inuyasha pic

Kagome in the jewel. For InuKag week. It fits the prompt. Somehow. 

WIP and sketch for my InuKag Kimi No Na Wa!AU/ Your Name! AU. Or maybe it’s just the first chapter? Who knows? I’m just gonna post snippets as I like. 

Your Name
Title: “In a Pickle” 
Word Count: 611 

It was a foreign sound, but loud enough nonetheless. What the hell was making such a racket? Also, was that a woman’s voice he heard?

Inuyasha raised his head from the pillow and should have noticed something wrong immediately—the mass of silky black hair falling over his head—but grogginess delayed his perception. Instead he noticed the sheets; pink flowers and pale pink pillows that smelled like lavender. Definitely not where he remembered falling asleep, but where he was could be ironed out once that obnoxious ringing stopped.

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