here’s a wild concept: just because sesshomaru doesn’t get along with his mother, doesn’t mean he hates her. it doesn’t mean that she ever neglected to give him anything in life. he at least respects her, because she’s pretty much the only character in the series that chastises him and he fucking LISTENS

i see a lot of people complaining about the fact that she seemed so casual and playful about the danger he was getting into by going into the meido to save Rin and Kohaku but…do people really think that sesshomaru’s mother would be someone who would gush and fawn and fuss over him constantly, when he would clearly be annoyed and reject such actions??? like can we just stop with the Misogyny and acting like sessmom is some evil bitch just because she doesn’t act like how ya’ll think a mother is “supposed to”. i would also like to add that she clearly does care, because she offered him a way out, but whatever.

lets also Not Forget that she revived Rin despite having no obligation to do so whatsoever. she did it purely for sesshomaru’s sake

like people admire sess when hes cruel and cold and distant, yet the same qualities in his mother are suddenly so undesirable???? squints