I N U K A G  W E E K  2 0 1 7: day one

F I R S T. he touches you and you light on fire. your wrist blazes where his fingers meet your skin. the burns don’t show, but it’s hard to breathe with ash in your lungs. it’s so hard to breathe. you’re suffocating daily. S E C O N D. it hurts to watch him. he shines. he’s brighter than the sun, he’s too beautiful for your eyes. it’s hard to look at him. it’s even harder to look away from him. you’re going blind. T H I R D. your ears are tuned to his voice. you could pick him out in a sea of thousands. his voice makes pretty singers who sing pretty songs sound dull. his voice makes everything else sound ugly. F O U R T H. the color of his eyes are yellow enough to drown in. he is turning you into a clichéd love-wrecked being. you’re drowning, always sinking. down, down, down. F I F T H. you know him. you love him. through a thousand lifetimes, across millions of stars, you’d find him, you’d never leave him. you love him, till death do you part.
( S I X T H. he loves you, too. )

- five things you know and one thing you don’t (insp.)

Inukag week 2017 Day 4 - Family

This is a list of my headcanons about Inukag’s family and fanbabies, Enjoy!

@inukag-week   I finally made one prompt in time!!!

I have different headcanons and depends of what kind of story I’m thinking about the headcanon may differ. That is why there may be incompatible ones XD

About starting a family:

  • They didn’t plan their first they just didn’t take any measures to avoid making one.
  • They didn’t talk about how many or if they wanted one. Kagome assumed he wanted to have one because he never said otherwise and Inuyasha did the same, afraid to ask because of her possible answer.
  • Kagome thinks something is weird with her, but being new to the “sex” stuff she thinks is her body adapting, not only to sex but at her new life.
  • Inuyasha smells the change in her but doesn’t know what it means. By the second one he knows and tells her.
  • Kagome is very happy to start a family. The village is cautious about it, thinking she will lose her powers.
  • They both want a big familly. And it’s a good thing because they are not good at planning or spacing them. At least not during the first years.
  • Inuyasha fears their child will be born looking more like a dog than a person. Kagome tells him they won’t. He still has nightmares about it until the baby is born.
  • Since he knows she is expecting he starts building and carving things for the baby. He even learns how to make baskets for the baby to rest in. The tells him about baby products of her time and he comes with ideas for toys.
  • He refuses to go on trips when she is pregnant, and even more when the baby is born. It takes him a while and a lot of convincing from Miroku to leave his family.
  • The only time he goes on a trip when she is pregnant is because he is so nervous about everything that she needs some space.
  • On said trip he buys–through Miroku– every baby and children’s toy and product he likes. He brings the softest cloth she has ever seen.
  • Kagome starts to saw baby clothes very excitedly, Inuyasha watches the whole process. He asks to try it and turns out he is better at designing clothes and faster too.
  • That year he over-prepares for winter. Too much wood, too much salted meat, too many blankets and even pelts. He is terrifies about not being able to provide for them on that winter.
  • Shippou is like an older brother for the kids. His relationship with the firs baby is complicated because he doesn’t know how to behave around something so small. But he is the one teaching the baby how to interact with other children. He has his room in Inukag’s home.

About their kids:

  • If it’s a girl first. He is wrapped around her finger from her first breath. There is nothing that can convince him his baby girl is not perfect. She looks like Kagome but with his coloring.
  • If it’s a boy first. He is terrified because he doesn’t know what he can teach him, how is he supposed to lead him to adulthood. Kagome tells him it will come natural to him, he is not convinced.
  • All their kids have his ears. (I know genetics says otherwise but this is fiction XD and I love his ears).
  • Some of them have his powers, some others have spiritual energy. They teach them how to defend themselves with the powers they have.
  • Each kid has an unique personality and they know it. And respect them.
  • The first two girls are named after their mothers, the first son after her father. And every other name is chosen after something the baby reminds them of or about their temperament, The sun, the rain, strong, delicate. Gentle.
  • At one point they have twins (maybe more than once XD).
  • The kids that more resemble Kagome physically have a temper that resembles Inuyasha and vice versa.
  • (this one is common, I just discussed it @vixenfoxpaws recently) The kids sometimes dream they are chasing something, and they run in their sleep, even giving low growls. Inuyasha thinks it’s adorable and play with it. He only needs to whisper “Look! A rabbit” to the half sleep child and they go into “hunt mode”. Kagome laughs at it but tells him to let them sleep. Inuyasha calls it their “nightly jog”. Even when they grow up he keeps doing it from time to time.
  • Kagome wants all her children look like Inuyasha. Inuyasha wishes they look like Kagome. Starting on the last trimester of their third pregnancy they start to make bets about who “this one” will look like.
  • The kids love to rescue hurt animals and strays, everyone helps to get them clean and healthy, they become unofficially theirs, coming back from time to time. Inuyasha loves cats (even if he never admits it) so usually he tells one child where one cat is alone and they bring it to Kagome. 


  • He loves his family above anything else.
  • He grew up without a family but he soon learns he is a family man. They are his priority and not even Miroku’s teasing can make him change his mind.
  • He is part of his children’s playground. They can play on him, use him as an obstacle. Be part of their game as a monster.
  • Their children are the only allowed to brush his hair. Not even Kagome is allowed to make him “pretty”.
  • He loves how naturally they touch him, hug him, cling to him, and play with him. He marvels constantly about their existence.
  • He has a box where he saves all the presents his kids give him. Even when Kagome tells him that they will rot in there. He is going to save the tokens!
  • When it’s cold outside his kids use him as a heater. They climb him, or hug him, sometimes they throw a blanket over him and all of them lay down touching him. And he is “grumpy” about it saying how he cannot do the rest of the things he wanted because of them. But he loves it, and they know it’s only show.
  • He cannot resist their “puppy” eyes. He caves easily. When he knows they need a “no” he says “ask your mom”. They whine, it’s a sad doggy whine, when he says that.
  • Inuyasha loves to have let them fall asleep in his arms. He doesn’t mind carry them around all day. He holds them and stare at them lovingly as they start to blink one eye at at time, enjoying how they cling to his clothes, how the nuzzle and nestle finding the right spot. Listening to their heartbeat as it slows down, listening to their breathing slowly changing. Revelin in the immense trust that is needed to sleep that soundly, the way that he couldn’t for most of his life. Smiling softly, tracing their features, touching their little hands and feel… Just taking his time to feel them.
  • He is really good with house chores, and he teaches the kids how to help when they ask. It turns out great because they have quite a few and they need that extra help.
  • He is in charge of bringing them home at the end of the day. As each kid has a favorite place to play in their free time, Inuyasha goes and pick them up.
  • After they have children and people in the village see him playing with them so happily he finds himself surrounded with a bunch of children around his kid’s age that want to play too.
  • He is firm about using their abilities against people or each other. He does not condone the use of that in any case that is not formal practice or self-defense.
  • He likes to tell them about the times “before mom” as he calls them, to let them know how other people can treat them and how fortunate they are.


  • Kagome is the queen and the center of her home. She is the flame that shares the light and warmness.
  • She is incredibly protective of her children. I mean “What did you say about my child?” “Nothing? That’s what I thought!” kind of protective. She doesn’t allow any kind of discrimination.
  • She is very strict about what kind of behavior is not allowed and she puts her foot down. No bs in that house.
  • Her children know what once she says “no,” it is “no”.
  • She loves to smother her children with kisses. And loves to do it even when they hit the awkward phase of “Mom! Don’t do that!”
  • She thinks all her children are perfect, and she would do Anything for them.
  • Kagome can feel their auras around her. It comes natural to her, since they are born. Later on as she gets trained as a miko, she becomes better at finding auras,. But She has to focus on finding them, with her children it is different, she always feels them around.
  • She loves having a baby in the family, even if she feels tired all the time she adores that stage of their development.
  • Kagome goes to work with the smallest of her bunch. On their sling on her back or chest, taking breaks to feed the baby and play with it. The only reason she leaves the baby with Inuyasha is when he wants to spend the day with the pup or when she is taking care of a person with an illness.
  • Her kids learn to speak faster than others of the same age, she thinks it’s because the is always speaking to them, and making conversation with the cooing baby. Inuyasha first think it’s funny when she uses the cooing and the squealing as answer to her questions but later she finds him doing the same.
  • The thing she misses everyday is a camera. She wishes she could take pictures of all her kids since birth to adulthood.
  • She comes up with a baby diary where she documents every milestone and funny anecdote about them. Later on it’s useful because they start to mix up who did what when babies.
  • She teaches her kids to learn and write along with Miroku and Inuyasha. Inuyasha has a beautiful handwriting.
  • Kagome stays as the priestess of the village and the villagers are impress by her powers and knowledge, more than one of her children are interested in at least being a healer and they follow her everywhere with questions. 
  • She knows that taking them with her to pick up herbs helps her finish in one tenth of the time. Their abilities and senses are amazing.
  • She is the one that has to tell their kids they cannot sleep in their bed all the time, Inuyasha just looks at her with a panicked expression unable to say no.

I have so many more, but I want to finish before tomorrow arrives. (I’ll come back to edit and fix the grammar mistakes)

If you have more about this adorable family you can add them!! 

Inuyasha’s Mothers


Day four: Family

(A/N: I know this isn’t so much inukag centric, but I’m rolling with the idea that came to me. :) It’s sort of inukag if you squint maybe)

Inuyasha had three mothers in his life over the course of it. While many mothers came and went, and little had any impact on him, there were only three women in his life who held the title of ‘mother’.

The first woman was the woman who had brought him into the world. She was his honest mother. She was proud he was her son, but she kept little from him. He learned from her that the world could be an unforgiving and un-accepting place, but he should never stray from who he was. 

Her love was a fierce and blazing kind of love. As an infant, he felt the radiant heat of the love she carried for him in her heart.

That heat would be all that warmed him once she was gone.

She was bound by the time and place of her life and his birth situation from speaking freely and preventing anyone from harming her child. While he was always safe in her arms, the world was cruel and unrelenting, and she could not keep him safe when he left them.

Her love for him was eternal, but so was the sadness she bore knowing that her little boy, the one she loved so much, would never be loved by the outside world.

While he was young, he began to understand he was different and different was bad, but he held fast onto the fact that he had a mother who loved him with all she was.

When he was older and without his honest mother, who never hid him from the world or shied from showing her love for him as best she could.

The second woman was the mother of a girl who crashed into his life and bound herself to him. This woman had no reason to love or accept him, let alone treat him as if he were her child, but she did. She was new mother, the woman who welcomed him into her home, fed him, and took care of him without question.

Her love was unwavering and powerful. It burned brighter than any flame he had ever seen or felt, and lit up his life in ways no love had done before.

He first walked into her home, making demands of her daughter that he had not business doing, and she spoke to him as a mother would. She halted him in his tracks, and touched his ears-something no one had done since his honest mother.

Every time he saw his new mother, she had something for him, whether a task or a meal, and gave him love willingly. He was expected to join the family for dinner, expected to take a bath and spend time with the family.

His new mother wasn’t his mother to have, and yet he was the son she took as her own. 

The woman he would come to simply call ‘mother’ wasn’t a mother to him at all. She was the mother of his children. He had a hard time calling her ‘mother’ over her given name, but once his first born had screamed her name just as he typically did, he started to instantly. 

The type of love this woman had was difficult to pinpoint. It was fierce, like his honest mother’s, and unwavering, like his new mother’s, but it was also gentle like a summer’s breeze, that drifted across his face and brought comfort and peace. 

Her love was a constant, and willingly given to him and the children. Her love did not have any sorrow under it because she believed all of the world would accept and love her family. 

She was the mother he was glad his children had, and mother he was grateful to have in his life. 

“Mother,” he whispered to her one night once the children were fast asleep.

“Father,” she whispered back, a light giggle on her voice, most likely from him calling her ‘mother’.

“We have a wonderful family, Mother…”

“We really are blessed, Father… But soon the little ones will be awake, and I would like to have some sleep before that happens.”

He smiled as he pulled her closer and watched her drift to sleep.

Inuyasha had three mothers over his lifetime. And he felt blessed.


@inukag-week Day Four: Family 

I know I’m a lameass by titling these things after the prompt word but I’m too lazy to think of anything else lmao

Hands tucked into his sleeves and releasing a wide yawn as he casually strolled into the kitchen, Inuyasha was greeted with the sight of Kagome’s mom humming a jovial little tune while she stirred a pot at the stove a green herb. A discreet sniff told him it was rosemary. He watched curiously as she spooned up a small amount and took a delicate sip, frowning in contemplation, and then finally seemed to notice him hovering nearby and watching.

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InuKag Week, Day 5: AU
I decided to throw the babes in some Steven Universe attire for this one.
I figure, you’ve got a dude who’s half human, half not, who’s parent left them with a big ass sword and a bunch of mixed emotions. Plus, the smol yet stong ladies who love them <3 Hope everyone enjoys!! Happy InuKag week!!


A/N: quick drabble for InuKag Week Day 2: Fear. :) 500 words. 

Inuyasha is a monster, and he knows this.

Inuyasha enjoys watching people suffer, he likes seeing the blood spew from their throats, like a fountain of dark red rage gushing onto the ground, painting it in the only expression of art he has ever known.

He’d discovered this one day while he was running, running, running, looking for an exit, a way away from the torture that tailed him, gnashing his teeth and fangs. A group of boys, trying to be men, had decided to turn him into a game. And when he encountered a wall instead of the river he was supposed to jump into and escape, he turned around and watched them come closer. He saw their red glistening mouths, smiling and excited. He could hear their voices, ridiculing whispers drawing out to combine in a hiss. The hiss of man-kind. Not that he has ever known of man’s kindness.

He stares them down until they raise their sticks, and hunches down until he gets just the right angle to slash with sharp animal claws.

And the voices stop.

“Why are you by yourself?” Comes a voice through the darkness. “Inuyasha?” The girl’s voice spills and echoes into the foliage of the forest.

“Cause,” Inuyasha says flatly.

“Cause why?” Kagome ventures closer and looks at the back of his head with imploring eyes that he could almost feel, boring into him like sharp knives.

“I’m a monster,” he says plainly and rehearsed. “You have to stay away from me.”

Kagome approaches and reveals a scandalized look, like he’s just said the most outlandish thing. Her large blue eyes reach into him, tears gathering into their corners like storms in spring.

“You are not a monster,” she frowns, her fingers curling into her hands in a laughable show of frustration. A wan smile lines his mouth. “You were just protecting us.”

“Was I?” Inuyasha asks, capturing her gaze and holding it there. Holding it leveled so she could see his face. Smeared with slashing stripes of blood, yellow sickly colored eyes, a cold sweaty nose, a face lacking empathy and cheer. He smells the radiating anxiety come off her in little distant waves. “Scared?”

He wants her to see.

Kagome creeps farther into the darkness with him and he jerks slightly when she reaches for his cheek, pillowing his face delicately into the smooth palm of her hand. His body falls limp and all thought vanishes from his mind.

“You don’t scare me,” she says reassuringly, like the breeze in summer. She holds his jaw in her hand, a place that had only ever known misfortunes, and devastation, and loss. A cheek that had forgotten softness because it never served him. Now sheltered with her affection. Her friendship. Terror flushes into him and he almost can’t breathe. Suffocating under all her acceptance. His hands shake at his sides; standing rigid else he collapse.

Monsters are real. They are things to be afraid of. Things to fear. He is one. He knows it.


If she’s not afraid…

InuKag Day 5~AU

828 words of The Forest God’s Bride, a cliche WIP I’ll never finish in which everyone lives in the feudal era, Kikyo, Kagome and Kade are sisters, Kagome gets sacrificed to the Forest God (guess who), Inuparents live and some stuff happens.


“You aren’t going to eat me?”

The forest God let out the loudest exasperated sigh he was capable of, whipping his head around and baring his teeth at the girl.

“For the last fucking time. I am not going to have you for dinner or a goddamn bride, but I’m not against putting a gag on you so you’ll just shut up.”

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