inuyasha marathon

imagine inuyasha and kagome marathon watching cartoons together in kagome’s time, all snuggled up on the couch (inuyasha swears up and down its not snuggling, great dog demons do not snuggle) but he’s got his arms around her and he’s absently playing with her hair, and she’s tracing shapes on his hands.
  she finds him humming theme songs for the next 3 weeks. 

I don’t always write inukag but when i do the urge overcomes me with the strength of a thousand suns and there is… no stopping. with this I will fulfill one of my dreams… a modern Team Inuyasha Flatmate AU….. :)) i have yearned for this day. also this prompt yes

is. is that a kitten in your sweater. oh my god. oh my god can i pet it

The air was clear.

Peering around the corner, Kagome took a tentative step out into the hallway. One step closer to the kitchen. She could do this.

The odd bulge beneath her sweater shifted, traveling upwards, and Kagome flinched as her cat’s claws slightly dug through her shirt and into her skin.

“Buyo!” she whispered urgently, smoothing down her sweater. “Shh.”

The last thing she needed was to run into him.

Of all the rude and insufferable people she’d met, her new flatmate had to be the one to take the cake. Figured. Now she was forced to live with the possibly least likeable guy in existence.

They (the sweet old landlady and the charming young main tenant) could be lucky the flat was so nice and she’d been in desperate search of a place, agreeing to move in without meeting any of the other tenants, or she would have probably thought about it twice.

Which was a shame, because the new girl down the hallway who had moved in alongside her, Sango, was incredibly sweet and had immediately grown on her. And the other guy she could deal with easily enough.

But then there was Inuyasha.

Inuyasha, who’d moved in one single day after her and had immediately destroyed her harmonious flatmate utopia. Inuyasha, who didn’t smile. Or smalltalk. Or possess any basic manners. No, all he did was glare at her whenever she so much as entered the same room he was in.

And so her avoidance strategies had begun.

This had been going on for two weeks now.

And frankly, Kagome had had enough. And she’d tell him as much next time. Except, she didn’t need ‘next time’ to be after a tiresome day at work, with her stomach trying to eat her up from the inside.

She needed to be civil for that particular encounter.

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