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Black Lab Linux 6.0 SR3 Released

Black Lab Linux 6.0 SR3 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Black Lab Professional Desktop 6.0 Service Release 3 or SR3. Black Lab Pro Desktop 6.0 SR3 is a major upgrade to our pro desktop line of distributions. With this release we worked on a few issues with memory consumption, security and speed. With the Black Lab Pro Desktop we deliver it in two different desktops, KDE and GNOME Shell .

While these are…

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1997년 WWDC, 스티브 잡스 Q&A 영상

1997년 WWDC, 스티브 잡스 Q&A 영상

External image

1997년 WWDC, 스티브 잡스 Q&A 영상

Published inUX Launchpad: Notes on Design

Steve Jobs Insult Response: An Analysis

다음호 Design Explosions다음 수업을 준비할 때 재미나는 일이 있었다. 애플의 1997년 개발자 컨퍼런스 당시 약5분간 있었던 질문과 답변시 일어났던 사건을 생각 안 할 수 없기 때문이다.

짧은 5분 17초 사이에 잡스는 어떻게 하여 잘 듣는지, 잘 디자인하는지, 잘 경영하는지, 잘 답변하는지, 팀의 일부로서 어떻게 제품을 만드는지에 대한 인생의 교훈을 압축해서 말했었다. 몇 년…

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Server Security for Your Linux Metagalaxy

Security of server is remarkable to flank your crucial data and details from unauthenticated access and theft. As of now are some important proactive security measures for implementation up to prove server security and avoid hazards.

Choose a difficult password

Tranquilly passwords like your date of birth, nickname and likes leaves your universe more insecure and there is a chance being as how it to be hacked patently. It is highly recommended that you select password containing a mix apropos of numeric, alphabets, characters seeing that warmly correspondingly a few symbols. Since example, “fr!3nd_74” will be a good choice as a password as an instance it will be adverse to decipher. Have designs on complicated password as the hackers have several ways to short distance your encrypted password.

When it comes to inux server support for the good life purpose, the first thing that everyday will remember is different CGI scripts which will require he upon get an very password file out the attacked system. Never forget that simpler a password is, easier imperative them be to chisel.
Radius of Password

A password of short length is never a good choice. To make guesswork difficult for the hackers, agree to length of password to octahedron though the good requirement round Linux server is eight. To do that, them sop to rub out login.defs file which is the configuration file forasmuch as login carte du jour. Also edit PASS_MIN_LEN 5 to PASS_MIN_LEN 8.Company Transfer

Your server equilibrium will among other things have being at risk during file transfer exception taken of one system to another. So, you must shut indexed FTPd trouble transferring file to your angle of vision. A dependable way to secure your system is up to use SCP. It uses SSH for apriorism hand out and yea makes a good use of similar authentication that provides same level of security.

Reassured Bios

Until prehend your server, abet password by using BIOS security. Yourself will allow ethical self to block unverified users who may attempt to boot your integral by using a special disk.

Adjust Shelter Password Feature

Yourself can enhance server uniformity by way of enabling Cork Password puss. Until do this, oneself need to apply a function “\usr\sbin\authconfig” in relation with your system. If you want to convert your current password to shadow password, direct “pwconv, grpconv” commands.

Disable Your In excess Accounts

Default users and unnecessary accounts behind also be a threat to predictability for your server. Thus and so, if you delete all accounts like statement, operator, games, sync and others, it will keep your server not singular secured.

Sabotage Console-equivalent Programs as long as Access

This is another bon ton to keep your server secured. Here, console-equivalent kingmaker programs include breath, reboot, shutdown that are used adieu your server every day.

Emasculate Unused Services

If you are not using a particular put in shape, harm it.

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Installing LEMP stack using CentOS 6

External image

This article is about how to install LEMP stack using CentOS 6. LEMP stands for Linux (E)Nginx(Pronounced as EngineX) MySQL PHP. Learn more about LEMP stack here

We need some extra package repositories to install packages needed by LEMP stack. Let’s add one of the repositories needed.

yum install epel-release

Install MySQL server

yum install mysql-server

Start MySQL server once it is installed.

service mysqld start

Let’s set the root password for MySQL.

mysqladmin -u root password password

Let’s now install Nginx

yum install nginx

Start Nginx Service

service nginx start
yum install php-fpm php-mysql

Edit /etc/php.ini and make the following changes.


Edit the file /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf and make the following changes.

location / 
root /usr/share/nginx/html;
index index.php index.html index.htm;


location ~ .php$ {
root /usr/share/nginx/html;
fastcgi_index index.php;
fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $document_root$fastcgi_script_name;
include fastcgi_params;

Edit the file /etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf and make the following changes

user = nginx
group = nginx

If you want the above 3 services to start while booting, use the following commands

chkconfig mysql on
chkconfig php-fpm on
chkconfig nginx on

Now you can create a new file named test.php in the in the HTML root directory i.e. to check if the configuration is working fine. Add the following lines to this file.


Once this is done, restart the services

service mysqld restart
service nginx restart
service php-fpm restart

Once the services are restarted, check the server by using the following URL in the browser


External image
External image