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10 fictional characters from 10 fictional works that I love

I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but there was a post which said I could go ahead if I wanted to and yes, so I’m doing this now. 😂

1.) Vanitas (The case study of Vanitas)

2.) Jack Vessalius / Xerxes Break (Pandora Hearts)

3.) Shuuya Kano (Kagerou Daze)

4.) Odasaku (Bungou stray dogs)

5.) Angel Aristotle Mendoza (Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe)

6.) Zange Natsume (Secret Service -Maison de Ayakashi)

7.) Amar (the divergent series)

8.) Artie (Warehouse 13)

9.) Crowfeather (Warrior Cats)

10.) Reptain (Pokemon mystery dungeon)


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