fans.

Nishi: but if you couldn’t get through these things, you wouldn’t be able to shine. Like Jurina being Jurina nowadays, I think it’s a step you need to step over.

Regarding SKE48

Nishi: What does Jurina think about SKE48 from now on?

J: I want us to be like Chunichi Dragons. People living in Nagoya say “If you think about Nagoya, it must be Chunichi” that’s the reason they support, right? It’s just like that. We need to pay more attention to locals. Both staffs and members think like that. There are still many people who don’t recognize SKE48. I want people no matter near or far to come to see SKE48. However, the current SKE48 has only little exposure in local. So, we want to go and perform in many places.

Nishi: This is also involved with cancelling concurrency, right?

J: Right. I want to have people say “If you think about Nagoya, it must be SKE48”

Nishi: This issue remains since SKE48 established in 2008. Since we can’t achieve it, we need to continue on.

J: When Rena-chan was still here, we were in AKB48 Senbatsu together. We agreed to “try our best to let people recognize SKE48” but recently, only one SKE member in AKB senbatsu is me. If there is only me in that place, people would see me as AKB member. This thought always lingers in my mind. So, once concurrency ended, I can proudly say “SKE48” out loud

Nishi: if there’s someone come to see you and think that you’re good, I’m sure they will come to know SKE48.

J: Yeah. But if I’m still in concurrent position and talk about SKE48, they would be like ‘what?’

Nishi: Of course, we also like AKB48.

J: Yep. AKB48’s single this time, Ryoha and Rara entered senbatsu, too.

Nishi: ah! 44th single, right?

J: Um! This made my heart grows. Even though SKE48 was the no.1 group in last year general election, but after “Halloween Night” Sae-chan, Aya-chan, Churi and Kaotan were not chosen. It’s so frustrated. Though we were looking forward to make SKE48 be more recognized.

Nishi: That’s difficult. Only one member power can’t do anything.

J: That’s right. We also can’t blame staff-san.

Nishi: So, it’s about how will you create chances for SKE48 to be more popular. But recently, you started to use twitter.

J: Yes. I started on my 19th birthday.

Nishi: I think this can help people know more about SKE48.

J: But I’m not good with internet.

Nishi: Sure, you are *laugh* however, Kamata (Natsuki) is now invading Shogi world. She got calendar from Shogi association and posted it on twitter. Jurina, you can post more of your selfies.

J: I can?

Nishi: Absolutely! Everyone can see cute Jurina. Twitter really has power of spreading. If members show what they can do, it would help spreading more.  That aside, you always push yourself too much. You should know your limit. What if you get sick, it wouldn’t be the same.

J: Okayyy. In that case, I hope there will be a lot of members say “you can reply on me”

Nishi: Up until now, though they have “next generation” tag on them, but I think they shouldn’t be bound by that. I think we all have to take responsibility.

J: Um. Now, I feel that everyone is really solidified.

Nishi: That’s good. If everyone keeps the thought “I will pull it forward” in mind, it would be great, right? Jurina is also considering “who should come and help pulling SKE48?” This is the best way. If anyone can stand as the center of SKE48 without hesitation, that would be nice, right? However, there might be the case that you expect too much from them that they got awfully pressured.

J: That’s true.

Nishi: See, your working schedule is already that full. For example, if you get sick and no one can replace the center position in that complicated situation or only this child can do gravure…something like that, what should we do?

J: For me, I also want SKE48 to have Kami7.

Nishi: That happens spontaneously, doesn’t it?

J: That doesn’t happen spontaneously. I think releasing a single with few members is one way to do.

Nishi: “Gomenne Summer” also has 7 members. It has really good balance.

J: The single released in last autumn also has 7 members.

Nishi: Love Crescendo, is it? I think it’s very challenging because you would never know how it will be.

J: The single released in March “Chicken LINE” me, Ryoha and Rara are on the front row. Though I don’t have authority to determine this but I think it’s the image of SKE48. This is good although I want many members to stand at the front. When people say “thinking about SKE48, it must be this girl” and that face pops out in their mind. If we could have more SKE48 faces popping out, we would be stronger.

Nishi: Yeah. In order to make people remember, we need regular TV program.

J: Correct!

Nishi: That’s the most important!…though we just surmise it *laugh* but to utilize SKE48, we have to form MC team.

Jurina’s feeling

Nishi: judging from what we’ve talked so far, the feeling of wanting SKE48 to be better comes out all the time. You’re not changed at all. I think Jurina’s love for SKE48 is greatest.

J: I always think of how I can spread SKE48 further. It’s what I always worry about.

Nishi: If you ask me, I think it’s not the thing that you have to carry too much. There are things that Jurina alone can’t do, right? All of that turns out to be “I have to do something”

J: Umm this is exactly what I can’t do *laugh*

Nishi: Just leaving it to Yuasa-san is enough. Let staff-san handle it. There are a lot of staffs that love SKE48. There may be things that we can’t do right now but it’s okay. If Jurina wants to do it, just tell staff-san “This kid has this outstanding point” wouldn’t it be good? Just tell them to notice others’ good point.

J: Um, I see.

Nishi: This way, it will be like “our Jurina said that” *laugh*

J: If I say it, will I be able to persuade?

Nishi: Manager-san can’t see members before they changed into costume. Members, when they are in front of managers, get so nervous that they can’t express well. So, if Jurina can tell them “that girl is really good at telling jokes”, maybe when they contact with comedians, they would see this point. Have you tried talking with many persons? For example, talking with BUBKA-san that “This girl has perfect body” or “This girl is really fired up, please invite her too” Oh! In the past, you also told BUBKA-san that you want them to shoot me in swimsuit. Though they didn’t really make the photoshoot, but you did it. *laugh*

J: Fufufufu but I’m still not quite confident in my thought.

Nishi: That’s alright. I can guarantee, have some confidence.

J: Is that so? It would be better if I’m not that serious, right?

Nishi: Yeah

J: Then, in order to do that, I have to know more about members. I want to meet members more often, talk about SKE48 more often.

Nishi: I can’t help you with that *laugh* but Sae-san also graduated. SKE48 is getting to the next chapter, right? No matter it’s big or little issue, you need to think it through though you still can’t see the result.

J: You’re right. SKE48 right now has a good sign. In Sae-chan graduation concert, I said “SKE48 is in a pinch” but now, I don’t feel anything bad. That’s because juniors are so active. Everyone wants to do something for SKE48. So, I think promising future is waiting for us.

Nishi: That’s good.

J: One thing without a doubt is that although member graduates, fans are still here. Just like when I said “SKE48 is in a pinch” the fans replied me “SKE48 will be alright” “let’s do our best together” I’m happy hearing that. SKE48 are driven by fans. Members, fans and staffs, we hold hands and go together. Though there are members graduate, the heat is not cool down at all. So, I’m looking forward to this coming general election.

Nishi: It’s coming soon, do your best!

J: Since I cancelled concurrency, I face with anxiety ‘what I should do’. So, having a chance to talk with you today, I feel that my perspective has been broadened. I want to go forward!

Nishi: Whoa! That’s good.

J: It’s a bit sad but I’m the type that if there’s anything I can do by myself, I would try. I can’t stop.

Nishi: How many times have I told you that don’t overdo it *laugh* eat properly, sleep properly, health comes first!

J: You’re just like my mom *laugh*

Nishi: When you face any problems, come to talk in Ikkimuchi LINE group. Mieko would be the first one who replies. *laugh*

J: You always reply late.

Nishi: Yeah. If you wait for me to reply, you would just change the topic already…about this, just forget it! For me, I want you to stay childish forever.

J: But I’m 19 already.

Nishi: What are you talking about? Kuwabara Mizuki is almost 25 but she’s still childish! She still says “…yaki!” *laugh* So, you just continue being like this.

J: Um, understood! Thank you for today!

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hi, love! i'm a big fan of your writing! i had an quick one shot request if you're not too busy! I read it somewhere & figured I'd love to see a sasusaku one. It's “I’m on a terrible date and you’re my waiter please help me” AU. Either one could be the waiter/waitress, I'd just love to see you play it out! thanks!

hey, sweets! thank you for requesting and yeah, i can do something like this :D i’m glad you’re a fan! it makes my heart happy and warm ♥

She could feel it, her eye twitch slightly at the constant talking and wet dog smell. 

When Ino had said she hooked her up and scheduled a date, she didn’t think it would be with Kiba of all people. It’s not like Sakura had anything against the Inuzuka, it was just that he had no sort of common sense when it came to taking a girl out to a nice restaurant.

It wasn’t that he was rude or anything of the sort, he was actually a sweet guy. It was just how he consistently talked about how his schooling went, and how many dogs he could walk at once, and how he spends his summers at his family’s dog training camp.

None of it really amused Sakura, and she appreciated how passionate he was about his family’s business and his interest in animals. Animals just weren’t Sakura’s thing.

“What can I get you to drink?”

Sakura’s face had been resting against her hand while she listened to Kiba go on about something his dog had done earlier that day, and when a different voice - rich and deep - caught her attention, she found her eyes looking up at a waiter she had never seen before.

His artistically tossed hair and porcelain-like face caught her attention first. Soon after, she was looking into dark eyes that shimmered from the dim lighting in the building, and if she had looked away a second sooner, she would’ve missed the smallest of smirks.

“I’ll get a water,” Kiba answered with a bored tone. 

“Same here,” Sakura’s voice spoke up rather quickly as she watched their waiter nod his head with a curt nod and walk away. 

The second he left, Kiba’s eyes narrowed in their waiter. 

“I really can’t stand him and-”

But before Kiba could finish his sentence, Sakura was pushing herself up from their booth and excusing her from Kiba’s presence. While she hadn’t meant to be rude, Sakura was making a mad dash towards the ‘restroom.’

Once her body turned the corner, she was crashing right into the dark haired man’s chest. His face didn’t change, but his hand caught her wrist before she could fall and crash into the floor. The pinkette felt her cheeks heating up from the sudden contact - not only from running into him head on, but his hand on her arm felt hot and electrifying. 

“You really need to watch where you’re going,” he warned with a low voice. Sakura didn’t say a word, only shook her head and make sure that the two of them were definitely out of Kiba’s sight.

“I need you to get me out of this date.”

While her cheeks still radiated warmth, Sakura felt her stomach curling because of the sudden guilt. Kiba was a great guy, but this date just wasn’t working out and neither would their relationship.

Sakura shuddered at the thought.

“Hn, but you look like you’re having so much fun.”

Keep reading

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the kakashi mom drawing u just posted is amazing?? i love the idea that kakashi got his love of dogs from being an inuzaka , im curious tho like what happened to her then i mean did she die or is she still alive and in kakashis life? ahh i just wanna know everything its so cool!!

thank you!!!!!!

she’s dead unfortunately :’//

i imagine she died when kakashi was around 1-2 years old??? sakumo didnt talk much about her to kakashi bc it was painful. kakashi didnt even know his mom was an inuzuka till years later when he went through shinobi profiles and stumbled upon her file.

she was killed in the third war by stone ninjas after being ambushed & then abandoned by the chunin/genin team she led 

The Top 20 Most Handsome male Voice Actors according to Charapedia

1) Mamoru Miyano

(UtaPri’s Tokiya Ichinose, Steins; Gate’s Rintarou Okabe, Gundam 00’s Setsuna F. Seiei, and Free!’s Rin Matsuoka)

2) Suzuki Tatsuhisa

(Free!’s Makoto Tachibana, Baka & Test’s Yuuji Sakamoto, My Little Monster’s Haru Yoshida, and Beyond the Boundary’s Hiroomi Nase)

3) Daisuke Ono

(Black Butler’s Sebastian Michaelis, Magi’s Sinbad, Durarara!!’s Shizuo Heiwajima, and K’s Kuroh Yatogami)

4) Yuki Kaji

(Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager, High School DXD’s Issei Hyoudo, Magi’s Alibaba Saluja, and Accel World’s Haruyuki Arita)

5) Hiroshi Kamiya

(Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager, High School DXD’s Issei Hyoudo, Magi’s Alibaba Saluja, and Accel World’s Haruyuki Arita)


(Space Brothers’ Hibito Nanba, Brothers Conflict’s Futo Asahina, and Tower of Druaga’s Jill)

7) Shouta Aoi

(UtaPri’s Ai Mikaze, Shounen Hollywood’s Daiki Tomii)

8) Nobunaga Shimazaki

(Free!’s Haruka Nanase, Date A Live’s Shidou Itsuka, and Still The World is Beautiful’s King Livius/ Livi)

9) Hiro Shimono

(The World God Only Knows’s Keima Katsuragi, Attack on Titan’s Connie Springer, and Baka & Test’s Akihisa Yoshii)

10) Yuichi Nakamura

(Clannad’s Tomoya Okazaki, Fairy Tail’s Gray Fullbuster, and The Irregular at Magic High School’s Tetsuya Shiba)

11) Jun Fukuyama

(Code Geass’s Lelouch Lamperouge, Chuunibyou’s Yuuta Togashi, and Blue Exorcist’s Yukio Okumura)

12) Kenjiro Tsuda

(Yu-Gi-Oh’s Seto Kaiba, Fairy Tail’s Bacchus, and K’s Mikoto Suoh)

13) Takuya Eguchi

(Oregairu’s Hachiman Hikigaya, Gundam AGE’s Asemu Asuno, and Gosick’s Kazuya Kujou)

14) Yoshimasa Hosoya

(Attack on Titan’s Reiner Braun, Akame Ga Kill’s Wave, and Katanagatari’s Shichika Yasuri)

15) Tetsuya Kakihara

(Fairy Tail’s Natsu Dragneel, Blazblue’s Jin Kisaragi, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s Simon)

16) Takahiro Sakurai

(Code Geass’s Suzaku Kururugi, Log Horizon’s Krusty, and Magi’s Jafar)

17) Kosuke Toriumi

(Hakuoki’s Hajime Saitou, Naruto’s Kiba Inuzaka, and UtaPri’s Cecil Aijima)

18) Junichi Suwabe

(Fate/ Stay Night’s Archer, Bleach’s Grimjow, 07 Ghost’s Frau, and UtaPri’s Ren Jinguuji)

19) Kenshou Ono

(Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko’s Basketball, Ren Hakuryuu from Magi, and Slain Troyard from Aldnoah.Zero)

20) Kouji Yusa

(Kyousuke Hyoubu from Zettai Karen Children, Sanosuke Harada from Hakuouki, and Gin Ichimaru from Bleach)

About that whole anon who made a comment of something about how Sasuke was probably forced to have children, I’m actually inclined to agree with them. 

Not “forced” as in someone of power walked up to Sasuke and like, decreed that he start a’ humpin by order of the Hokage, but “forced” by his culture. 

Because yeah, no one in the position to basically order Sasuke to propagate is going to do it. Sarada was conceived under Kakashi’s reign after all. Kakashi might be broken and occasionally people dumb, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t a thing he wants to even think about, and he probably wasn’t in a high stakes, pre/during war time that would force him to take action in such a way “for the good of the village”. Sasuke did successfully have a kid, so it’s not his problem. 

There is also the point I want to make here that it probably wasn’t the Hokage’s problem to start with. With all the cases we see of “strong ninja who are the last of their clan”, we don’t really see much pressure from the village, story wise, for children. Not for Kakashi, or Orochimaru, or Sakumo to have more kids besides his son. Not for Naruto as he ages, or like… anyone who was all at once of a child rearing age, incredibly strong, and the “last of their kind” ever had any political pressure to make the babies. 

But you know who we see a lot of this pressure around? Clan kids.

There’s like, several degrees of crazy in Naruto, and the crazier the clan, the crazier you are. Non Clan kids are as normal and as socialized as they come. Yes most of them are pretty eccentric, but in “That one boy in class who ate bugs in elementary school” kind of way. This makes sense. We see a lot of kids in the academy days who don’t make it to ninja. The non clan kids are essentially regular villager folks who hit the genetics jackpot. They socialized a lot with the kids who went on to be normal villagers, and because they were special snowflakes, they got to hang with the born ninja kids too. 

This is where you get the REAL CRAY going. There are pretty much two tiers of Clan crazy. The Inuzaka clan, Aburame clan, Lee clan, they’re tier two. These are the non political clans. And this is where I start seeing hints of that lack of ability to choose, that being “forced”.

These kids are pretty normal, they’re nuts in their own way, but still functional. They were a lot less socialized, but still allowed to mingle amongst themselves to a degree. They also probably didn’t have a lot of choice in becoming ninja either. And this is the way I think Sarada and the other Boruto kids may have been “forced” to become ninja.

Tier two kids have a very mild form of that precious clan mentality. If you are talented enough, then it’s an honor to become a ninja, to represent your family. The Inuzaka and Aburame even introduce their children to ninja specific quirks (Akimaru and the bugs) and train them in it before the kids graduate the academy. 

These are small children, and that they are going to be ninja is a given. It’s expected, and they usually don’t really think beyond that. They certainly have a choice at this point, but its in the culture of expectation where I think that choice disappears. They don’t have a choice, because no other choice is expected of them.

So when I say I agree that Sarada and the other Boruto children might have been forced to become ninja, it’s not that someone told them they had to. Heck, their parents might have set them down and asked them outright if they were sure. But in at least some of these kid’s head, the only answer might have been “I have to be, because my parents were, and they were great at it, so I have to be as well.”

(We actually see this more than once in your fics with Itachi. Most of the time he’s happiest running a tea shop in your fics, but to get to that point, someone in a position of power has to vouch for him to remove hims from his career. He can technically go forward and say “I need to be done now”, but he is expected not to, and it’s up to the decision of others whether or not he’s allowed)

This same sort of mentality is why I say Sasuke was probably “forced” to have a child, because he was expected to. Because let me talk about tier one clans. (Aka, the political)

They are insane. 

But that aside we see several blatant examples of procreation control from these clans. There’s a lot of obvious inter-clan (and when I say inter-clan, I mean within the clan itself) marriages, which are probably arranged. Tier one clan kids are the most socially awkward of the Naruto bunch, with very odd and very aggressive home schooling and emphasis on the importance of clan politics, just as much so as for the village’s politics. Mostly they appear to be completely isolated from any other non clan children. We also see with Obito that a questionable parentage, even if they are obviously of the clan, is reason enough to abandon the child for the sake of strength and purity. 

Even if the village doesn’t have a culture of pushing powerful ninja to have children, the top tier, and probably just all the clans in general to a lesser extent, most certainly does. Yes Sasuke was quite forcibly removed from that culture at a young age, but we can easily see how indoctrinated to the “clan is everything” mentality he was at that point. And just because he was not raised in it consistently does not mean it went away when he returned to village. There are still really obsessive clans who probably didn’t want to shut their mouths at him if for no other reason than to make him feel like a failure, because most clan adults suck.

I’m not saying Sasuke didn’t want children, but that he felt it was his duty as well as an eventuality, as well as having the opportunity, that may have made the decision for him.

Yes, ideally, all children are conceived and raised in love, but it kinda makes the canon SasuSaku better for me. He definitely loves Sarada, but her being conceived when he was uncomfortable with the idea of fatherhood, not ready to deal with it but feeling he had to makes a lot of sense for his actions. Especially is Sakura went forward with it fully knowing what was going to happen. She might have known Sasuke wouldn’t have been able to function as a family unit, which is why she’s so calm and rational to her daughter about why Sasuke is always gone and less willing to drag him home. She expected him to be distant before Sarada was conceived. For her, it was both a favor to him out of love, to settle his mind about having a child and raising it safely without his influence so that he wouldn’t have to worry about it’s care, as well as probably fulfilling any need for children she had without partnering up with someone she would rather not. For all we know, it may have been Sakura’s preference to raise Sarada on her own.

I like it quite a bit better that way. Rather than Sasuke being an abandoning jerk who can’t peoples with his own kid, he’s a broken man who has trouble functioning and a heavy self burden and obligation to his dead family to continue his line that he is not emotionally able to both refuse and carry out. For Sakura, it makes her decision to step off the battlefield and become a housewife her true choice. Yes she is a fantastic ninja with a lot of potential. People expected great things things of her in the epilogue. But maybe she was able to step back and say “I’m done for now.”, and took an opportunity when she saw it. It does wonders for explaining why she was a full time mother without being a hard core ninja on the side. Rather than rationalize Sarada’s conception as “a weird passionate moment between Sasuke and Sakura” that people see it as, it was a mutual decision of business. It goes from being a weird OOC thing that people can’t connect the dots between timelines, and makes it an agreement of mutual affection and respect. It makes these two better rational adults with a large degree of history, regard, and understanding between each other and I LIKE IT.

On a similar note, I would also like to mention a comment you got a while back in which the person was surprised that, politically, Hinata was allowed to marry Naruto without absorbing him into the Hyuga Clan. I think your response was a much less vulgar version of “Naruto said ‘fuck you im naruto’ and the clans said ‘well we can’t argue with that logic’. And while I still have no idea why that’s the case in story, I do think I’ve figured out why narrative wise. Again, I remember seeing on your blog (referencing you to yourself, aren’t I just a thrill?) where you complained about the epilogue’s in story “problems” were never really addressed. Hundreds of hundreds of chapters of manga dedicated to show just how fucked up this world was, and then within the course of like, a decade, all those problems are still there despite everyone trying to fix it and now being in power, and everyone is OOC? But I think I’ve cracked it a little bit. Lets see if I can be coherent in my thoughts here it’s like 5 am.

See when it comes to problems in Naruto, most of them Naruto was able to either punch away or to it’s senses. But one of the things that was always way over his head was certain Clan and political issues, and these issue were HUGE. It’s kinda hinted that Naruto address these issues too with infecting many children who would one day become influential clan members with “THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP” but it’s also a problem that has arguably stuck it’s grubby little fingers into every single conflict in the entire series. So here’s what I think happened. 

Kishimoto is done with Nartuo. D.O.N.E. I left the crock pot on while we went on a vacation DONE. But his publishers just won’t let it die. So he has to keep writing on a very small scheduled passed when he expected to have stopped, and here’s some things that get established as he tries to do that.

  • for some reason or another it has to be the next gen, and this is from where the problems stem. he’s done them as kids, he’s done them as teens, and young adults. They are now ready for the progeny.
  • So there’s got to be a long stemming conflict if this is going to hold out as long as he thinks it will. Up until this point Kishimoto has done a very admirable job avoiding the Dragon Ball effect. He’s stayed more or less in a realm of realism for the rules he’s placed on his universe. It’s by no means perfect, there’s some OP going on, but it’s for this reason he can’t have a physical problem be the main one. If it’s not strong enough, then his pre established characters can just take care of it and the children have no conflict to start with. If it’s strong enough and the children defeat it in one fell swoop, then they managed to surpass their extremely gifted and experienced predecessors to quickly to stretch the suspension of disbelief. 
  • So yes there’s physical conflict, but the main one’s have to be emotional. As a story teller, he has no choice
  • And Kishimoto has already DONE the clan thing to death, and by now we should expect the old character to know better than that. This is probably the source of the Very Bad OOC in the epilogue series. These character do know better, but Kishimoto literally can not use physical conflict in his story telling as his man source. It would shatter his world. It is much easier to stretch that these character have changed in unintelligible ways over a vague time skip than have absurdly OP children. So while realistically, Kishimoto wrote the story in a way that would let us have closure without an ending, since we know the road the characters were on, he now has to create conflict. And Kishimoto’s weapon of choice is interpersonal, because his societal conflicts are supposed to be resolved. I don’t know the exact reasoning behind the OOC characters, but again, Kishimoto is burnt out by now and grasping straws.
  • As to why he couldn’t focus on clans again and how they had changed, I think Kishimoto tried very hard to show and not tell and fell flat. I don’t think he ever had a concrete way to fix the toxic clan culture. He hinted at Nartuo fixing with the power of love, and that the next generation would be better than the last. That should have been all he needed really. An entire country of bad mindsets can not be fixed by one protagonist. It can’t even be fixed in one generation. Naruto planted the seeds and that should have been enough. For the clans to still be an issue after Nartuo’s assessment of it would have been less a failing as a character, and more as a failing of the storytelling, but Kishimoto doesn’t have the timeframe  in story to deal with it. So yeah, Kishimoto probably didn’t know how to fix it, and was crunched for time. So he showed it fixed, with inter marriages and such, but didn’t address how the culture would have changed. He showed oto much and didn’t connect the narrative, and I’m not sure he knew how to at this point. So now he have that weird dissonance between what the personal lives of the characters tell us Konoha is, and what the story tells us Konoha is.
  • So pretty much Kishimoto was forced by story telling to make his characters OOC and continue past the point of his planning because anything else would have been just as bad or worse and he had to pick something and it shows. 

That being said, I REALLY DO WISH that there was more village pressure for strong clan ninja to have all the babies because you could go dark with it yes but like…. Sarutobi having to approach a twenty something year old Orochimaru to have kids for the sake of the village might be the only time I could see this actually working out in the village’s favor? (oh my god my secondhand embarrassment for Sarutobi at this time is ridiculous)