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A SessKik Pride and Prejudice AU tho

Sesshomaru is a rich socially awkward dork who doesn’t want to see his cinnamon roll friend Inuyasha marry bellow his station in an odd family

Kikyo is a sassy socially awkward dork (with an odd family) that hates Sesshomaru because he ruined her cinnamon roll sister Kagome’s happiness

Naraku is the asshole that messes with Sesshomaru’s little sister Rin and later with Kikyo’s little sister Kaede

Also dorks

They’re both dorks and everything is awkward

I can’t believe I was right. Inuyasha is about to confess his love to Kikyou, she stops him, he runs into Kagome’s arms the very next day.

I’ll never understand Japan’s fascination with Kikyou. But I suppose being a yamato nadeshiko automatically excuses bullshit shallow writing.

In any case its funny how the play went out of its way to destroy the early manga’s point. It has a scene where Kagome explicitly claims she is half Kikyou.

Whereas in the manga these early chapters were about establishing that Inuyasha and Kagome have romantic feelings for each other and Inuyasha’s romantic feelings for Kagome have nothing to do with Kikyou.

The trend of adaptations butchering inukag and inflating inukik continues.

Still I’d rather have canon sweet moments and not so nice non canon moments rather than the other way round.

Im glad this play exists because all the actors were amazing especially Naraku. And Inuyasha a close second. Kagome didn’t have much to do beyond being adorable and fierce by turns. And she totaly nailed that. I think I might have a girl crush on her.

On Inuyasha's Orientation

Oh yeah. I’m going there.

People in this fandom don’t talk about the character’s sexualities and orientations as much as they should. There are so many headcanons you can have of someone that includes their orientations, and I’ve talked to multiple people about this and decided, hey, I’m going to make a post about this.

Then I realized I tend to rant. A lot. So I’m just going to make this an analysis and call it a day.

So in Inuyasha, there can be a lot of headcanons for what each character’s sexuality/orientation is. Sesshomaru is often considered to be asexual, aromantic, and/or both, and others headcanon him as something else. Everyone has their own different opinions, and this analysis is no exception. So here’s my own idea of what Inuyasha’s sexuality is.

It’s under my own personal belief and headcanon that Inuyasha is a demiromantic demisexual.

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Naraku despite being the villain of the series helped me cope with a lot of physical and emotional abuse growing up. He also helped me understand my anger towards everyone. And how if I continued to let it consume me that it would eventually destroy me. Still to this day over a decade later he is my absolute favorite anime character for that.

anonymous asked:

Post final act, How if Inuyasha had a female hanyo childhood friend, somehow they crossed to meet again, and kagome got jealous about how close they were? Can you make a fic about it? Thank you :3

Um, I had to tweak the prompt a little bit! One of the most important aspects to InuKag is that Kagome is Inuyasha’s first real friend, so I can’t really write him having anyone before her and the gang. Hope you enjoy anyways! Maybe someone can do it more justice, u.u;

He didn’t remember her, but everyone around could tell that the person before them was very serious.  The air was tense as she stared and Inuyasha did his damnedest to recall her face.

“We were young. I was very young, actually. You probably don’t remember me. I never forgot you though.”

It sounded like a confession, and Inuyasha felt all eyes stab into him like daggers. Most acutely, he felt the air around his wife suddenly buzz electric with questions. They weren’t necessarily accusatory questions, but it made him nervous. Kagome had been sitting on her curiosity since the female hanyou came upon them and uttered his name like she’d found sanctuary.


Who the hell was she? He was wracking his brain! He would definitely remember meeting another half demon.

“Inuyasha, is it true? Do you know this woman?” Miroku asked, trying to snap him back into reality.

He turned stiffly, trying to avoid Kagome’s gaze. He didn’t have a clue how to respond.

The hanyou woman made the stride over to him, and he was stuck in place. It all happened in slow motion, and even though it wasn’t anything like being pinned by an arrow, or having his eye gouged, or having a hole through his stomach, it still made him seize with panic when she grabbed his hands. He was assaulted with shockingly green eyes, large and shining with… some weird look.

He gulped, absolutely frozen to the spot, which was ironic with Kagome’s aura burning a few meters away. He felt like he was under fire.

“My mother and I were passing through town. I was so small at the time, and she hid my demon side while we were travelling. I remember we stumbled into your town and we saw you! I saw you! With your hair and eyes and ears.” Her gaze melted.


Why was she holding his hand?

“I wanted to play with you so badly, but my mother took me away. She said that everyone would treat me badly if they saw me with you. They’d make the connection, and we’d already run away from an awful village.”

He was going to die. He had flashbacks of a certain cocky wolf prince grabbing Kagome’s hands, and felt a rock drop to the pit of his stomach.

“I… never thought I’d see you again. I never, ever forgot you. I can’t believe it’s really you, and you’re really here.”

“Okay!” Kagome sang, practically ripping apart their hands with an overdone smile. It was surprising, seeing as the hanyou girl had him in such a tight grip.

Inuyasha would have sighed in relief, except that the hold of one woman had become the vice grip of a very annoyed Kagome.

“Let’s sit down and talk this through,” she chirped cheerily, tugging on his arm and holding it more aggressively than sweetly. “My husband and I would be happy to hear your story.”

Green eyes widened, and the hanyou girl took a step back.


“Husband,” she repeated pointedly before turning to look at Inuyasha.

He wasn’t sure what to do, but something in her expression said, ‘Agree with me or else.’ He hadn’t seen her look that scary in years. He nodded with a gulp.

And then Inuyasha and Kagome have a heartwarming conversation on their own later.