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Adrien's role in Volpina: unpopular opinion

It’s been stewing in my mind for a while now, and I’ve been wondering why all the essays and articles and fanfic written about the episode never quite satisfied me.

This morning I realised how come that was. A lot of the things written were about Marinette
This one was one of those episodes where her defects really do come back to haunt her. What’s more, at the end she hasn’t even learned much: she still doesn’t listen to Chat and goes to hunt down Adrien despite his protests, just steamrolling his opinion on the matter.

But the thing that didn’t satisfy me most is that the fandom overlooked another guilty party in this episode who’s defects also were responsible for creating the akuma: Adrien.

Adrien really annoyed me in this episode. One thing is being innocent and sheltered. He cannot help that and he’s slowly overcoming it, I imagine, with experience and Nino’s help. But come ON you HAVE miraculous yourself!

Adrien knows very well that the first rule of owning a miraculous is telling no one; it’s practically the first thing out of Plagg’s mouth after ‘ca se mange?’, which in hindsight tells him it’s pretty important. This is something he should know intrinsically this late in the game - one assumes the timeline has ANY sense. And giving away your identity to someone you just met, especially not for a booty call, should have started ringing alarm bells in his head. Instead of looking stupefied, he should have started asking trick questions, looking suspicious, backing away. After all, they have no idea who Hawkmoth is, his gender and age. For all they know the giant face and voice on the Eiffel tower could have just been a giant illusion.

I wouldn’t have minded if he’d just been an innocent bystander, someone like Nathaniel or Theo who don’t know a first thing about the miraculous stones. But that’s not the case; he knows very well that Plagg hiding is half his existence and doesn’t get suspicious at all this girl is just telling a random stranger she has a miraculous? Because make no mistake, Lila just moved into their school, she’s a stranger.

And then later, he does it AGAIN. A girl who looks a lot like Lila shows up in the fox miraculous costume. The fox. Miraculous. Which Lila just claimed as her own. She shows up out of nowhere, starts bossing your usual team leader around - thus blowing a hole into your usual team dynamics which you suddenly seem to care nothing about - and you accept it without batting an eye. Moreover, you notice your team leader is annoyed, and instead of asking why, just sort of hint she’s being hostile to the new teammate who you’ve accepted beyond the very reasonable doubt you should have had.

Adrien was right there when Ladybug tears Lila a new one, and also deduced correctly that her lie about being a miraculous holder was just that. He put the entire team at risk by siding with the newcomer over his team leader seconds after meeting her, and he did this after he KNEW that Lila was upset and just lying about that very miraculous stone. I’m surprised that has not had lasting effects on Ladybug and Chat Noir’s team dynamics, because quite beyond Adrien knowing about Lila, which Ladybug has no way of knowing, one would think the boy constantly spouting love declarations would follow said love interest as a team leader over a newcomer they know exactly nothing about.

Of course, I’m not saying Adrien should be shamed or any sort of thing. But Marinette’s faults and defects in this episode have been picked apart and aired so often I’m just really surprising Adrien’s very sizable errors weren’t also pointed out. Mari’s errors were more of a reactive nature, where she was provoked and acted out of line. Adrien’s were more errors of omission, where he failed to do and see things he really aught to know better about at this point. But they are still mistakes he makes, and no one seems to want to speak of them.


Summary: Sam starts having visions again as you get closer to the demon, and John doesn’t take it well. Dean has reservations about you going into the fight, which ends in an argument.
Words: 5.3k
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess
Warnings: aggressive confrontations

Beta: @blacksiren
A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here

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Your sleep was restless, dreams of the demon haunting you for the first time in weeks.

You woke up in a cold sweat, your heart pounding in your chest as you took deep breaths to calm yourself down.

You rolled over in Dean’s arms, gently placing your hand to his bare chest, feeling his heartbeat beneath your palm and finding comfort in the steady rhythm.

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Post Season One Questions

This is a list of questions I’ve noted that I still have concerning information from season 1. As the show progresses, I’ll keep an eye on this, noting when things are answered as well as adding anything that may pop up.

What’s the deal with this thing? I remember someone telling me that someone from the crewniverse confirmed that the “ink” used to draw this was made of crushed gems, which is just gruesome. Does this count as a corrupted gem? It was very much alive, as we saw, but it was as if the “spirit” of the gem was embedded in this picture. Also where can I find this poster.

The crystal heart is very similar to the power core we saw both in the Kindergarten and Peridot’s hand ship. Does this power the entire temple? What runs through it? Is the temple alive? Why does this heart beat like an actual heart? 

I wonder if gem shards will ever make another appearance. Thinking back to what Pearl said about the “living armor and infantries,” I wonder if the suits of armor we saw in Rose’s training room may have been used for gem shards? In general, I always wonder how much sentience is left within gem shards and the like. 

Just…everything about this. That’s Rose. She’s fighting someone. For the rest of it, I’ve no idea. And we’ve only seen half of it. Now that the temple is destroyed, though, I don’t know that we’ll ever see mention of this again.

Where did he come from, where does he go? Where did he come from, pink cotton candy … eyed … Joe? What is Lion’s relation to Rose? Why did she keep him a secret from everyone? How does he have all these powers? He’s not a typical lion, but he has no gem. Is even related to gems? Where did she get a fucking pink lion? 

This is the only other gem we’ve seen implanted in an object like Lapis. So is this gem not corrupt? Is it waiting to be released in the same way Lapis was?  

Everything about this bird intrigues me. Why does its insides consist majorly of bubbled gems? Why, when shot, does it turn into hundreds of gem shards?  


I just want to see these two again. What’s their story? Why were they so important? If they’re corrupted gems, why were they not poofed and bubbled like normal? 

I just wonder whether Steven’s aging will be revisited. I’d like to see if he’s going to age normally, or if his age will stagnate or go into over drive. In the same vein, I’m curious to know if Steven will live a normal length of a life, and also if he’s near immortal like the gems. And on a darker note, can he poof and regenerate? 

Rose and her killer plants. The hell is up with that? I’d love to get a flashback and see these in action, or at least hear about her using them doing the war or something. 

Swords and weapons, armor of the fallen, heretic’s anguish, giant penny, training bot - Rose had a lot of things hidden away. I wonder if Steven will now begin using the training cave as his own or not. 

Is some form of Rose still in the room? At this point, Steven had never heard Rose’s voice. So, assuming the room drew off Steven’s memories to create everything, how was it able to replicate Rose’s voice? Because the room is powered by Steven’s gem, and Rose still lies dormant within it?

I just need this story, thanks.

Corruption. What is it, and how does it affect these base models. Is there any hope for cure? Give me Centipeetle! 

What’s this thing? How is there a “synthetic storm” contained in this geode? Why is there a synthetic storm trapped in it? What’s the purpose of it? When is that duct tape gonna give way?

“They’re here to hollow out the earth! It’s part of the Great Diamond Authority! They’ll take on any form!” Ronaldo was probably right about the Great Diamond Authority, so is there any merit to his “sneeple” theories, or is this a red herring?

Will we ever see these guys again? Will this power ever be of any use? 

WHO IS THIS? Why is she here? Why does Rose have a gem bubbled and hidden away from everyone else? This is why I have trust issues.

We’ve seen the flag, tape, sword, shirt, and picture. What’s in the chest?! Where’s the key?! STEVEN, GET ON IT!

This gem looks a hell of a lot like a giant diamond. It seemed incredibly powerful, too, to be able to control the entire lighthouse. Then again, the one powering the temple in Serious Steven looked fairly diamond-esque too. 

Will the shooting star ever be used? Where are they storing this thing? 

Did Steven have some sort of effect on the tv? It did go out as soon as things got heated and he felt uncontrollably uncomfortable. 

I just need their backstory. Give me the Rose and Pearl! 

More backstory! I want to see the gems finding Amethyst in the Kindergarten. I want to see Rose and Pearl meeting. I want to see how Garnet came on board. I want to see even further back - I want the start of the rebellion, I want Pearl and Garnet (or Ruby and Sapphire?) on Homeworld; Rose, too. I want it all!


The fuck is the cluster? Is that another word for kindergarten or something else? What’s the purpose of the cluster? What’s the point of restarting the kindergarten? What’s the point of anything at all?

Devil’s Trap

Summary: You’re getting closer and closer to finding the demon, so you enlist the help of Bobby Singer. Getting John back doesn’t go to plan at all.
Words: 6.4k
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess
Warnings: episode related angst and violence

Beta: @blacksiren
A/N: this is the final part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite of Season One, find the masterpost here

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“You’re never going to see your father again.”

Dean hung up the phone instantly, shoving it into his pocket and picking up the Colt.

“What are you doing?” you asked as he tucked the gun into the back of his pants.

He picked up your jacket, handing it to you and kissing your cheek.

“We gotta go,” he told you, and you nodded, putting on your jacket before helping Jess to slip on her own.

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